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How to Add Custom After Post Widgets in WordPress ctm magazine

Have you wanted to add something to the end of your posts such as a subscribe box or button? There is a plugin to help make this simple. In this video, we will show you how to add custom after post widgets in WordPress.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by installing and activating the Add Widget After Content plugin.

Then go to Appearance, Widgets to customize.

There will now be a new widget area called after content.

Now all you have to do is add the widget you want to go there.

You can go to any post to see it working.

If you do not want it to appear on a specific post you can go to the post and check to hide it for this post.

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  • bngreen35 on February 12, 2015

    What is style sheet?

  • Lmcl on August 14, 2015


  • Bharat K on March 15, 2017

    This really helpful if u want to add custom comments box or custom share buttons

  • Bashir Kassam on July 3, 2017

    This was really helpful. Initially tried some php editing and I almost broke my site! Thanks for the easy fix…

  • 139 on August 12, 2021

    seems to be not working in 2021, or maybe crash with theme?

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