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January 6th Committee Finds ‘Exceptionally Interesting and Important Documents’ ctm magazine

The January 6th Committee has now interviewed over 300 people. Committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney says she and her colleagues have unearthed, “exceptionally interesting and important documents” about Trump and his allies’ involvement in the insurrection. MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez speaks with three Washington insiders about the latest in the investigation. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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January 6th Committee Finds ‘Exceptionally Interesting and Important Documents’



  • Carole Boots on December 13, 2021

    When is this criminal president going to prison? Really!
    General Milley is on the right side of the law , thank you for your service 🇱🇷🇨🇦

  • Jennifer Bringman on December 13, 2021

    Just another dog and pony show! The rich and privileged never go to jail.

  • Raymond Huot on December 13, 2021

    And someone will say that this PowerPoint presentation was made by Antifa or democrats ….

  • A man Has no name on December 13, 2021

    The media fails us once again

  • Nancy currie on December 14, 2021

    Free Julian Assange 💛

  • ekhks on December 14, 2021

    What if meadows and trump plan this together? trump told meadows to take the fall for him. It is just my assumption, but trump is the type of person who would do something like that to get himself out of trouble.

  • KauzteK Gaming on December 14, 2021

    Ugh. What a giant waste of money

  • wily wascal on December 14, 2021

    Why hasn't Merrick Garland and his DOJ not yet arrested and charged Trump, Jeffery Clark, Mark Meadows, John Eastman and any other accomplices for their involvement in federal election interference and sedition??? WTF? How much more evidence is needed?

    18 U.S. Code § 595 – Interference by administrative employees of Federal, State, or Territorial Governments

    "Whoever, being a person employed in any administrative position by the United States, or by any department or agency thereof, or by the District of Columbia or any agency or instrumentality thereof, or by any State, Territory, or Possession of the United States, or any political subdivision, municipality, or agency thereof, or agency of such political subdivision or municipality (including any corporation owned or controlled by any State, Territory, or Possession of the United States or by any such political subdivision, municipality, or agency), in connection with any activity which is financed in whole or in part by loans or grants made by the United States, or any department or agency thereof, uses his official authority for the purpose of interfering with, or affecting, the nomination or the election of any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."

    Disqualification form Holding Office, U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment, Section 3.1.1

    "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any state, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof."

  • wily wascal on December 14, 2021

    "Without accountability, an attempted autogolpe or insurrection is just practice."

    "What happened on January 6 is the very definition of sedition." ~ Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

    Why has Traitor Trump not been charged yet by the DOJ? That's what a lot of people are wondering! Not just prosecution of Trump, but all his accomplices, too! Obstruction charges outlined in the Mueller Report, the Ukraine extortion racket, inciting an insurrection, sedition, and federal election interference. The evidence is all in plain sight, where are the indictments, the arrests? Our democracy hangs in the balance; this is no time to play nice, there is no time to waste! The DOJ shouldn't be worried about appearances, either, because it's a matter of impartially enforcing the law and not setting bad precedent that encourages future lawlessness and authoritarianism by the Executive Branch. And because justice matters.

  • wily wascal on December 14, 2021

    Merrick Garland: "Trump and Congressional Republicans screwed me out of a seat on the Supreme Court…that's why now as AG I can't prosecute them for the many crimes they've committed!"

    Merrick Garland’s House Testimony Demonstrated the Failure of His Hyper-Cautious Approach to His Job

    Despite Garland’s many efforts to not appear political by declining to investigate Trump and his cronies for possible crimes and by using DOJ resources to actively protect Trump from civil liability, Republicans are still portraying him as the most political attorney general in history.

    The other weakness of Garland’s timid approach was on full view during his opening statement and responses to Democratic members of Congress. “The essence of the rule of law is that like cases are treated alike. That there not be one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans; one rule for friends, another for foes,” Garland stated grandly. But by declining to investigate Trump and his associates, Garland is enabling further attacks on our democracy. (While proving inequity by putting Republicans above the law.)

    Crucially, the two parties are not the same. Garland’s standard sets up a false equivalency between the Democratic Party and a political party whose national leader, Donald Trump, incited and celebrated a violent assault on our nation’s Capitol to overthrow the results of a free and fair election and who continues to portray the insurrection as a glorious “protest.” To that end, in the middle of the attorney general’s testimony, Trump issued a statement highlighting Garland’s feebleness at failing to even investigate the organizers and leaders of the Jan. 6 events, declaring “the insurrection took place on November 3, Election Day. January 6 was the Protest!”

    Garland’s efforts to depoliticize the DOJ have proved to be an abdication of his responsibility to protect the rule of law. Take just a few examples: Garland’s failure to reconsider the obstruction of justice case against the former president, his deferral of an investigation of possible financial crimes by Trump and his organization to local prosecutors in New York City and Westchester, his use of the DOJ to protect Trump from defamation allegations, and his deferral of a soliciting of voter fraud felony probe in Georgia to local prosecutors there. By abdicating his responsibility, Garland is also opening the door for Trump to commit these possibly criminal abuses all over again, this time with the full support of the Republican Party, and maybe ultimately return to power.

