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Gutfeld: Is anything optional anymore? ctm magazine

‘Gutfeld’ guests weigh in after five Tampa Bay Rays baseball players received criticism for refusing to wear a pride patch on their uniform, citing religious beliefs. #foxnews #gutfeld

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  • Scott Bradley on June 9, 2022

    Yes, stay out of are world, gods world. You want to be a demon that's your problem.

  • Christahlynn Delp on June 9, 2022

    Remember ESPN is owned by woke Disney. Go figure.

  • Embrace The Suck on June 9, 2022

    Do they want sports political or not? I see no difference between this and "Let's go Brandon" or "Blue lives matter".

  • Dale Walters on June 9, 2022

    It's all controlling your free will do as I say not as I do how childish these people can be.. this is going to be the times that America has to harden themselves up suck it up little buttercups bad times coming

  • Steven Weller on June 9, 2022

    Where do they find these MORONS? The list of people who have shown that they don't support personal liberties or freedoms.

  • Dale Walters on June 9, 2022

    These nut jobs will eventually have our own American flag replaced with a rainbow flag,, you pronoun folks need to sit down and shut up

  • Dale Walters on June 9, 2022

    How about Italian day where'd that go oh they never had one, so does that mean folks are racist because they never had one and never gave the Italians one

  • The Corrector on June 9, 2022

    Baseball should be only about baseball. Let's enjoy baseball together. Let's not ruin the game.

  • Mason Ruybe on June 9, 2022

    You said it they don't have the ball's to put it in other countries!!!!!

  • crazyhorse on June 9, 2022

    big o tree is a red wood !!!

  • Timothy John on June 9, 2022

    Never heard of Sarah Spain til yesterday.

  • Deborah Simmonds on June 9, 2022

    This all started because they wanted marriage, now it is being shoved down our throats, and the rest of us have lost our rights.

  • Cousin Jimmy on June 9, 2022

    Two men or women do not have the right to children. That requires the consent of a third party and the left has been clear that no means no even if they change their mind after the fact.

    Sarah Spain is a good example of why I no longer pay for cable. The idea of her earning a living off my dime makes me ill.

  • P dureska on June 9, 2022

    same thing if people on a team opted not to kneel for the anthem. nothing wrong with declining to wear a patch or uniform you dont agree with which is hypocritical. Sarah you ignorant lefty…its called freedom of choice…its America. the real bigot is Spain because she cant accept that other people have a different view which does not make them bigoted.

  • D Wright on June 9, 2022

    How about a Heterosexual Pride Patch

  • Ken Richter on June 9, 2022

    Break out the yellow star of david…

  • Ron Boston on June 9, 2022

    Gutfeld… too cutsey

  • P dureska on June 9, 2022

    sarah "spineless" needs to be given a leave of absence to think about her intolerance of people who think differently than her.

  • toptenguy1 on June 9, 2022

    Am I the only one in love with Kat's laugh? It's just so… FUN.

  • Mike Hilbert on June 9, 2022

    Welcome to the cultural revolution, where everything required is nonsensical, but you better accept it or suffer the consequences.
    This is why I no longer watch ESPN or sports, they have become to frigging political.

  • Johnny Bradshaw on June 9, 2022

    "why you no wear the ribbon"

  • Brandi Linkhart on June 9, 2022

    So, could the baseball player sue the ESPN sports announcer for slander by calling them bigots? Baseball slogan will have to change. Not as American as apple pie and hot dogs, "hey watch out for his hot dog…… "

  • mike dar on June 9, 2022

    Had Trump never won we might have fully accepted the Clinton model and thought it was inevitable and unavoidable the downfall of America.. with a Russia like ruling class with citizens nothing more than peons.
    Now we see.. there is a difference in who you hire to be CEO of America.

  • Paul Kittell on June 9, 2022

    Its Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!!!

  • PartTimeJedi on June 9, 2022

    This reporter from ESPN is a DIEHARD anti-Christian activist. Check out her Twitter feed, its half sports and half anti-Christian posts

  • Democracy Means DC Statehood on June 9, 2022

    Gutfield is a far right political activist

  • RJ Thurston on June 9, 2022

    mm .. funny? .. no. .. consider virtue.

  • OwwThatSmarts on June 9, 2022

    We're fully educated on the perversion. Somehow not wearing a patch is not the same as healthcare, which no one is denied. How silly.

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