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‘It’s a dangerous moment’: Ex-CIA director shares warning over Ukraine-Russia ctm magazine

The Kremlin is believed to have assembled 70% of the military personnel and weapons on Ukraine’s borders that Russia would need for a full-scale invasion, according to two US officials familiar with Washington’s latest intelligence estimates. Former CIA Director Leon Panetta reacts. #CNN #News



  • Joe Brandon on February 6, 2022

    Every true American needs one of these.https://youtu.be/Dtf2Ltz6JRk

  • Groaning Mole on February 6, 2022

    Most likely the war starts five minutes after the Olympics end.

  • Ŧexąs on February 7, 2022

    This duck is CIA, the spy of democrats. World War 3 will start because of democrats.

  • Ben Smith on February 7, 2022

    So its not wrong to have Pence overthrow a elected president, its not a coup, its not unconstitutional and against the law and totally autocratic, its just that lil Marco doesn't want Kamala Harris to be able to do it so he says no Pence shouldn't have been able to do it. Outside 10 or so all GOP congressmen and women should be expelled.

  • Matthias Jan Brungers on February 7, 2022

    Answer the question why the Ukrainians are CALM and don’t expect a war!!!!! WHY??

  • Selah on February 7, 2022

    Why doesn't Trump buy up Palm Beach to create his own fascist country, invite all his fans to live there, build a wall and have all the citizens worship.him?
    They'd could live "happily ever after" couldn't they?

  • Stoopid Pursun on February 7, 2022

    For someone who allows our southern border to remain wide open Biden sure is concerned about the border between Ukraine and Russia. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the money he and Hunter have invested in Ukraine? Nah, couldn't possibly…

  • Jessica Beyer Harrell on February 7, 2022

    An expected analysis of a Clinton and Obama FU Chief of Staff. Let's Go Brandon. We are not stupid #cnn

  • Kuo Lin on February 7, 2022

    very soon!

  • Richard Goh on February 7, 2022

    Ukraine political problem today was caused by the US about 16 years ago when US engineered the overthrow of the then elected pro Russian government. US’s politicians are very good at blaming others. They are deeply indebted to weapon manufacturing corporations for the huge political donations, hence war sounds like music to these hypocritical, greedy but foolish politicians. Peace will never ever prevail as long as manufacturing of weapon in US remains in private hands.

  • Adam Soul'jah on February 7, 2022

    If you notice, the US market is in shambles, can we relate this to China and Russia shutting down the market ? Do you think England and USA trying to to take the market power again ? How about Iran and Muslim ? How they influence all of this as silent heaters.

    It’s possible that the US will be destroyed completely by a all out war ?

  • Antonio Nunez on February 7, 2022

    Stup###** Jim Acosta why you have to bring Trump into this damn sure sick sick person

  • Jessica Beyer Harrell on February 7, 2022

    Trump abandoned the #constitution ? What does that make Captain Kangaroo? Our one and only #POTUS. #secureUSAborder

  • 느님못생겨ᄊ on February 7, 2022

    … 뉴욖.. 두욖…


    자ㅅ..한다ㄱ..사비…기다리ㄱ..잇으도.. <관씸..도..ㄱㅔ솎,추띾… > 먼ㅈ,관심..여러ㄱㅐ..

    내..뉴욖..잇느..동안..으.. ‘ㅇㅑ생ㅎ..랭ㅋ..’올라,갓다..내려..갓다..오라..갓다.. 내려.. 가 ..~..~>구뤠ㄷ..


  • FalconXE302 on February 7, 2022

    I love how the America intelligence just pulls numbers out of thin air…
    The reason you can't understand Acosta… is because you are listening to the American military propaganda too much.
    How about reporting what is really going on, instead of reporting what comes out of the mouths of American Military people who have an agenda… the agenda that they need a war to fight to remain relevant…?

  • muma8207 on February 7, 2022

    Putin will do what corporations do when they have to do a recall or they are called out on unspeakable working conditions that result in some media coverage followed by a short period of public outrage. They calculate the end result. If taking Ukraine costs Russia some money in sanctions for some period of time but they gain Ukraine … and it's cost effective, they will do it. Because time will pass, sanctions will drop, and politics and the money machine will keep grinding away. Until people learn that our power is in our purse. We can suffer war at the mercy of the powers that be or we can suffer coordinated, self deprivation in a directed end result. Our army is how we spend money or even if we spend money, where we put our money, what businesses we buy from, the countries we travel to.