    –Mark Stern

    "Try as he may, Merrick Garland cannot perform boring independence fast enough to outrun GOP claims that he’s a wild-eyed, violent socialist. And while the GOP currently exists only to cast everything you thought you believed into doubt, the real endgame is vigilantism. The endgame is to ensure that people mistrust government, election systems, school boards, (teachers, health care officials) the media, and the justice system enough to lend a hand in their destruction."

    –Dahlia Lithwick

  • wily wascal on December 14, 2021

    Insane stuff from an insane man, that describes Traitor Trump to a "T." What it constitutes is an attempted coup and an insurrection. So, why hasn't Trump and his accomplices been arrested for those and all his other crimes, yet? Why is Merrick Garland and his DOJ failing to do their duty? If Trump is not prosecuted, it sets a terrible precedent enabling the next wannabe authoritarian President. This is no time for playing nice.

    Expect these documents from the National Security Archives to produce even more incriminating evidence of Traitor Trump's autogolpe. Also expect the House Select Committee to pass them on to the DOJ, along with a referral for criminal charges against Trump and his accomplices. Merrick Garland MUST prosecute Trump for his many crimes, or our justice system and democracy will be destroyed.

  • FixIt on December 14, 2021

    I believe, that all of this is just a smoke screen and will go the way of the Meuller show, we have yet to see that unredacted script, it appears that Garland is going to let the clock run out, to when the Republicans take Congress in2022 and put Trump back in the White House all of this will be destroyed along with the impeachments.

  • Charles Cowart Music Artist. on December 14, 2021

    Stuck on stupid democrats

  • Charles Cowart Music Artist. on December 14, 2021

    I told I was shot in the back just speaking up for Trump by democrats

  • Charles Cowart Music Artist. on December 14, 2021

    You have declared War

  • Charles Cowart Music Artist. on December 14, 2021

    I except

  • Guillermo Cruz on December 14, 2021

    I'm I the only person who is tired of watching Teflon Trump getting away with everything? When will be enough America deserves better. They need to hold him accountable and set an example out of him and the Republicans who help him to get away with it. This cannot happen ever again
    America Democracy is dying

  • glen lapwing on December 14, 2021

    I cannot wait for the public hearings to start next year, seeing all those republicans squirm in their seats will be epic!

  • robert muraco on December 14, 2021

    A "Banana Republic" Plan to steal the election, often referred to as a Coup is EXACTLY what these treasonous, traitor Trump enablers had in mind for the USA – time to bring back the "old" punishment for treason, where the perpetrators are "hung, drawn, and quartered" for Trump & Co., to reduce the potential for this type of thing ever happening again…

  • Duncan Read on December 14, 2021

    The coup d'etat plan required republicans to collaborate with at least one militia group to assist them in taking & maybe executing hostages. This would be the pretext for trump to declare a national emergency & send in his Generals to shut everything down while he declared the election invalid. Fortunately the militia morons werent competent and the capitol police put up a greater than expected fight, so trump waited…. & waited, & waited, but his hostage trigger was never reached.

  • Duncan Read on December 14, 2021

    Republicans to militia group…….dont forget the cable ties. Trump wants hostages so he can call a national emergency and invalidate the election on national security grounds. Half the capitol police have been stood down, and the national guard have been ordered only to protect rioters, so you shouldnt have a problem rounding up Pence, Pelosi etc. This is the dialog everyone knows occurred. It wont be documented. Maybe ask the guys who had the cable ties and firearms.

  • let's go Brandon on December 14, 2021

    Patriot Bash Jan 6th at the Capital BYOB pass it on

  • Kat Lopez on December 15, 2021

    Not to GOP! They only find interesting the INSURRECTIONIST

  • Jenny on December 15, 2021

    L they’ve just done is prove there wasn’t an insurrection plan and they were as distressed as everyone else!!

  • Ssad Mo on December 15, 2021

    Just because some persons urge something about you while you are not present, would it make you guilt? They ignore the real serious questions here: Why did Pelosi refuse Trump's offer to enforce the Capitol Hill by national guard? Who ordered the Capitol Hill policemen to open the bar and actively let in the protectors? Sit back and think about that. We are seeing on-going witch-hunt to cover up their own unspeakable act. What a Deja Vu of 'Russia Gate' to cover up Biden's 'Ukraine Gate'.

  • T airdudeusa on December 15, 2021

    Donald Trump's crimes carry the death penalty, and he should get it. All members of the Trump Clown Party in our Congress should be removed immediately, expelled now!!! Including and not limited to Kevin McCarthy, who has been aiding and abetting this Criminal. If we need to build new jails to house our Congress men and women, we will! Let construction begin now!

