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January 6 Committee Concludes First Public Hearing ctm magazine

The Jan. 6th committee released never-before-seen testimony from Trump’s inner circle and disturbing new footage of the violent attack on the Capitol in the first of a series of public hearings.
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  • Roy Singh on June 10, 2022

    Keep showing those tapes over and over again, until it sinks in to the heads of those PATHETIC LOWLIFE DIRTBAGS who are still in denial.

  • ⭐️LuckyStar⭐️ on June 10, 2022

    New flash: No one gives a crap what 1000 unarmed idiots did. And if you swallow the claim that they represent an entire political party you are malignantly gullible. Nice ratio btw.

  • Just One Man on June 10, 2022

    You can lead a Trump supporter to facts, but you can’t make him think.

    I’m not interested in convincing radicalized irresponsible voters. All that matters to true Americans is to see the insurrectionist Republicans arrested and incarcerated for their involvement in Jan 6 and the ongoing efforts to usurp democracy.

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth on June 10, 2022

    Yikes. RAtings for this jan 6 show says the entire story 🤣 summer of love is alllll people are talking about. Why did you promote race riots msnbc?

  • Monte Wills on June 10, 2022

    Sham of a committee. Do not take it serious. Many lies. This committee is spewing trash in order to prevent President Trump from running again and winning in 2024. Period. They want to take him down any way they can because he stands up to the swamp and doesn’t take their bs. Trump 2024!!!

  • Matthew Murdock on June 10, 2022

    Almost 80,000 watched this government propaganda. 1200 of which, believe and liked this government propaganda. This tells you only a small minority are ignorant enough to believe the BS spewed from your channel

  • wisegeorge365 on June 10, 2022

    Ivanka is in trouble and the ex-PINO has declared her a TINO for agreeing with the AGINO. Don't cha' knowknow.

  • Ronald Smithhart on June 10, 2022

    What a sham show trial reminiscent of the Stalinist Political Commissars during the Great Purge of the 1930s in the USSR and complete with the Ministry of Propaganda (MSM) selective editing, baseless charges, and full of just outright lies. But you know what the headline will be today? 8.6 inflation and gas at $5 a gallon Nationwide this scam will not work covering up the disasters of this Administration certainly not this show trial performed by Marx's Fools.

  • Paul on June 10, 2022

    Nancy Pelosi upended 234 years of precedent by vetoing the two Republicans picked by the House minority leader from serving on the committee! Why? Because she didn't want a traditional adversarial House hearing that allows BOTH sides to be able to ask questions! Here's what they would have asked: TRUMP AUTHORIZED THE CALLUP OF 20,000 NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS FOR THE DAY OF THE RALLY BUT NANCY PELOSI REJECTED THAT EVEN GOING AGAINST THE REQUEST FOR TROOPS FROM HER CAPITOL HILL POLICE CHIEF! WHY?! SHE LEFT THE CAPITOL VULNERABLE ON PURPOSE! WHY?! SO THE COMMITTEE IS A TOTAL FRAUD ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

  • Oppressed Speaker of truth on June 10, 2022

    2000 mules exposed this entire charade

  • Crackhead Hunter on June 10, 2022


  • CatalinaBlue on June 10, 2022

    "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun"….-Barack Obama

  • Francisco cantu on June 10, 2022

    What about Ray Epps ?

  • In this “impartial” tribunal where’s the:

    * contextualized footage of January 6th that challenges the desired narrative?

    * adversarial subpoenaed witnesses?

    * cross examination (Jim Jordan)?

    * phone records of the leaders of Democrat Party to MSM around the run up to the protest?

    The January 6th Committee Hearings aren’t interested in the whole truth. They’re just a made-for-television political witch-hunt. By the way, just in case you are still “taken” by this crap, look no further than Paul Pelosi’s dropped D.U.I. charges!

  • Charles Smith on June 10, 2022

    It was the third failed impeachment of Trump! The LIES outweighed the truth by far!!

  • J W on June 10, 2022

    Cheney the brave, real integrity is doing the right thing at a personal cost, when most people around you are hiding like cowards.

  • L. O. on June 10, 2022

    Donald Trump is a traitor and a menace to our Nation, he does not deserve
    to be called former President of the United States of America.

  • Rick Mahnn on June 10, 2022

    Both parties are at FAULT here. Not just one or the other.
    1 ) Donny should have NEVER held a "stop the steal" rally in the first place. Some people take things to the extreme, and well… they did.
    2 ) BLM mobs and riots were not being stopped in previous days. So everyone else thinks they should be an angry mob when they don't get their way.
    3 ) NOBODY mentions that they should have held an in-person Paper ballot election and hand counted the ballots. VS "voting machines" which COULD have been tampered with by Foreign Adversaries. So they could have done that and then NOBODY woulda had reason to believe there was fraud and they coulda squashed this issue before I turned into this.

  • T. R. Campbell on June 10, 2022

    This is nothing but a star chamber clown show.

  • My Perspective on June 10, 2022

    The people on this panel are the ones to vote out.

  • BRANDON on June 10, 2022

    lol… the first round of polling already shows that this is backfiring…go democrats 🤣🤣

  • NUNYA BIZ on June 10, 2022

    Should it be legal for the U.S. government to spend billions of dollars on propaganda designed to change public opinion in the United States? Should it be legal for the U.S. government to use television, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and Internet forums to conduct “psychological operations” targeted at the American public? The (2012) National Defense Authorization Act overturned the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987. Those two laws made it illegal for propaganda that is used to influence public opinion overseas to be targeted at U.S. citizens back here at home. The government now bombards us with propaganda messages on television, on the radio, in our newspapers and on the Internet and there's no requirement that those messages be true. In fact, just as happens so often overseas, the government purposely disseminates misinformation to the American public for the sake of “national security”.

  • Willys Best on June 10, 2022

    This kangaroo court hearing is scary if they can frame Trump for a crime twice, what could they do to us. Banana republics are started this way, ask a Venezuela citizen.

  • Saige Jones on June 10, 2022

    Enough of these discussions. You know he is GUILTY. If this was President Obama, he would be in jail by now with all the people who followed him. Why is it so difficult for Caucasians to put this traitor in jail?

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