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'I'm done with Covid!': Journalist gets praise and backlash for late-night comments ctm magazine

Doctors Jonathan Reiner and Lucy McBride respond to comments made by journalist and author Bari Weiss claiming she is “done” with Covid-19 during an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” #CNN #News



  • Sanghoon Lee on January 25, 2022

    A generation from now, our children will point to Fauci and CNN and say, "Here's what not to do the next time a pandemic hits. These fools f***ed 7 billion people for 3 years to protect 0.2% who might or might not die."

  • Jennie Marie on January 25, 2022

    Oh give us a break! It’s the lockdown and the mandates and the disruption the governments are causing by all these enforcements of requiring a vaccine which is the problem! YOU SHUT SOCIETY DOWN AND TOOK AWAY JOBS BASED ON VACCINATION STATUS! GET RID OF THESE MANDATES WE WANT TO GO BACK TO LIFE! Vaccinated or unvaccinated it is a CHOICE! LETS GET ON WITH LIFE GIVE US OUR FREEDOMS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS ONCE A CHOICE AND NOW IT IS OUR LIVELIHOODS OR VACCINE!!

  • Fallout 5 Nexus on January 25, 2022

    Only in the USA are Doctors paid to promote pharmaceuticals.

  • monika zendek on January 25, 2022

    Sensible Dr Reiner

  • Alexandra Loren on January 25, 2022

    I agree. She should grow up

  • The Great A on January 25, 2022

    How does vaccinating everyone in the country going to end the pandemic? Reiner is a doctor so he should know the vaccinated are spreading it! omg

  • Alexandra Loren on January 25, 2022

    She’s inconvenienced? Does not care about people dying? She’s childish and immature. Everyone should tell her to grow up

  • Cameron Bettencourt on January 25, 2022

    Thank god this isnt in control…. Haha

  • M Khan on January 25, 2022

    Bill Maher has lost his way. I used to be a fan and watch his show regularly but recently have only been dipping into episodes, only to confirm that his take on political events and the guests he has on his show are really disappointing. Bari Weiss and her ridiculously immature statement was the last straw. No longer planning on tuning in anymore.

  • Goose Blur on January 25, 2022

    CNN is anti Christ. 666

  • Tobias Mokoena on January 25, 2022

    We've been done with Covid in Africa. Matter of a fact its never been a thing. Your Govts are just milking yall for all your worth.

  • Dave seaver on January 25, 2022

    There is no way to deny that the Biden administration has used the pandemic to push there agenda. And CNN is backing up the worst president in history. There is nothing any president could have stop this virus its a virus it is going to take its coarse and there is nothing we can do about it. All the science proves it and always has. Even the CDC own research has proven that all the so called vaccine, masking and lock down have had very little impact on stopping or slowing down the virus. there is a 99.987% mortality rate for covid FACT look it up. The very vast majority of people who had covid it is not any worse than a bad flu. 75% of people who died had more than 4 serious health issues. And the numbers of people who died directly from covid are severely inflated. CDCs own studies say so look it up. I personally know at this point 2 otherwise healthy people who have died directly from getting the vaccine. Its disgusting that CNN is pushing a very unscientific narrative only to push there political agenda.

  • D. Best on January 25, 2022

    She is 100% right!

  • SuperZero! on January 25, 2022

    (2:29) This pandemic has NOT gone on in the US because 25% of Americans chose not to vaccinate, it has gone the way it has because Americans lack the common, nay, the logical sense of a New Zealander…

  • Landry 314 on January 25, 2022

    She is a hero for speaking the truth. What about the suffering this lockdown has caused? Unvaccinated unhealthy people die from covid and we all have to suffer? It's not fair.

  • Peter Hausmann on January 25, 2022

    She may well be done with covid but covid is not done with her yet. This may go on for some years, just be prepared or die. Don't care about covid and eventually die is without any doubt the easiest solution but definitely not the best. Life in a pandemic is hard but the harm is not done by the measures but by the pandemic itself and you cannot wish it away. Just pray that the climate crisis doesn't get as bad as this. Life is nothing for scaredy cats or whiny little babies.

  • Elvenkind on January 25, 2022

    I totally understand anyone that's tired of this whole thing. I just got my third vaccine and I just don't bother to worry much anymore. My sister-in-law also have 3 vaccines (2 plus 1 booster), but she have also just gotten sick with Covid yesterday.

  • Anti-stupid-NOT--VAX on January 25, 2022

    Absolute disgusting media 🤑🤑🤑💩💩💩

  • Richard B. on January 25, 2022

    These people are just ignorant petulant babies. We will be able to go back to normal when the health system will be able to return to normal. It's just as simple as that.

  • Mark X Farmer on January 25, 2022

    The SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t care what she thinks.

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