After watching godzilla x kong, this will be the best movie to watch in cinema 📸

  • @TheFMHatter1986 on May 2, 2024

    As much as the vfx weren't as good as they were from the last movie, I still think this will start a new epic trilogy only 8 days to go and Proximus Ceaser will be best bad guy in the franchise since Koba

  • @rikkygaming6240 on May 2, 2024

    CGI is terrible

  • @bossaiednac94 on May 2, 2024

    Brutes from HALO

  • @user-ef2iw8mf3b on May 2, 2024

    قاعدين يبكون اهلي

  • @sigurd7862 on May 2, 2024

    One of the few movies that made cheer for the "other side" and not the humans.

  • @MrXilema1 on May 3, 2024

    Return to monke

  • @alexdalton2473 on May 3, 2024

    It's just a cash grab

  • @jorgediaz4863 on May 3, 2024

    This not version IMAX???? Doesn't the imax version have black stripes? that is a version 16.9

  • @nicolasperazzi5123 on May 3, 2024

    Da vedere. Amo la saga!

  • @zakoid1 on May 3, 2024

    Had only heard about this and didn't know it was coming out so soon… not sure how to feel about it yet but I'll definitely give it a chance as I loved the trilogy

  • Amazing

  • @user-db5xd2et7o on May 3, 2024

    I love this movie ❤

  • @alexmacias762 on May 4, 2024

    horrible, these things are becoming never ending trilogies. Next year its gonna be, "Rise of the lost of the kingdom of the downfall of the uprising planet of the apes."

  • @thiagobaptista5004 on May 4, 2024

    For sure, It Will be a blockbuster !!!

  • @Django27853 on May 4, 2024

    It's like a movie, not a trailer. It's very detailed

  • @rightplaceeverything464 on May 5, 2024

    After everything that’s happened, and we’re still making a movie about saving a pretty white girl. . .

  • @therealpapicam on May 6, 2024

    2:52 … chills

  • @_phive_7601 on May 6, 2024

    Why so much CGI??

  • @lydiagibson7527 on May 6, 2024

    how is the CGI worse now

  • @williambearden863 on May 8, 2024

    No Cornelius or the little white gurl no Maurice where everyone at? They was doing good with the story line up till now

  • @ChoppaManDown on May 9, 2024

    Just watched it, pretty decent.

  • Anonymous on May 9, 2024

    I am seeing this movie. I am really looking forward to seeing this. I like it when he says the law is wrong.💙🇺🇸

  • @cnjetixnicktoonsenjoyer2002 on May 9, 2024

    Ngl, when I first heard Silva's quotes in this trailer like "Spread out." or "I smell you!"?
    I recognized it and found out it was Eka Darville when I also looked up who voiced him too.

    I usually known Eka for his Role as Scott,The Red RPM Ranger from Power Rangers RPM 🙂

  • @GeoAce777 on May 9, 2024

    I rank Kimgdom 7 or 8 of the 10 films

  • @jonahbenisrael4602 on May 10, 2024

    Apes Must Continue To Hunt Humans, That is the Law!

  • @shriwelcomesu on May 10, 2024

    Just saw the movie it’s worth watching on IMAX ❤️

  • @bjork4613 on May 11, 2024

    Too bad, Jonathan majors was not becoming on of the apes on this movie. I believe he could play much with those monkeys and choose what klan he wanted to be.

  • @zv3456u- on May 11, 2024

    Disney 20th century f0x Kingdom Of the apes 2024
    2 hours 25 minutes
    Budget $165M

    A sequel CGI live action

  • @OneBIGGStep on May 11, 2024

    Slept midway thru. Boring movie. 2011 Caesar vs. Koba was way better!

  • @user-hz8yt2ob3g on May 12, 2024

    ผมเพิ่งดูหนังในโรงจบเมื่อกี้ หนังดีมากคับหนังเล่าเรื่องได้ดีมากๆอ่ะ ทำออกมาคือครบทั้งตัวละครของวานรที่ดีมาก ผมให้ 10/10 คับ จะรอดูภาคต่อนะคับ❤

  • @Mehan-dt7pp on May 12, 2024

    Who miss Cesar . Gonna watch this master piece.

  • @Hokunin on May 12, 2024

    How apes could become smarter if their brain is small – its kinda disbelief factor

  • @nowworry1894 on May 16, 2024

    It’s like Putin a Russia aggression against Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦✌🏻💙💛

  • @muhammadihwanudin712 on May 18, 2024

    The first season is still rhe best.

  • @felicitytoad on May 23, 2024


  • @Spikezzz_memer on May 25, 2024


  • @athansky25 on May 25, 2024

    Imperium of the Planet of the Apes. Caesar Memorial should be erected in his honor like General Thade.

  • @user-qs3ge5yx5u on May 27, 2024

    Very nice movie

  • @imohbalu on May 28, 2024

    😂 So the hero is White women or white man ?

  • @freddybonilla2472 on May 28, 2024

    Gorillas In Planet Of The Apes
    Buck, Luca, Winter, Red Donkey, Sylva,

  • @tomaskrisko2489 on May 29, 2024

    I fell a sleep in cinema so boring. Trust me.

  • @sarahbaartmansrevenge on May 30, 2024

    of course the white woman is “smarter than most” … 😑🙄😑🙄

  • @nathanchong7731 on May 31, 2024

    I love this song the most 😊❤😊❤