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Ingraham: BLM under investigation ctm magazine

Indiana AG Todd Rokita tells Laura Ingraham they’re starting an investigation to find out if Black Lives Matter is a scam.
#FoxNews #Ingraham

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  • Dean Tait on February 5, 2022

    Too little, too late unfortunately. We conspiring theory fruitcakes new this in the Summer of 2022. Look at Obama and Ferguson, MO.
    Greatest Scam in my lifetime of 72 yrs, Yikes 😳

  • smh SMH on February 5, 2022

    Let's Go Brandon plus his BLM people

  • Bill War Eagle on February 5, 2022

    BLM should also be investigated by the U.S. Attorney General but we know it will not be and we also know why.

  • Joe Freeman on February 5, 2022

    The investigation in blue states will go NOWHERE.
    And in red states it will get appealed to the federal level. There it will be Judge shopped. And go no where.
    The old old process of investigations that go into a rabbit hole and go no where.

  • morgoth731 on February 5, 2022

    What about that Chinese firm out of NY funneling money to blm.

  • D H on February 5, 2022

    Surprise surprise, surprise to no one with common sense 🤦‍♂️ Call it like it truly is (Black LIES matter) ✌

  • Rick Carlyle on February 5, 2022

    Hunt them down and prosecute them.

  • Awe Sward on February 5, 2022

    How many cities do they have to burn down before you guys figured it out? How many millions do they have to grift in the name of marxism, before you guys will act? Governments only about 10 steps behind the average American when it comes to identifying problem in this country.

  • Julie ann Janson on February 5, 2022

    Yes black lives matter does have donors here in Indiana that gives them money my sister and her friend.

  • Becky B5777 on February 5, 2022

    The leaders have million dollar homes.

  • Frank Thompson on February 5, 2022

    What about Tatums report that the BLM donation site led directly to the Democratic Party?

  • True Unruly on February 5, 2022

    This was the plan all along make a group then bring it down

  • Adrian Hall on February 5, 2022

    Th3y should do this with EVERY Non-Profit Organizations. They would ALL be closed down if they were investigated. Guaranteed.

  • Kreaspy Cream on February 5, 2022

    Yes, of course they’re a scam. As much of a scam as the Biden/Harris administration.
    Scammers of a feather flock together…

  • lawson guffey on February 5, 2022

    Everyone should sue BLM that had a business destroyed or had harm come to any relative

  • Bigeherb on February 5, 2022

    Black Sabbath Matters

  • Randy on February 5, 2022

    BLM has killed way more black people than cops have.

  • True Unruly on February 5, 2022

    The white ppl made this group now they blame it in us

  • Vigilante Caregiver on February 5, 2022

    If woke companies paid protection money to race scammers then those running the corporations must face consequences from investors.

  • Bride zilla on February 5, 2022

    The government is too busy auditing $600 from your cash app or PayPal. 😆

  • True Unruly on February 5, 2022

    Black ppl have no power in blm

  • Bornean Dayak on February 5, 2022

    All people who give their money to BLM are fool and idiot.

  • fromdaatx on February 5, 2022

    So is trump and his entire family, did I miss that segment?

  • Nancy Reid on February 5, 2022

    oh no surprise there ,

  • Ann Onymous on February 5, 2022

    But our leader True-dope supports them strongly. He’s all for their message as he admits on his own paid media. He will not be happy with this investigation. Perhaps because we will find a link to the Trudeau fondation?

  • tony pro on February 5, 2022

    But who are the real suckers?? Corporate America? The poor community?

    Nothing good came from this.
    Ironically the police athletic league or PAL, has done more for the inner youth.

  • Mike Mhoon on February 5, 2022

    What? Again? Imagine that…..

  • ✝️FaithHopeLove77💜 on February 5, 2022

    Love Rokita!!! God bless him!

  • Francisco Bassi on February 5, 2022

    "TRUMP IS WRONG!" – VP Mike Pence.
    No coverage?
    "This is hurting all of us!" – Laura Ingram

  • Marlene Powell on February 5, 2022

    Chip Roy for president and Ted Cruz for vice president and Rad Paul head of cdc and Jim Jordan head of DOJ

  • Cliff Bullock on February 5, 2022

    After the BLM wreckage mind blowning they have any money. Total scam anyway

  • Green Grugach on February 5, 2022

    If you gave money to BLM you gave money to terrorists.

  • Oliver Bereczki on February 5, 2022

    I made it aww aww about aww aww one aww minute in aww aww. Who the hell are you, Justin Turdeau??? The ability to speak does not make you intelligent… Public speakers should learn how to speak.

  • roger warnike on February 5, 2022

    Amazon is a huge contributor to BL M. Just saying. Maybe everyone should woke up !!!

  • S Toque on February 5, 2022


  • Anthony Cadiou on February 5, 2022

    Scamed the elderly.

  • Troy Fidler on February 5, 2022

    I don't know how the bureau of Land Management could get in so much trouble but 👍🏿👍🏿

  • Bornean Dayak on February 5, 2022

    BLM are scammer. They sell ideology to make money. Fool people give their money to them.

  • CHECKING OUT on February 5, 2022

    Blm funding sites went directly to biden election fund

  • Tu Nguyen on February 5, 2022

    BLM is a scam organization, if she didn’t earn salary from BLM and where are all money she bought those houses

  • V Ben on February 5, 2022

    It’s about time! What took them so long to investigate BLM?

  • Bornean Dayak on February 5, 2022


  • Javaris Smith on February 5, 2022

    Ive personally met leaders from blm & the organization is 65% white Americans in the organization

  • Brian Mello on February 5, 2022

    We all know the were paying members to loot burn businesses block freeways riot over and over. 3 years later, oh this might be a scam charity…..

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