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James Webb Telescope Terrifying Discovery Before Big Bang Will Change Everything! webfi network

How did this universe begin? Were we alone in this huge cosmos before the
Big Bang? Just some of the numerous questions that scientists have been
pondering for years, like this one: They planned a slew of projects and
missions to gather as much information as possible about our origins and the
universe we live in, but no technology existed to do it. The James Webb
Space Telescope, a large telescope was then built by scientists and is
expected to help us understand the origins of the cosmos.
The projected Christmas Day 2021 launch of the $10 billion James Webb
Space Telescope was both exhilarating and worrisome for the thousands of
scientists, engineers, managers, and support staff who worked on the project
for almost a decade. The scientific potential of the JWST is vast, and it could
provide answers to some of the most fundamental problems in the universe’s
evolution. But the real question is, can this JWST achieve it? Is it possible that
James Webb will be able to see thousands of light-years into the future? We’ll
be discussing this in today’s video.
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A new era of astronomy is just around the corner, provided everything goes
according to plan. After a nail-biting launch on Christmas Day, the James
Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has launched its mission to capture the birth
of the universe. James Webb Space Observatory will be NASA’s largest and
most powerful space research telescope, exploring the cosmos to learn more
about the universe’s history, from its Big Bang to the birth of alien planets
and beyond. The observatory will cost $10 billion. It is a part of NASA’s Great
Observatories, which comprise the Hubble Space Telescope and other
massive space telescopes that can stare into the universe.
One of JWST’s primary goals is the exploration of galaxy formation more than
13.5 billion years before the Big Bang, a hitherto unobserved period of
cosmic history that formed our universe as we know it today. According to
NASA, JWST was built to observe a time in the universe’s history that has not
yet been observed before, rather than to study the origins of the cosmos.
We prefer to think of the JWST as a successor to the Hubble Space
Telescope, rather than a replacement. More than 30 years after its launch,
the Hubble Space Telescope has provided us with breathtaking views of the
universe and countless scientific discoveries. It is our hope and expectation
that it will continue for many more years to come.
However, the telescope’s 2.4-meter diameter mirror, compared to ground-
based telescopes, limits its sensitivity and ability to observe the faintest
objects. This is a limitation. Even though Hubble can observe infrared light, it
cannot access the light wavelengths from the very first stars and galaxies.
Hubble has some capability to observe infrared light. JWST, on the other
hand, will be able to do this task. For the first time, we may even be able to
observe stars that were generated from primordial material from the Big
Knowing when and how the first stars originated soon after the Big Bang is
an important scientific subject and one of the key science aims of JWST.
Carbon, silicon, and gold, which are essential to life and contemporary
technology, were produced in the early stars, but how they did so is still a
mystery to us.
As a result, the design of this observatory has been influenced greatly by the
fact that it needs to be extremely cool to reduce the amount of unwanted
background light.
It’s not just the initial stars and galaxies that will be studied by JWST.
Researchers from all over the world can apply for time at this observatory,
which is designed to serve a variety of purposes. Infrared observation will
allow JWST to see through the clouds of dust that enshroud very young stars,
which are impenetrable to the visible light of the telescope.
That means it will be able to see directly into star-forming regions,
something Hubble hasn’t been able to do yet. The findings will provide light
on the formation of stars and the systems of planets that orbit them as a
result of the collapse of dust and gas clouds.
Webb will be able to see further into the universe than Hubble, and it will be
far more sensitive. This will allow Webb to go back much further in time and
view the earliest galaxies that formed in the early universe, according to



  • CrackerJack on January 16, 2022

    Since the Big Bang happened so many billion years ago, the light of the event must have left at that point. If the telescope can see that far back won't the light have already left and there will be nothing to see? I'm not tying to argue with science just trying to understand it!

  • Raphael Klaussen on January 16, 2022

    This video is pure garbage made by someone who has no idea about the subject matter.

  • Eddie Dutch on January 16, 2022

    i am afraid the expectations from WEB are way to high. they tell us it is 13.5B lightyears ago. they know becaurse there is no light further then that. so how will web do that? We might observe more stars, but that's it.

