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King Charles Gives First Speech Since Queen Elizabeth’s Death ctm magazine

King Charles III publicly addressed the world for the first time since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The former Prince of Wales, who will officially be named the new sovereign king on Saturday, spoke about his late mother’s legacy and acknowledged the ‘profound sorrow’ both he and his family are feeling in the wake of her death.

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  • Mad Wisdom on September 10, 2022

    UK's Queen the Divorcée adulteress mistress Camilla.
    An Australian man (Simon Dorante-Day, from Queensland) says he is the hidden lovechild of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla. He is Prince Charles' first-born child.

  • Wangari Irungu on September 10, 2022

    What a wonderful speech, despite the obvious difficulty the King is undergoing. Rest in eternal peace Queen Elizabeth II and you remain a symbol of strength for rising to the throne at such an early age and defending your family and the monarch for over seven decades. You did well Queen Elizabeth II and especially for raising such a lovely family. God bless you King Charleston as you take up the throne. God is with you and thank you for this lovely speech. Prayers from Nairobi 🇰🇪🙏✨

  • Delilah Deroboam on September 10, 2022

    Well done king Charles …long live the king 👑

  • Chris McCartney on September 10, 2022

    I'm a supporters at this moment of Charles for you are told at Birth you will be king so be ready and then wait over 70 years and as your mother's they turn and say OK 30 seconds later after queens death you are told You're On your are now King Charles 3rd, at a time you may wished to actually have a time to reflect on your loss..

  • Andreya Wryght on September 10, 2022

    He didn't even get a fewv days to mourn the loss, it's really sad to see him so sad, I'm not into the royals but admired the Queen so much, she will be missed .

  • Cheryl Carpenter on September 10, 2022

    For his first address he did wonderful.

  • IshtarBabylon🦉 on September 10, 2022

    With that disgusting Camilla parks her bowels .. people forget what he did to Diana? Yet you all spew hate for MM and Harry??? Piss off!

  • IshtarBabylon🦉 on September 10, 2022

    Remember this man dumped and tortured Diana for that ugly man stealing crone !!

  • IshtarBabylon🦉 on September 10, 2022

    She also drank loads of adrenochrome

  • IshtarBabylon🦉 on September 10, 2022

    All I can think of is Diana

  • IshtarBabylon🦉 on September 10, 2022

    Yeah the same Queen who had Diana murdered

  • StarBori on September 10, 2022

    A monarchy is ridiculous

  • liz Damião on September 10, 2022

    Those last seconds😥 hard to keep in those emotions…. devastating to lose both parents in such a short span of time, she certainly died of a broken heart…. RIP Queen Elizabeth🙏

  • nishanthi peiris on September 10, 2022

    I hope King Charles finds the strength and support from all his family and people during these extremely difficult times in the world.

  • Gina Toussaint on September 10, 2022

    He's an hypocrite father.

  • Denmark Buenaventura on September 10, 2022

    Losing a mother is too painful to bear…

  • SuperRiya16 on September 10, 2022

    Truly a sad moment for all … She indeed lived a good life.. May her soul RIP ❤️🙏🏼 Amen
    He has delivered a heartfelt message

  • SuperRiya16 on September 10, 2022

    God save the king 👑

  • Claudia Ojeda on September 10, 2022

    Que triste despide madre y proclaman rey .emociones encontradas

  • K N on September 10, 2022

    One thing that bugs me is the fact that she would rather die as a queen then to witness her son thriving as a king when she was still alive.

  • Old Git on September 10, 2022

    Does that mean big ears will be on all the bank notes now?

  • luningning largo on September 10, 2022

    I am not a fan of Prince Charles now a King because of what happened to the late Princess Lady Diana, but I admired him for the love to his children Prince William & Prince Harry especially when he mentioned Prince Harry who continue to build his life overseas which I think upon listening to his speech showed fatherly love & respect for his son’s decision and the love he felt to his parents.

  • The Vinny Demme Portfolio on September 10, 2022

    For 49% of world history since 1 AD, the year Jesus Christ was born, English kings have ruled. That is 994 years, almost a millenium. Kings of England have caused major impacts on the world in ways that altered world history forever.

    And yet, this is the very first time a King of England's voice has been recorded, and this many people have actually heard it.

  • Judy Beals on September 10, 2022

    Bring on William and Kate. God save the queen.

  • Pebbles Isinglish on September 10, 2022

    My heart goes out to the Royals. Queen Elizabeth is all I have ever known. I feel like I lost a family member, & hope King Charles & successors will do her proud.

  • Judith Sakala on September 10, 2022

    May her Majesty sleep peacefully to eternity.
    Amen 🙏🏾

  • User Hello on September 10, 2022

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  • Shadow's Russ on September 10, 2022

    OMG, what a heartfelt and beautiful tribute to a beautiful queen and mother. Charles has been in the background for so long, he rarely had the opportunity to be so expressive. God bless the Queen. Long live the King.

  • Latina_17 on September 10, 2022

    Queen Elizabeth ll, loved the people of Britain 🇬🇧 she was a strong willed woman who won the respect of many around the world.
    My deepest condolences to The Royal Family 🙏🏼🇺🇸

  • Alexandrareginaamina Alexandra on September 10, 2022

    I'm grateful to You for acknowledging my presence and influence, May you reign long and in peace 115A.A

  • Mum Somaliya on September 10, 2022

    Rip her majesty

  • Mark Fiorello on September 10, 2022

    The Queen Elizabeth was the sign of piece when we had WW II and Cold War ended as well. As she has passed away, the new king and the new era begins- the sign of WW 3.

  • Young Dedicated & Proper on September 10, 2022