  • Elaine McCarty on December 15, 2021

    “It’s dangerous for members to circulate any proposals especially when there is tenuously legitimate privilege.” 🤡

  • Richard Ramier on December 15, 2021


  • Thomas Paul on December 15, 2021


  • Frank Rizzo on December 15, 2021

    All lies capital police are to blame not Trump

  • Erick Johnson on December 15, 2021

    The president's job is not to remain in office. Of course expecting the liar in chief to pay attention to an oath( for instance a little thing like protecting and defending the constitution) is something to mouth and then ignore.

  • xl on December 15, 2021

    I want to know if they used Comic Sans MS all over in the PowerPoint document.

  • Bryan Buhrman on December 15, 2021

    STOP WASTING TAX PAYER MONEY ON THESE WITCH HUNTS!!! You aholes are so scared of Trump it's comical! Hahahahaha!!!

  • Amiens Arabellis on December 15, 2021

    Will the rule of law win out over fanaticism?

  • Cia P. on December 16, 2021

    All this corruption makes me wonder if Hillary Clinton really "lost" the 2016 election. No extensive recounts were done. Trump was not the expected winner. Trump was in Russia's pocket. Trump was the "never meant to be fluke President". The more news that comes to light the more we see how corrupt and desperate these Republican crooks were AND still are to stay in power!! They cannot be trusted to serve in any capacity. They needed to be better vetted and removed when crimes are brought to light. We turned over the
    rock and the bugs went scrambling. Time to clean out the vermin.

  • Anita Gorr on December 16, 2021

    Donald Trump in his narcissist, delusional, entitled mind thought once he got in there. He would be King Trump and we wouldn't have the rights to vote anyone. So he's staying…Only in his delusional mind he believed he could pull this off …WRONG Chump Trump…America FIRED your butt…Sent this FRAUD to jail where he belongs…BIDEN clean house at The Capitol. Get rid of the Traitors and Treasonous Senate and Congress that aided, supported, and assisted Trump in his insurrection attempt..These Senate breached Laws, Rules, Policies, Oath's, Ethics,….they made that choice to chose Law over Lawlessness…and made the choices to violate laws and even voted against upholding those laws… Their choices endangered citizens and how many people lost their lives on Jan.6th…Who is responsible for their deaths??? People need to be held accountable for their actions and chooses..Accountability and Law does not exclude the rich, entitled…So WHY…haven't these traitors at least been removed, or order to resign or fired. It's like letting the bank robber work at the bank..These Senators loyalty was Trump NOT…Our Government and Democracy…How can they be allowed to now assume their Senate seats like nothing happened??? They have LOST their Rights to be there ..President Biden and VP Harris. I voted for you…But you both FAIL you have had the power to order, mandate, Trump's arrest NO WHY?? He tried, attempted, and failed at a ACTUAL I Turned to Civil Domestic Terrorist and am going to overthrow your Government and it's democracy..Where is Supreme Court, Congress, DOJ, if this was handled right .Trump should have been arrested the minute he walked out of the White House no longer President ..Then Biden should have removed any other Government Senate, Congress, Personnel, that aided, assisted, or supported Trump ..By doing so many of these people would lose their rights or eligiblity to work for the white House or government EVER again..That would also deny Trump the right to buy his way in again….If any votes needed to be recounted….those Electorial Votes that got Trump there in the first place ..The People elected Hillary NOT chump Trump ..Peace All .Merry Christmas

  • Angela Matson on December 16, 2021

    Wondering if previous Presidents could be part of special committee investing Trump's presidency.
    It would seem they wouldn't have a dog in the fight as far as re election or keeping a consrectional seat?

  • James Craft on December 16, 2021

    This is sedition and it should be punished. If Meadows was encouraging him, he should be in prison, too. Add Trump to that list–it is his childish tantrum is the underlying cause.

  • PhilLesh69 on December 16, 2021

    There was (or maybe still is) a guy posting on the Washington Post website with all kinds of crazy Trump stuff whose username was "30yrColonel" or something like that. It would be hilarious if they connect that user account (and I'm sure others on The Hill, Politico, etc) to this guy. He was talking like he knew somebody on the inside. Stuff he would post in a comment would be reported or leaked a few days later in actual news articles.

  • Konrad Stimson on December 16, 2021

    Not even Cheney trusts or believes Cheney- she must be snorting crap like it's crack

  • Jam O on December 17, 2021

    all bs. can we see the 14 thousand hours of video??

  • Spots Corner on December 17, 2021

    For the Trump supporting Russian trolls.
    Free Alexei Navalny

  • Adam Smith on December 18, 2021


  • Michael Pearson on December 18, 2021

    Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is a size L Autographed "LET'S GO BRANDON!"
    T-Shirt please!
    I've been a really good boy this year!
    P.S. My Butt's been wiped

  • Shannon Jacobs on December 20, 2021

    My goodness, those YouTube ads are offensive and irrelevant. So how does the EVIL google profit?

  • the patriot on December 20, 2021

    What a farce !!!!!! Is this justice ???? It's a fking joke !!!!!! OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK !!!!! 🤬

  • Billy Pardew on December 26, 2021

    Exceptionally interesting and important LOL what a fake shitshow

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