Jackie Chan BREAKS SILENCE: “Bruce Lee Did NOT Die How You Think…” webfi


  • @2117david on April 4, 2024

    Thank you dear one for your Truth ❤Much love always.

  • @tallpaulhutchensjr. on April 4, 2024

    Yea I don't think pot brownies made him faster lol. But I'm sure it mellowed him out to do meditation and stuff better. A lot of suspicious deaths in Hollywood for sureski

  • @katherineskrzynecki3347 on April 4, 2024

    He was the greatest and many of HIS IDEAS, were never credited to him…Like Kung Fu, Green Lantern, and several others…Idk how he could've stood for that! This man was brave, extremely talented and very creative. May he R I P!

  • @katherineskrzynecki3347 on April 4, 2024

    Always strange deaths in high places…

  • @dorecannon9640 on April 5, 2024

    Spontaneous combustion was histroyed mark. Some of the greatest athletes in the world take drugs. To reach that
    Pinnacle of success, you do what is necessary .

  • @SenerS10 on April 5, 2024

    He was killed by some hitmen. Was shot over 20 rounds.

  • @KingQueen-du8mc on April 5, 2024

    His family has a curse

  • @AngelaSeifried-lr1hj on April 5, 2024

    Awesome Possum thank you for this documentary it really hit me hard I'm 58 grew up watching him on TV .

  • @AngelaSeifried-lr1hj on April 5, 2024

    And Chan grateful for both

  • @MerlinTodd on April 5, 2024

    Ah so! Bluce Lee fass! Berry fass. Lightning fass but he not dodge bullets.

  • @JosephMiller-hu7bq on April 6, 2024

    I think his mistress gave him poison he died think his movie producier she called him first not help medical and why they waited so nobody could save him.

  • @JosephMiller-hu7bq on April 6, 2024

    Bruce was so lean from cutting that he took his body beyond its normal ablity , and i think the pain pill he took was to pure and it slowed his heart & lungs

  • @JosephMiller-hu7bq on April 6, 2024

    Weed is not a hard drug nobody ever OD on weed and i take or smoke before i workout and have great workouts and its great for pain recovery and the truth is out there and his mistress knows his son dies young also

  • @DLdots on April 6, 2024

    14:01 there is a weird sound that plays on your transition

  • @MrVonDeep on April 7, 2024

    Bruce was murdered and so was his son.
    Who runs hollywood are the ones who did it out of Fear of the Chinese Culture and Society. One Day money wont matter anymore and will make those Little People Smaller than they buy themselves to be

  • @edwardfrost9464 on June 8, 2024

    Over training, pushing limits to the point of injury; under eating, too little body fat, not enough sleep, drugs ? Not good examples to follow, still, he was a fitness guru that explored different methods and was an entertaining martial artist and accomplished actor and author to his credit but in any training you have to know when to 'knock a boiler off', have a day off, R and R.