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Inside the Octagon: Dan Hardy’s UFC Debut ctm magazine

Inside the Octagon turns back the clock as Dan Hardy and John Gooden discuss Hardy’s UFC debut back at UFC 89 in 2008.

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  • aronb7 on May 1, 2020

    we need a dan hardy michael bisping podcast

  • J G on May 1, 2020

    the outlaw in the UFC hall of fame 2020

  • craig edwards on May 1, 2020

    been following UFC fighting champ, for a while now, and gave me the confidents to start my own UFC channel please come check it out,

  • MitchellSchultzFilms on May 1, 2020

    5:10 what a stoppage by the ref!

  • Orlando Trustfull on May 1, 2020

    Would love for you guys to break down the Markham fight. I was there and the 02 was rocking.

  • Andrew Slatscki on May 1, 2020

    I like how him and Whitaker sound exactly the same, except for the accent.

  • Zeus3000 on May 1, 2020

    UFC Indonesia 😘😘😘😘

  • Tommy Shlug on May 1, 2020

    We can clearly see dan is getting ready for his return scrap

  • EmmetH85 on May 1, 2020

    I was there 😁😁😁

  • littlestewiegriffin on May 1, 2020


  • Mikeztarp on May 1, 2020

    "You are evil, aren't you?" xD

  • nir S on May 1, 2020

    damn Dan such a good fighter a legend i wish he could come back to the ufc i love him as analyst and commentator

  • Pat Somerville on May 1, 2020

    Could we just watch the fight?

  • bikibaws on May 1, 2020

    the outlaw vs the immortal

    guaranteed fireworks and fan interest.
    win win for both fighters for their age and where they are at career wise. not going to make title runs but getting paid and ufc eyeballs and exposure for their endorsement money.

    if hardy beats matt brown he beats a popular fighter who is on a win streak and takes his shine which is what he wants. if matt brown beats him then more gatekeeper fights and gatekeeper money for the immortal.

  • matthew 2779 on May 1, 2020

    Dan is a better analyst then a fighter. They are only showing this nonsense because dan wants to fight one more time. He sucks 🤣 he will catch a beating if he does fight again. He better choose carefully.

  • sidgeaberration on May 1, 2020

    We need that Dan Hardy showing us his Lego collection channel tho.

  • This was epic thanks!

  • iGG Vec on May 1, 2020

    awesome content guys, thank you

  • Matt Bushnell on May 1, 2020

    3:09 Joe does come out with some gems though sometimes 😂

  • Andre Winner on May 1, 2020

    Top man/fighter and 1 of the most iconic fighters

  • Paul on May 2, 2020

    I remember back in the day, Dan had a reputation for being kind of nuts, like in a get punched and smile at you kind of way. Hard to believe it's the same guy, considering how calm, level headed, and articulate we now know him to be.

  • Drew Drewski on May 2, 2020

    Such a nice bloke..

  • elyacoukakarim on May 2, 2020

    Good man good man Dan Hardy IS

  • aaron byrne on May 2, 2020

    Inside the octagon ufc 249 coming soon from a webcam nowhere near you?

  • Sean Hyde on May 2, 2020

    This would be a great mini series.

  • Curt 1988 on May 2, 2020

    Kinda looks like dan lost this fight

  • J Tuck on May 2, 2020

    What a fascinating warrior you are Mr. Hardy, thank you for everything you do for us!

  • Michael Riera on May 2, 2020

    Now everyone looks like a dan hardy fan xD

  • Rheyza on May 3, 2020

    Dan Hardy Vs Nick Diaz

  • Casey Riggs on May 4, 2020

    Dan Hardy vs Carlos Condit rematch!!

  • W S on May 8, 2020

    Loved this insiders analysis. Would love to hear Dan break down all his fights like this

  • Borat Bruno on May 14, 2020

    U sucks dan

  • Zak Hriskin on May 19, 2020

    This was awesome!

  • G. Fournier on May 26, 2020

    Dan is the best analyst out there !

  • Jay Rex on June 4, 2020

    Dan Hardy…probably the best MMA analyst.

  • The hardy Bandana proves that he predicted Corona way back then

  • Mama_06 on October 17, 2020

    I miss this guy

  • Dan vs Cowboy 2021 calling it now

  • robbdpd on February 26, 2021

    Dan is a great bloke. Shame he had to take such a long break. I hope him coming back doesn't prove to be costly

  • Nicholas Medovich on April 18, 2021

    It’s a bummer he got banned from ufc. I hope he learned his lesson from Dana white. Nobody needs to see a copycat of Paul Daley on Josh Koschek.

  • Noah on July 11, 2021


  • Noah on July 11, 2021


  • Noah on July 11, 2021


  • Noah on July 11, 2021


  • Noah on July 11, 2021

    They need rail road road rage

  • Arlette Rey on March 29, 2022


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