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Gordon Ramsay’s Bad Boy Bakery Struggles To Sell | Gordon Behind Bars ctm magazine

Gordon Ramsay’s Bad Boy Bakery struggles to sell its lemon treacle tart to major coffee suppliers.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Juris Embergs on February 6, 2020

    My nerves are twisted bad, but Gordons broke totally.

  • itsyourboy_fabianz on February 7, 2020

    Why does gordon phone look like this 📱

  • Veldot on February 8, 2020

    What kind of fucking phone is that

  • THE MAN YT on February 8, 2020

    Does anyone release the blackberry

  • Zainal Mustakim on February 8, 2020

    I didnt know gordon is a left handed. Genius lad

  • Yetimatze Nightcat on February 9, 2020

    Saw the video about Amys today. I don't understsnd the hype on socials.
    I had a brick for breakfast and it tasted great and if i spice up the sofa properly i will have the best lunch ever, guys.
    So who cares : –)

  • Extreme on February 11, 2020

    0:21 : ysusiekenieowoqlqnahsjshshhshsushshshshueueueueueudhdbudue .

  • Jetastic on February 12, 2020

    I’m watching this while skipping class in the bathroom using school WiFi

  • zubair ahmed on February 12, 2020

    Ramsay i Need Your Help Please

  • Samara Weaving on February 12, 2020

    I'd never eat from Nero after seeing this.

  • BlurBerry Creative on February 14, 2020

    Ooo thats a nice looking watch

  • Mike Patty on February 14, 2020

    Bro nobody wants inmates makin their pastries

  • Grungus Jarvis on February 16, 2020

    He Will Because He's Gordon Ramsay, And He's Funny.

  • Kaiden Hall on February 18, 2020

    His chin aged 10 years in 1 year

  • nzlxsalya newzeland on February 21, 2020

    dont hate on my homeland gordan you just came to our homeland gordan relax

  • Abformal on February 21, 2020

    Gordon ur rich as but that phone. .—.

  • Heaven Starkey on February 24, 2020

    I would buy 14 boxes if it would help

  • PutDaCookieDown on February 25, 2020

    What are u trying to tell me Ramsay

  • София Джураева on February 27, 2020

    I love you gordon

  • baconchalupa on February 27, 2020

    Love that he's using a blackberry still

  • Richard on March 4, 2020

    You should have tried Pret a Manger, I am certain they would at least consider trialing it.

  • Armmageddon on March 7, 2020

    Me: That doesn't look too bad
    Gordon: Dry
    Me: Dry

  • hey there on March 7, 2020

    i know damn well thats not the kinda phone he got😧

  • HAZE YT on March 7, 2020


  • Brandon Atiencia on March 8, 2020

    jan 30 2020 and u see his phone

  • Brandon Atiencia on March 8, 2020

    and hes rich

  • Holly Trounson on March 12, 2020

    Hey! I'll have yo know Gordan pur sheep are just the best 😂

  • Ray Shabaz on March 13, 2020

    Amazing how he cares about criminals. As a cook, everyone deserves a good special meal, no matter what thier circumstances are

  • Conradical on April 4, 2020

    Maybe teach your prison guys how to cook your famous beef Wellington and you might get some buyers. Keep up!

  • Zack Radovan on April 6, 2020

    2:45 wow Gordon really out here dissing New Zealand

  • Nico Kellerman on April 13, 2020

    1:50 when you realize quarantine is until the summer and your family is boring

  • VINYL SQUAD on May 8, 2020

    Just realized that this was back in the day.

  • Ash Midale on May 27, 2020

    "New Zealand, There's more fucking sheep than their is coffee bars" …… LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • Rafiq Daniel on July 13, 2020

    Why is he still using that phone

  • Miloprays on July 14, 2020

    Why is the camera man in gordon house and Gordon never realize

  • Gwin Willis on September 5, 2020

    hello there

  • BellowD Gaming on September 18, 2020

    Gordon went way and beyond here for these inmates.

  • Sl4yerkid on October 22, 2020

    holy crap he uses a blackberry.

  • Distinguished Toad on October 28, 2020


  • doop00 on December 30, 2020

    Lots of people will probably refuse to buy baked goods just because it is made from prisoners. Anyways if it works out I'm sure many of the inmates would be more than happy to keep producing as they get released if they have a chance to do so.

  • Savchenkov1 on March 16, 2021

    Gordon, “Fuck you too”. From New Zealand!

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