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How to Create Custom Taxonomies in WordPress ctm magazine

Most people don’t know that all posts, categories, and tags can be replaced by custom post types and custom taxonomies. In this video, we will show you how to create custom taxonomies.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by installing and activating the Simple Taxonomy plugin.

Go to Settings, Custom Taxonomies to create a new taxonomy.

Add a name, decide if you want it to be hierarchical by setting true or false.

Next choose what post types do you want it associated with and if you want to auto add terms.

Decide what translations to set for how the taxonomy worded.

When you finished click add taxonomy and it will be added to where you set it.

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  • Soulipsyz on March 9, 2016

    There is no plugin called simple taxonamy

  • Karrie DiSanto on March 15, 2016

    This plugin hasn't been updated in years 🙁 Do you happen to know of another good one, I've been searching, but it seems that all others don't do the same thing

  • Mr Webmaster on June 3, 2016

    Way too fast of a review…

  • BN on August 9, 2016

    too fast . steps are not explained .

  • Roberto Innocenzi on February 18, 2017

    Useless video
    – too fast
    – the plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years

  • Nick Grabowski on July 5, 2017

    The video is tooooo slow. You need to speed it up two or three times so that nobody could understand nothing at all.

  • Naji Boutros on November 10, 2018

    Don't listen to them. It's the perfect speed. However, this was made 3 years ago. Do you have a different plugin to recommend?

  • Tep Jovellano on May 25, 2020

    I think it would be great if the video will be updated along with a more specific step by step process

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