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In Aljamain Sterling’s Corner: Episode 3 | The Doctors ctm magazine

UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling reveals how HSS physicians Drs. Robert Hotchkiss and Osric King got him back into the Octagon. Presented by Hospital for Special Surgery.

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  • AlFarsi on November 5, 2021

    Oscar of the year 😂

  • Brendan Hayward on November 5, 2021

    I'm surprised UFC didn't turn comments off for this one. Aljo sucks.

  • Fundamentals of Money on November 5, 2021

    I swear they’ve dropped everyone in his corner in these videos except for his acting coaches.

  • NOBODY on November 5, 2021

    This must be UFC's least viewed video as nobody Cares the slightest about Aljamain ..Just Look at the Thumbs down UFC

  • Lamb Sauce on November 5, 2021

    Most people won’t go to work with a headache but expect this guy to get into a fist fight in his undies with a neck injury. P4P most ignorant fans

  • freezerburn04 on November 6, 2021

    Don’t hate ppl.. wtf it’s emotional moments x100 and he got the belt. Whatever, let’s look at his whole body of work and not dog on him. Sheesh! Was t his choice to get kneed down like that hella shot he ate..

  • Meng Vue on November 6, 2021

    Yan is coming. Sterling will hide and vacate the belt lmao.

  • xVishalxRaix on November 6, 2021

    Just here to see DISLIKE 😂

  • OWLORDIE on November 6, 2021


  • Christian on November 6, 2021

    Aljo the beta male sterling

  • Jeff Miller on November 6, 2021

    Aljamain is disappointing

  • Dana White on November 6, 2021

    I just came here to dislike the video no interested in watching the video

  • Sidharth Kapoor on November 6, 2021


  • Tarun Viswas on November 6, 2021

    400 likes and 4000 dislikes perfect, At this point Ufc straight away trolling aljo

  • Aldar Badmaev on November 6, 2021

    🤡 🤡 🤡

  • Matty Jungblut on November 6, 2021

    Notice UFC doesn't show ANY clips of fight against Yan during these..!!! 😂

  • Dik Dik on November 6, 2021

    Эй сникер хватит бегать от Петра.. ты знаешь что ты не чемпион..

  • Chuck on November 6, 2021

    TL DR: Aljo is a clown who wants to escape rematch.

  • Howabouthetruth on November 6, 2021

    I can't stand this coward. Anyone with eyes and common sense could tell he was faking like hell after the accidental, though illegal knee by Yan. Sterling KNEW he had the option to take up to 5 minutes, continue fighting, and Yan would've been penalized a point. But he KNEW that Yan was rag dolling his black ass all over that cage. His eyes were clear as a bell, and he was totally coherent while talking to the ref & the doctor. The ref was to blame too, because he kept INSISTING that Sterling "lay back down", even though he was talking, looking around, and totally fine. Look at how hard Jones illegally knee'd Anthony Smith in the face……..and not only are they light HW's with more power, Smith was sitting against the cage, so he took the entire force of that knee to the head. Yet Smith chose THE MAN'S WAY for the situation: he took the extra time & insisted on fighting, because he didn't want to win by DQ……..unlike this coward.

  • only me on November 6, 2021

    Get this fake fool out of here and take his belt away

  • dereknaut d on November 6, 2021

    Paper champ

  • Christopher Kroll on November 7, 2021

    Massive dislike/like ratio on all of these, Sterling needs to capitalize on all this negative attention towards him. Create his own persona and become a breakthrough star

  • dan spliff on November 7, 2021

    Get him tf out trolljermain

  • Kostas Pantadis on November 7, 2021

    no blacky… time to lose your belt

  • Alexandru Ana on November 8, 2021

    I'm starting to feel for Colby. All these years working on his act, doing his best to keep it steady and not stray away, only to have Aljo one up him. Aljo trully is the most hated UFC fighter.

  • SamLy on November 8, 2021

    Every upload of Sterling makes him look even worse lmfao

  • Memevarg on November 8, 2021

    The doctors are actors too

  • Memevarg on November 8, 2021

    Ep. 4 – The Oscar speech

  • Work Life 3:16 on November 8, 2021

    UFC really doesn't like Aljo!

  • gaoda cheese on November 9, 2021


  • Hey Aveon on November 9, 2021

    lmfao the DISLIKES! hahahahaha

  • Juan Carlos on November 9, 2021


  • Akbar Malik on November 9, 2021

    Lol UFC just trying to see how many people hate this guy. Amazing like to dislike ratio as always

  • Yuval Bareket on November 12, 2021

    Petr destroyed you, you fake paper champ

  • i reply to dumb people on December 4, 2021

    Use me as a disliked button

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