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Hayes: Targeting Of Madison Cawthorn Reveals Where Republican Red Line Is ctm magazine

A bunch of Republicans seem to have it out for Madison Cawthorn. But why him? “Madison Cawthorn is a perfect illustration of where their red line actually is,” says Chris Hayes.
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  • Howard Stefan on May 6, 2022

    Cawthorn angered the turtle…..

  • mike5556 on May 6, 2022

    Republicans have been tolerating these useful idiots for years.
    They detract from the real facts. That "lawmakers" do nothing but get reelected.

  • Evan Price on May 6, 2022

    What’s funny is that Madison thinks the left cares about him wearing women clothing. It’s the gender stereotyping right he should be worried about. It may be smart to hop political parties while he’s still young, and before it’s too late.

  • Razvan Zamfir on May 6, 2022

    Everybody is looking at how the Rs are throwing him under the bus… which they are, but what's not highlighted enough is just how much dirt the GOP has on their members at any given time. No wonder these guys do mental backflips and all go where the wind blows; because if they don't – well look at what CAN happen to YOU if you step outside the "boundaries"!

  • Peter San Miguel on May 6, 2022

    Joe Biden and his crew are out to destroy this nation.

  • Richards Family on May 6, 2022

    We need to see the evidence!!!
    This will GAIN VOTES from LIBERALS & LGBTQ crowds!

  • Hil Pei on May 6, 2022

    Well we know the red line doesn't include an insurrection or a coup – they are A-OK with that!

  • Ralph Crongeyer on May 6, 2022

    Cawthorn Leghorn

  • DeadCatX2 on May 6, 2022

    Republicans don't have red lines. They have white lines. Of booger sugar.

  • B R on May 7, 2022

    Russian Mich McConnell
    "What do you call that?"
    "Moral red lines"
    Uhhh uhhh
    Yes I don't have any. I'm just a greedy narcissistic corporate sock puppet.

  • Michael H on May 7, 2022

    He deserves every negative thing coming his way.

  • Blackthorn Sloe on May 7, 2022

    Mitch , you're a really swell guy .🤮

  • Retire14 Pattaya on May 7, 2022

    Trump 2024

  • Melvin Jamerson on May 8, 2022

    American the Danger You are in is Real. God Bless You American. 🇺🇸💙😷🗽🙏💙🇺🇸

  • Alice Roberts on May 8, 2022

    Yeah their all Narcissistic personality disordered men narcissist don’t have a borrow red line didn’t even know what that means that’s why Mitch had to ask him what is that a moral red line. He told about their cocaine orgies.

  • Virreal World on May 8, 2022

    Madison is a drooling simpleton that shouldnt be allowed to vote, much less run for office.

  • Paul Henry on May 8, 2022

    is this the guy with the video of him naked pushing his you know what into another man's face? disgusting.

  • Petra Willemse on May 8, 2022

    Let them "shoot" each other.

  • D. Sullivan on May 9, 2022

    Amazing McConnell Had No Clue What Moral or Red Line Means🤔🤔

  • ANDERSSON on May 9, 2022

    Republicans have no morals
    As America has witnessed

  • Michelle M on May 9, 2022

    Using Govt resources to punish people and the hypocrisy is the moral code.

  • Bridget Kielas-Fecyk on May 9, 2022

    I do NOT support banning abortion, at all. Now that being said, I do NOT support abortions, except outside of medical – be it physical or psychological – reasons. But I 100% support a woman's right to choose for her OWN body.

    My Rant – Sorry it's long.

    If I were to say that I am Trans, I would have a large swath of the US population screaming revulsion upon me, saying that I am evil.

    If I were to say that I am proud that I am white, I would have a huge pile of people shrieking hate at me, saying that I was racist.

    If I were to say that I am proud to be of some Native descent, because I have a some of the blood in my veins, however small, I would be told I'm not NATIVE ENOUGH…. because the amount is too small.

    If I were to say that I support the idea that everyone matters, no matter what color they are, and that black people should not be harmed on the color of their skin, then all of a sudden, I'm an evil subversive.

    And yet if I were to say that I agree with many things that some parts of the government is trying to do, I'm an uneducated traitor.

    And if I were to say I support pro-choice, all of a sudden I'm a baby-killer.