  • Z1BABOUINOS on February 7, 2022

    538,000 and counting, Covid 💀💀💀
    in ONE YEAR and 18 days with Sleepy Joe !
    ✌️👴💤 WINNING!

  • glentorn53 on February 7, 2022

    Democracy is a scarce commodity in a world dominated by corrupt fascists.

  • aaron johnson on February 7, 2022

    This is because the GOP is dividing the US, just as Putin wanted… and obviously Putin is taking the opportunity.

  • Lee Rogers on February 7, 2022

    Why is this 💩 happening around up coming midterms? There’s your answer!

  • aaron johnson on February 7, 2022

    This goes back to Bush wrongly invading Iraq… a sovereign country… to improve his polling numbers.

  • dps on February 7, 2022

    Biden failure in afghanistan war & Ukraine war

  • Igor Mihov on February 7, 2022

    So Nato coming on Russia border is not adding fuel on the flames but Russia protecting its border does it.That is why France, Germany, Italy, and many other Nato members disagree with Nato and US.

  • Old Scribe on February 7, 2022

    Hell! Russia is setting up a beard for a false flag operation which will justify a full on military response by Russia. It will probably be staged as a NATO led attack on Russian forces. Too late then to say, "whoops!" All because Russia intends to caveat Ukraine's freedom to choose its own destiny.

  • 習武平 on February 7, 2022


  • T L on February 7, 2022

    main question from lord of the money – how to stop nordstream 2 gas pipe line, germany do you agree to close that project if russia will attack ukraine? the white helmets are ready with their video…

  • Jess ForHeaven on February 7, 2022

    Stop trying to divide and conquer

  • Dollbeast Cybervoodoo on February 7, 2022

    Ukraine is Rus! vs. russia (real name "muskovia", founded by Tatars in year 1272), which's just another one of those numerous Asian hordes… My heart is with real slavs — Ukrainians! SLAVA UKRAYINI !!!

  • Iain Elliott on February 7, 2022

    We must pray that the Canadian Truckers will soon be in Washington restoring democracy and Donald Trump to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

  • Sattar J. Al-Hashemi on February 7, 2022

    Where have you been when usa invated a solvent country like Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands Mr human rights advocate ? Why you don't remember Vietnam, Korea , Panama , Nicaragua , Libya , Syria, Serbia, Iraq Afghanistan , Somalia beside all the bombings on tens of countries in the world and killed thousands of thousands of innocent people !

  • Eric Charles on February 7, 2022

    More Anti-Russian propaganda by fake news. The US is the one that ignores international law and repeatedly has invaded other countries 🤷🏻

  • Raccep Tayyib Erdogan on February 7, 2022

    if putin says shake yes shake if putin says war yes war, no one can refute his orders

  • Bill Rodriguez on February 7, 2022

    Xhairman Bejing Bai Denh = Putin's Puppet

  • Bill Rodriguez on February 7, 2022

    Lame duck one term Joe Biden the mother fracking liar = Two wars

  • El Ingles on February 7, 2022

    Here is a good example of a out of touch lefty fool, trying to pose as a journalist ! It cannot muster 500,000 views America !…Really shocking !!

  • MVVpro on February 7, 2022

    Pence said "the emperor has no clothes" like the little boy in the story. We are now at the stage where the adults have noticed that he's right, but they are still having trouble admitting it because they are afraid of the naked emperor.

  • Antonio Tan on February 7, 2022

    Peace-loving nations must boycott Russia and China to depress their economies and stop military aggression.

  • Chad Matthews on February 7, 2022

    President biden's administration is a joke that's why it took Francis president to go over there straighten things out with Putin our president is a senile old man

  • Gambit Odsey on February 7, 2022

    Lmfao batman,superman and big foot have a better chance of being real then CNN being real news😂😂😂😂😂 in the words of Brandon "my butts been wiped"😂😂😂😂

  • Jacqueline Hart Gibson on February 7, 2022

    The US doesn’t get to call out anyone for invading a sovereign nation.

  • Alvin Cook on February 7, 2022

    They are already accusing Harris of overturning the election. Thats Trump's plan! If Harris and Biden lose in 2024, they will leave like adults, not like spoiled children!

  • Carlos Lima on February 7, 2022


  • Ming Mongo on February 7, 2022

    Is Ukraine asking for help? If not, why is this a thing?

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