  • jahid shumon on January 16, 2022

    আশা করি জেমস ওয়েব টেলিস্কোপ দিয়ে আমরা স্পেস-টাইম কন্টিনিউয়ামের ব্যাপারে অনেক কিছু জানতে পারব।

  • ASC_Missions on January 16, 2022

    NASA is an American agency. Giving it this featurette a breathless UK voice is not just childishly pretentious, it is also a rudely insulting affront to the taxpayers who paid for it.

  • imnotmelvin3 on January 16, 2022

    Fools, God did the universe and us.


  • Arnon Fc on January 16, 2022


  • Keith Price on January 16, 2022

    13.5 million years before the big bang?

  • Loui Steven on January 16, 2022

    If they do find something shocking or proof of extraterrestrial intelligence they won't tell us. The general public will only get a bunch of nice photos with interesting science reports. They will view the dark and we will be left in the dark. Monolith on phobos (as bud explained) would be nice to see.

  • Wheelygood on January 16, 2022

    Don't you get it people? This telescope will see our future past more than 13.5 billion dollars before a big bang! I'm terrified 😋

  • John B on January 16, 2022

    Scientists will discover the so-called 'Big Bang' never happened…. This may lead to the knowledge, the universe is much different than they thought….. Your Universe including the human species, is just a 'Holographic Simulation', displayed in a Display Register, of "The Processing System of LIFE" ! LIFE or AWARENESS ( The Real Self ) Observes from OUTSIDE the Display Register !

  • J Freeman on January 16, 2022

    What a bunch of fake shit this whole channel is!! For those of you who believe what any of these people say its time to wake up and do your own research

  • Neo Rock on January 16, 2022

    Jwst has not looked at ONE single thing yet. Will take 6 months before we get 1 picture due to calibration time for everything on it

  • Dawit Mulugeta on January 16, 2022

    Turn one of these telescopes around and show us our beloved earth please. No? But why? [Insert cockamimi reason here]

  • Sunspot on January 16, 2022

    $10 billion is less than 5 days of the Pentagon budget.

  • Speckled Jim on January 16, 2022

    This vid is such clickbaity bs

  • Robbie Isbell on January 16, 2022

    Prediction, they will find out that there wasn't a big bang and it is much older than 13.5 billion years

  • Laudandus  on January 16, 2022

    Get ready for the discovery of a trillion new questions.

  • Andrei Comsa on January 16, 2022

    first of all, the telescope cant be used yet, second of all, it sees into the past, not the future

    so maybe you should do some research

    oh, and dont you dare remove this comment, we all know this is clickbait and everyone says that its fake

    TL;DR: This channel needs to do research

  • Nithiyan Nathan on January 16, 2022

    “Big Bank” is a highly controversial scientific hypothesis and theory. The is not supported by philosophy. Nithiyan Philosophy Lecture 14 “Everything begin end then begin again including the universe, this is an indefinite process. We wouldn’t be able to understand this indefinite process with our knowledge. Four-dimension knowledge capacity".
    There are thousands of videos in YouTube, attempt to give reason for big bang. Some argue, big bang occurred from nothing where there is no time and space. This is very low-level argument. How can this universe evolve from nothing, this is poverty of philosophical thinking and propagating irrational ideas?

  • Dan Donald on January 16, 2022

    primary mission to study galaxy formation 13.5 billion years ( before ) the big bang.
    Light years into the future?
    Cool they launched a 10 billion dollar magic 8 ball.
    Guess in couple weeks we'll find out how we'll we're doing colonizing the galaxy. 😉

  • Dan Donald on January 16, 2022

    Bet it spots red dwarf!

  • Eric Proffitt on January 16, 2022

    I think its time for someone to audit NASA and know exactly where there money is spent. Comparing being able to see a bee on the moon to going back 13 Billion years in time is a joke right?? If the Universe is constantly expanding, how the heck could anyone catch up with that??? Think about it. Theoretical science is just that, theoretical. And if it is constantly expanding would not our position of our Earth have changed or any of the other planets nearest to us, even by a micro of a 1/1000000 of a second…right?? Right. Go back to the moon NASA and put up a strobe light. One that we can turn off and on and have it change colors to prove you can even go there. Think of what we could learn for communications from that experiment. Pretty sure these top scientist have really nice homes and multiple I'm sure, around the World. Audit NASA someone.