    And if I were to say I am anti-abortion, all of a sudden, I hate other women.

    The constitution says that ALL MEN are created equal, and yet I am not a man.

    I'm told by this nation we live in that my body is my own to choose as I please, and yet government officials are ensuring I don't have the right to say I do not want children.

    The Pro Life individuals scream about how what's in the womb is ALWAYS an innocent child that most always be nurtured and allowed to live!

    And yet, when the child is born they would gladly let the child die of starvation and poverty.

    The activists that scream for firearms claiming that it makes our nation safer than ever!

    And then go on to claim that mass-murders in our schools, our churches, and our shopping centers are just a price we have to pay to have so many guns.

    I dream of a nation where my voice can be heard, in the ballot box, in peace, where I can shout from the rooftops and that I will one day live in a true DEMOCRACY!

    Instead of a Capitalist Oligarchy where a person's voice is silenced, drowned out by rhetoric spread by the wealthy to keep themselves in power.

    I dream of a nation where men and women can be TRUE equals in all places!

    Without feminists screaming how a man's neck must be stepped on by a boot, or some male screaming how women don't belong in the workforce.

    I dream of a nation where your color, your religion, your gender, who you love, or where you are born do not matter!

    Yet I live in a nation where hate is alive and well and allowed to thrive to where it seems to be glorified in media both social and news.

    I pray one day for an America to be brought to what it was meant to be, a melting pot where all are welcomed with open arms with love and equality…..

    But until people can work together, despite their differences,, this is not reality.

    I pray for an America where money and religion is taken out of politics, and common sense, logic, and facts become the norm.

    But like the thunderheads on a humid summer day, we're only at the beginnings of the storm.

  • gibsoneb3 on May 9, 2022

    With Maddie it’s the backwards ball cap that I find most offensive –

  • Eric R on May 9, 2022

    Madison Cawthorn is indeed a “LGB” legend.

  • Aaron Thomas on May 9, 2022

    It sounds like Cawthorn thought he had Trump's level of sway when he said that, not realizing his fanbase isn't as big or as ravenous.

  • Michael Mccroskery on May 9, 2022

    I think people had vote him outta of sympathy for his handicap

  • Michael Mccroskery on May 9, 2022

    He has No morals to begin with

  • Music Man on May 9, 2022


  • BobbyDPresents on May 10, 2022

    "insider trading" oh dear God…………..give me a break………many from both sides are insider trading( Pelossi)………..let alone all the dark money that pours into DC…..Hawthorns sexuality is "his business"………he is compromised and misslead………..I don't judge him…..be kind to your neighbor and yes we are our brothers keepers!

  • Peter Toft on May 10, 2022

    this aged well.

  • CatsMeow68 on May 10, 2022

    He is an embarrassment to our state……a disgusting embarrassment and the voters who put him in office aren't much better!

  • DIGGER on May 10, 2022

    I can confirm he did say “raise our tax dollars”

  • Leo Leija on May 11, 2022

    Mitch likes "silly boys"

  • Rock Forester on May 12, 2022

    Too much, boy. Bye, bye. GOP has brought you down.

  • David Dorsey on May 12, 2022

    Let me join the barrage against weirdo M. Cawthorn. His ilk fits in perfectly with the present day GOP.

  • mole rat on May 13, 2022

    This is no "drip-drip campaign" against Cawthorn. It's a Splash-Splash campaign.

  • Marina Dubois on May 13, 2022

    Me thinks the republicans protest too much! Some of them do indulge in cocaine and orgies.

  • Beau33 on May 14, 2022

    McConnell’s morals are in that kangaroo sack under his neck.

  • Stephen Le-surf on May 16, 2022

    Republicans are fine with fascism and resting your balls on another man's chin or blaming Jewish space laser for large fires. So what is the problem?

  • Toto Mango on May 16, 2022

    What Cawthorn said about the House politicians was probably true. He was just dumb enough to believe no one would come after him.

  • TOWM LVB on May 18, 2022

    Bye-bye toddler
    Toddler bye-bye!

  • An American on May 18, 2022

    Hey man—Glad you’re getting out of politics—but keep us posted on those orgies and the names of your fellow repub-Lurkins in them!

  • Gail Hitson on May 22, 2022


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