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Greek Chicken & Potato Bowl – Food Wishes ctm magazine

We might have scaled down our Greek Chicken and Potatoes recipe to make it a little quicker and more “bowl-friendly,” but to even things out we also made our Big Fat Greek Salad recipe much bigger, and fatter. Enjoy!

For the fully formatted, printable, written recipe, follow this link:

To become a Member of Food Wishes, and read Chef John’s in-depth article about Greek Chicken & Potato Bowl, follow this link:

You can also find more of Chef John’s content on Allrecipes: http://allrecipes.com/recipes/16791/everyday-cooking/special-collections/web-show-recipes/food-wishes/



  • Nichole Joslin on April 18, 2021

    "That entire pan will disappear in about three minutes" — speaking from experience, are we? Can't blame you there. Crusty potatoes are THE best snack.

  • Raphaelus13 on April 19, 2021

    Your original Greek Chicken & Potato recipe is my home's favorite.
    I'll have to eventually try this twist.

  • Tomara1372 on April 19, 2021

    Yum! How could this not be delicious?! Thank you for the recipe.

  • Barbara Coleman on April 19, 2021

    I just made this. Omg! It was so good! The recipe on his site allows you to increase or decrease the number of servings. I made enough for two, but I think I'll have enough for a third serving.

  • Dorito World Order on April 20, 2021

    I am the Nick Kroll of my chicken and potato bowl.

  • mikeorclem on May 1, 2021

    If a parsley farmer gets sued, can they garnish his wages?

  • Sophie Loves Sunsets on May 5, 2021

    Great recipe Chef John! This is one of my favourite dishes in the summer months. My husband always makes this chicken and potato salad as a side dish on nights he fires up the BBQ. Greek dishes are definitely ideal for summer nights spent in the garden type of food. So flavoursome. The combo of the herbs and chilli flakes is delicious 🍹🌞

  • Silver Vial on May 17, 2021

    Made this last night, after a day of marinating the chicken, and we were overwhelmed by how delicious this recipe is. This is the sixth recipe we've tried since I found Chef John and he has not let us down yet. Everything has been great. Thank you, Chef John!

  • Magpie on May 21, 2021

    I make a version of this with CJ's Greek chicken and potatoes. Which is a favorite recipe of me and anyone I cook it for.
    Love the recipes, love the videos and love the humor.

  • L G on May 22, 2021

    What no green olives?

  • mendokusai ryuu on May 23, 2021

    I am Greek and trust me, we don't make this or have anything remotely like that in our culture.

  • Max Portjanko on May 26, 2021

    Deliciously Dirty Bowl. Can not describe it better

  • L Clarke on May 27, 2021

    A healthy dollop of Dijon in that final dressing and your chances for emulsification increase dramatically (not to mention the enhanced flavor profile).

  • Mahu Mike on May 29, 2021

    YUM (I say double the otatoes)

  • robertk2007 on May 31, 2021

    That voice. It’s the equivalent of driving your car from stop sign to stop sign

  • Celiaxsw Donaldsonflo on June 4, 2021

    The silent aftermath progressively suspend because timer understandably dislike within a unsightly fat. tasteful, ugly join

  • Leslie Rhoda on June 6, 2021

    Scissoring the meat is a very Korean thing to do to your Greek dish 😁

  • J. H. on July 9, 2021

    Yum…Chef John thank you for sharing yet another wonderful dish…I made this yesterday and it is so fresh (like you) and delicious!!

  • steve s on July 15, 2021

    This recipe is absolutely amazing and hard to screw up

  • Marcia Weilenman on August 6, 2021

    Ready and waiting until cooking time- thought I might /suggest add that I always use the Reynolds NON-STICK foil for potential sticky situations!

  • Angus MacMillan on August 7, 2021

    Another fantastic recipe. which will turn this Scotsman from a Freak to a Greek. This is lunch for Monday and as always………I SHALL ENJOY! Thank you Chef J.

  • Jeoka Gem on August 12, 2021

    4:27 – who is "Nick Carolis"?

    (That statement is over my head, unfortunately)

  • Lee on October 2, 2021

    I think you should put the thighs and potaotes under the broiler at the end to brown them up a little to give it a little extra flavor.

  • steve v on October 4, 2021

    for those who don't know.. Reynolds makes Non-Stick Alum foil.. dull side is non-stick, shiny side not.. world-changer!!

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