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James Webb Telescope JUST PROVED The Big Bang Theory Wrong! webfi network

Before its launch last year, the James Webb space telescope was avidly awaited. However, now that the most powerful and expensive telescope ever built is operational, the JWST is threatening to turn astronomy on its head with a single discovery. The latest JWST images have revealed that the big bang theory did not occur, driving the scientific community into a fury. What are the most recent JWST images? How do the images demonstrate that the Big Bang Theory was erroneous? Join us as we explore how the James Webb satellite telescope eventually disproved the big bang theory.

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  • DAN KOS on September 13, 2022

    OH NO!!! WRONG AGAIN,. Lets not forget it was 10 billion, 1 million miles away,

  • Stephen Levett on September 13, 2022

    Big claims need big proof and this is not it.

  • 299pepe on September 13, 2022

    Hombre, al Big Bang no, pero coincido en que a a las estimaciones de la edad del universo y a la energ铆a oscura les est谩 dando una repasaditaaaaa.. puede que los tiros vayan por donde dice Ram贸n…aunque no me atrevo yo a hablar de falacias… Veremossss

    La teor铆a de que el espacio se expande no es m谩s que la consecuencia l贸gica de un universo con 13millardos de a帽os y, al tiempo, la luz de galaxias emitidas a 13millardos a帽os luz llegando hoy a nosotros… Las galaxias solo se pueden separar a la velocidad de la luz si el espacio entre ellas se expande…. Y para eso necesitas energ铆a oscura…. Perooooooo, y si la edad del universo fuese mayor???

    Tambi茅n puede ser que la correlaci贸n de corrimiento al rojo y distancias medidas con candelas estandar funcione hasta cierta distancia y a partir de ah铆, que tenga una correlaci贸n distinta, no lineal o lo que sea… En cristiano, que la luz observada hoy de estas galaxias lejanas tampoco estaban tan lejanas (13 millardos de a帽os luz) cuando esa misma luz se emiti贸 (no s茅 yo si se entiende mi cristiano jejeje)

    En cualquier caso, sigue oliendo a universo concentrado y calentorro hace bastante tiempecillo, eso no creo que se lo quite nadie… jejjejjejej

  • Bob Larsen on September 13, 2022

    The Big Bang Theory was a good show.

  • MrSoggyRamen on September 13, 2022

    馃 What about the Big Crunch? What if the mass closer to the center of the universe is accelerating towards it faster than those farther away. It would appear as the objects farther away from us are accelerating away from us.

  • YK Chan on September 13, 2022

    I don鈥檛 believe in Big Bang but I鈥檓 not pleased with the way we dismantle it.

    If expanding universe is true, Big Bang theory and its Z index are true.

    We can鈥檛 legally use the Index Z to measure galaxy distance for the purpose of debunking Big Bang theory.

    It is a self defeating second theory because when the Big Bang theory is falsified, the index Z is meaningless.

  • martinhd28v1 on September 13, 2022

    Wait a second, wasn't there a consensus on the big bang theory? Does this
    mean the science wasn't settled?

  • Cora Bee on September 13, 2022

    A totally erroneous representation of Webb's observations, as recently discussed by Drs. Tyson and Cox on various videos.

  • stickplayer2 on September 13, 2022

    Exactly how does an entire sequence on the cost of the telescope help explain the discovery? Answer: it doesn't, but they didn't have much material, so most of this is wasteful padding. I dunno – is there some minimum YT requires to monetize? I see a lot of this kind of padding, and considering that it's more work, and doesn't do anything to help the video, there has to be some other incentive.

  • Hunter Conway on September 13, 2022

    Everything in this video is just quoted from another video by Future Unity made 5 days ago. You literally stole all of your info in this video from another journalist. Your a hack

  • krvnjrcbs on September 13, 2022

    Mis-reporting like This video is the reason the world is in decline

  • Lance Wisham on September 13, 2022

    I'm so sick of this bs. Y'all are all OBVIOUSLY all full of shit.

  • Lance Wisham on September 13, 2022

    Might as well be politics.

  • Htos 1av on September 13, 2022

    "Infinite diversity in infinite combinations"…yep.

  • Mark Williams on September 13, 2022

    Still could be a big bang theory, and our time line is wrong, as those galaxys still had to come from somewhere

  • Darryl Deachman on September 13, 2022

    Ferfucksakes! For the umpteenth time! The JWST did NOT disprove the BBT! It showed that the early universe didn鈥檛 form the way we thought.
    You fucking useless twat content creators need to get your facts straight and stop contributing to misinfo just for likes. As for YouTube worrying about my language as opposed to people spreading misinformation, you already failed miserably dealing with the latter, and had no business trying in the first place. You can also go fuk yourselves in dealing with the former.