  • PatricK WithaKay on January 16, 2022

    TERRIFYING, I'm under the stairs.

  • David Nikulka on January 16, 2022

    The big bang had to have happened from a central point expanding outwards in all directions , right ? Then they also know now that gasses acumulated to mix and explode creating matter out of nothing. Then those gasses are something not nothing !? I know this is really deep . I still think at times each universe is a bubble or atom like in our own bodies .

  • ybet1000 on January 16, 2022

    wasted 1 trillion in afghanistan…. could have had 100 of these with that money

  • TetraQuark on January 16, 2022

    Still have to go to work so not really

  • asdf on January 16, 2022

    This dumbass channel : "Kid makes terrifying discovery when adding 2+2"

  • Kev Badger on January 16, 2022

    All we’ll get it the flat earthers claiming it’s CGI and the bible bashers still claiming god created it all!!!

  • Anthony Fimia on January 16, 2022

    Anyone ever wonder why we never went back to the moon and why we scrapped the shuttle program without replacing it with anything else?

  • Ilija Bosnjak on January 16, 2022

    And how’s this will improve my life???
    That’s how much I care about POS telescope 🔭
    What a waste of money and time…

  • Delbert Johnson on January 16, 2022

    What a bunch of hype

  • GereDJ on January 16, 2022

    One of the better Brit narrators who has adapted the accouterments of standard and current Britto stylization. Otherwise, decent information. Webb, basically kids, is quite a longer look. Bottom line is, we're not too sure what we're going to see. It could be mankind, religious, cultural, Earth shattering info.

  • David Berry on January 16, 2022

    So far, the further we look into the universe, the bigger the universe gets. If we launch a telescope into orbit 1000 times more powerful than the current "James Webb" unit, all we will have accomplished is to establish that the Universe is 1000 times bigger than we previously thought!

  • Ricardo Aguilar on January 16, 2022

    Mater can not do anything with out someone come and put the necessary information in it and don't come out with that stupidity that "aliens" that someone its GOD this satanic godless"theories" becouse the laws of GOD beat the hell of everyone stupid sinfull and satanic ignorant lives you guys wish that al those lies come andpush GOD away that doesn't mean that it's that way reality GOD its real he create everything you see and Everything you don't see you like it o not you believe it o not doesn't matter that's you reality just because you try to push it away don't believe it o ignore it that doesn't mean that doesn't exist sorry for the whole world but that's the real reality everyone lives in and that ignorant stupidity that "everyone is doing it no everyone is going to hell" that's the most ignorant satanic and incredible stupid thinking anyone has ever had since the beginning of time of humanity

  • Not A Commie on January 16, 2022

    Whoever’s channel this is
    You suck
    Fake news
    Must be a liberal

  • Red Apple Destiny on January 16, 2022

    Say, "He is Allāh, [who is] One,
    Alone, without another, indivisible with absolute and permanent unity and distinct from all else. The one and only true deity, unique in His essence, attributes and deeds.
    Allāh, the Eternal Refuge
    He who is absolute, perfect, complete, essential, self-sufficient and sufficient to meet the needs of all creation; the one eternally and constantly required and sought, depended upon by all existence and to whom all matters will ultimately return.
    He neither begets nor is born
    Nor is there to Him any equivalent."
    (AL QUR'AN)

  • FLO'S EATYARD on January 16, 2022

    "Another theory is that stars and planets are born in dust clouds" Yes they are, that is why it is a theory. In the tarantula nebula there are forming solar system out of has and dust which proves it

  • Steve Williams on January 16, 2022

    Cool… upgraded CGI footage

  • Variant on January 16, 2022

    such a bullsh*t

  • Jørgen A on January 16, 2022

    I can scarcely remember the last time I observed such absolute bullshit as what is being said in this video…

  • Anon Ymous on January 16, 2022

    What’s up with the laser beam? Again?

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