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Inspecting Agricultural Products | To Catch a Smuggler ctm magazine

When traveling international Customs and Border Patrol are not only looking for smugglers, but also pests, and potential diseases found in food and other products travelers may have.
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About To Catch a Smuggler:
Homeland Security at JFK International Airport deals with daily issues ranging from fraudulent visas to human trafficking.

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Inspecting Agricultural Products | To Catch a Smuggler

National Geographic



  • Sarah on May 8, 2021

    Meanwhile theres coke and fent in a private plane going to your nearest city.

  • Reece on May 8, 2021

    Who clicked on this because they thought it was a drug bust

  • John O'Donnell on May 9, 2021

    I would've expected a stoned millennial too busy looking for Twix bars and letting the crop munching bugs and melon seeds pass thru. Good to know government employees take pride in performing menial tasks well. This lady's a diamond amongst the coal. "We should give all mentally defective ppl in this country government jobs. Then sit back and watch things improve.."-George Carlin

  • Trish Adams on May 9, 2021

    Its obvious just freeze your "soupdrugs" and you go rite on through.

  • Do You Like My Weiner? on May 9, 2021

    What a great lady. Super friendly and positive, can actually hold a conversation and have a laugh, you can tell she loves her job, and is amazing at it. Great going, Officer!

  • Humphrey Reader on May 9, 2021

    This lady's rather good value!

  • Gagandeep Singh on May 9, 2021

    I need her and her tools to clean my pantry

  • The Industrial Walkers on May 9, 2021

    What a wonderful and kind woman she is and doing her job in such a matter! She would be the perfect person to be in a instruction video played on the airplane before landing at an airport, explaining why it is prohibited and educate incoming passengers in a friendly way!

  • Clip World on May 9, 2021

    God bless her🙌❤️❤️.

  • easy trading on May 10, 2021

    Haha I would love to be checked by her she is doing an awesome job👍

  • Muan on May 10, 2021

    Her job is really amazing

  • Random Rivas5 on May 10, 2021

    She’s super friendly great job give this women a raise

  • Reid Wolfe on May 13, 2021

    Why are they bringing in so much food?

  • Jefe on May 14, 2021

    Give this woman a medal bruh

  • Ethan Feucht on May 24, 2021

    Yo I wanna meet this woman does anyone have her socials 😂😂

  • LoganVPACountryBOY on May 24, 2021

    She is only doing her job to protect our US farmer’s. Thank you 🙏

  • Nano Flaco on May 25, 2021

    I would make love to this women so good at her job, and attitude….im taking one for the boys hold my beer going in with some eugsi seed.

  • Mr. Chibiterasu on May 26, 2021

    The fact that she maintains professionalism while also giving off a human vibe instead of some automata is how people working in this field should act.

    Yes it’s a very serious job, but realize they’re still dealing with humans.

  • Sterben on May 29, 2021

    I love her energy. ❤

  • Tommie Boy on June 8, 2021

    I like her

  • Ronesh Naidoo on June 12, 2021

    This lady is so nice. Props to her.

  • Olivia jayden on June 14, 2021

    VegasBeast is really an amazing drugs and guns dealer 💀 such a legend on telegram

  • Arab Ninja on June 17, 2021

    Well done to her we need more people like her

  • 350px on June 18, 2021

    2:24 you can see the fear in his eyes

  • John San Juan on June 18, 2021

    Illegal Produces!! Failures to Declare!!

  • Yeetboi on June 24, 2021

    I can’t stop watching this

  • Mon Nguyen on June 25, 2021

    What about mango and banana that comes from Mexico or other Latin country that end up in our grocery store?

  • CHEFGOD on June 28, 2021


  • 420 Friendly on June 28, 2021

    Give her a raise

  • SniperKing316 on June 30, 2021

    I must blend it next time 😂

  • ronthekingronny on June 30, 2021

    Yes she is that's a model employee…👏

  • Miran on June 30, 2021

    shes so nice

  • Bobby Busz on July 5, 2021

    May even be a few pieces of flat crack in there

  • Fley on July 22, 2021

    What episode is this from?

  • VP Ch. on August 5, 2021

    We might not be winning the war on drugs, but she is winning the war on produce.

  • Thomas Brown on August 14, 2021

    This lady really knows what her job is about. She is so charismatic and witty!

  • raul Rodriguez on August 23, 2021

    Good job,we have to prevent invasive pest.

  • Noob Dude on August 28, 2021

    What's Garri?

  • Rosheal Clarke on August 28, 2021

    I like her

  • aston OR on August 30, 2021


  • Damber Bhattarai on September 9, 2021


  • Live Life on September 10, 2021

    We need more inspectors like her.
    Hats off to her.
    People who visit USA should also be aware of the things they are bring into the country.
    Some are just ignorant and tey hard to break the rules because they come from lawless land to break the law of US by Hook or Crook.
    Shame to ignorance.

  • Ahmed Heensaleey on October 16, 2021

    She's doing great job👍

  • NTRSANDMAN on October 19, 2021

    She's got a really positive and friendly attitude. Why can't every airport worker be like her.

  • Prem Savekar on October 26, 2021

    There is another lady officer in miami airport her last name is pizarro can anyone tell me her full name?

  • Jorge Flores on October 27, 2021

    I thought she was going to find crack.

  • BillionSkydiver on November 12, 2021

    Busted boyO!!

  • Leandro silveira on December 1, 2021

    I really liked how good she is at her job.

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