  • Zhalel Zhalelov on September 13, 2022

    HV paradox (paradox of human vision) I have been thinking since childhood whether the speed of human vision looking through a telescope can be greater than the speed of light馃…

  • Pete K on September 13, 2022

    I don't know about the Big Bang but there's a new theory called the Big Fart because a fart expands in all directions and it's everywhere. In fact some people think that fart's god 馃槀

  • DadaPlays on September 13, 2022

    Scientist are like鈥 hey we鈥檝e discovered something new, let鈥檚 write this down and make these 100% facts with all these mumbo jumbos鈥 then oops we鈥檙e dumb and wrong, let鈥檚 change it again and fools will still believe us anyway.

  • Salman on September 13, 2022

    Not gonna lie, they had me in the first half of that title.

  • John Brown on September 13, 2022

    To say that the "James Webb Telescope just proved the big bang theory wrong" means you know nothing about to scientific method and should get a job in marketing weight loss supplements.

  • ReturnofBenjamin on September 13, 2022

    You lost me the instant you claimed that the Big Bang Theory tv show had anything at all to do with the widespread acceptance of the Big Bang in the scientific community. Seriously, dude?

  • daniel dixon on September 13, 2022

    There was never any big bang to begin with. That is the reason it was always a theory. A theory is just like a asshole, we all have 1.

  • Space Ace on September 13, 2022

    I could never swallow the Big Bang Theory. I just seemed that a small point of origin was impossible. I do believe there are countless universes and who knows what possible structure all of them are in.
    It is so amazing to see what the James Webb. has reveled. USMC Combat Veteran

  • Johnny Diaz on September 13, 2022

    Big bang was only a theory. It's not proven fact. So the new data we will see can disprove the big bang. But I'd leave that to the scientific community to analyze. If it's disproven the so be it, but I'd like to hear more theories with the data

  • david rooker on September 13, 2022

    wow cool馃榾馃槂

  • Evie Ericson on September 13, 2022

    I love space, what a mystery

  • Cold Fruit on September 13, 2022

    Yes, do not acknowledge the theory of creationism

  • Freddie Williams on September 13, 2022

    The big bang theory has never been credible seeing the intricacy of all creation. Real science proves and glorifies God and points to the fact that an intelligent creator created all things. A "big bang"couldn't possibly create all of the wonders of the universe and all of creation as we know it

  • TheDR3D on September 13, 2022

    Its called God! Yall kill me with this big bang bull馃挬

  • TONY ROCK on September 14, 2022

    More Christian ass hats reaching for another false claim.

  • Cov Fe' Fe' With Dave on September 14, 2022

    The RED SHIFT on which the Big Bang is based is due to light speed slowing down over great distances. As for the Origins, see Genesis 1:1

  • Kenneth Katz on September 14, 2022

    At 10^75, filament electro can hold everything. At 10^119, there are too many galaxies for a balance. Big difference between a billion and a trillion.

  • Pachayila on September 14, 2022


  • Ryan Hansen on September 14, 2022

    you know your hearing some real stuff when the word "erroneous" is used.

  • Fernando Xavier on September 14, 2022

    The edge of this known universe is just a new horizon.

  • 馃拃C脴SMIC-PHAN葰脴M馃拃 on September 14, 2022

    Basically, I think that we, are the product of mushrooms 馃崉鉁笍

  • Declan Traill on September 14, 2022

    As the observed galaxies seen by JWST are smaller and brighter than expected, that says to me that we are seeing them through a gravitational lens – like looking the wrong way through a telescope. The space over such huge distances would have changed its Gravitational Potential level a lot over the millennia since the light left those distant galaxies and the space may well have been expanding over that time (i.e. the Big Bang). So, there would be a changing Gravitational Time dilation in the space passed through by the light. This would have the effect of bending the light like an enormous lens.

  • bart van rooy on September 14, 2022

    I can't help to think ouwer univers started as a black hole that started to fade or collapse or something what gave ouwer current univers the chanse to form and expand

    Explosion destroys stuf dont creat

  • Juniija Naka on September 14, 2022

    like a bubble plus gravity to the surface of the earth like this a bubble if there is a small object towards the bubble it is dragged in but the bubble will not burst because there is a strong resistance so the universe is made of that infinite aura

  • Latha Pauline on September 14, 2022

    Good going JWST 馃憤

  • Lee Bird on September 14, 2022

    What鈥檚 it like to be an uniformed channel?