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LA92 Panel – Live | National Geographic ctm magazine

As a companion to the documentary LA 92, National Geographic convenes a diverse, influential panel for an evening of reflection, discussion and action on ending systemic racism in America.

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National Geographic



  • Violet Love on June 8, 2020

    The color of our skin doesn't define us. We all bleed just the same because we are all human

  • Sandra Shevel on June 8, 2020

    Smart Elder who worked hard, telling the truth.

  • Weezy Peezy on June 8, 2020

    God bless rooftop Koreans

  • //Æsthetɨc ɱɨɴd// on June 8, 2020

    Thanks NATGEO.

  • N B on June 8, 2020

    I wonder if we had the same surveillance in 1992? If people would riot and protest in different states/ countries. Cause this didnt make world wide news. But Floyd has been world wide

  • Gabriela González on June 8, 2020

    It’s hard to watch omg!! 💔

  • syed ali on June 8, 2020

    Thank you to the staff at National geographic. This was an informative documentary.

  • Badeth Reyes on June 8, 2020

    history repeat itself..and seems no one learned a lesson from the past…It makes me question why? and why? no one learned the mistake before…I hope this year they will make it right…Praying for PEACE.

  • Mr Ceri J Fisher Imdb on June 9, 2020

    Lovely orchestral introduction, but not much content ?

  • Ilyas للحمام on June 9, 2020

    المرجو دعم قناة

  • Jared Paul on June 10, 2020

    Watching reel film like this it's eye opener. Why america is the example of "racial discrimenation in the world.. so BAD and so WRONG 😭😭 😠


  • Earth girl 地球女孩 on June 10, 2020

    Jane ❤️

  • Mitali R G on June 12, 2020

    Oh my god… I felt so bad about these people that definately injustice is done with them…I always have sympathy about these people….but on the other side I am totally devasted by the violence.. It makes me sad…
    But ofcourse "Black Lives Matter"

  • Sheriff Hortixoon on June 15, 2020

    Lefties! wake up n' smell the 'coffee', LOOK at the crime stats and just get real with the truth.

  • Liz Power on June 15, 2020

    The American public is highly underexposed to World Wide Racist Brutality. We are a Blessed Nation in that we can Stand up and Cause Change. At least for now. Socialism will END even the opportunity to Cause Change.

  • S Dv on June 16, 2020


  • A Frank on June 19, 2020

    I remember this. The cops being acquitted was beyond insulting. The brutal, senseless beating was the first evidence of them being out of control. The courts that acquitted the officers was the second evidence o the government not being reliable. This combined caused the uproar of riots throughout the USA.

  • Shashwat Kashyap on June 20, 2020

    Ya, a real eya opener, why America is such discriminant country

  • Our Beauty Matters on June 23, 2020

    Jamal Simmons and Jane Elliot. 💯

  • Cem Celen on July 5, 2020

    amazing horrible

    and humanity has not been able to travel an inch in 2020 today …

    thank u again

  • Jason Hay on July 28, 2020

    Judge Joyce Karlin is another FRAUD

  • Jason Hay on July 28, 2020

    This is why America is burning today

  • Frank on September 4, 2020

    Justified Roof Koreans

  • Hortensia Ortega on October 10, 2020

    Muy interesante

  • Rithik Narayn on October 29, 2020

    is it the full movie? or some extras to the documentry?

  • Cyrus Grezola on November 27, 2020

    I'm now convinced that "Police brutality" is a mandatory response for these rioters that live in the world.

  • Matthew Owens on March 9, 2021

    1:10:40 OG Karen V1

  • Matthew Owens on March 9, 2021

    1:14:22 Summary of what MAGA means.

  • GiveMeMyCheese523 on May 23, 2021

    The Korean shootout is my favorite part for some reason it's just sad

  • Adrian Uritescu on May 31, 2021
  • chronic craftsman on July 10, 2021

    The best bit of this documentary is when the Korean guys get their weapons out, they were out to protect their livelihood. And it’s only right because they didn’t do nothing wrong.

  • 林哲宇 on July 17, 2021

    When you saw the black owner crying because of his lost. You will know that somebody joined this riot aren't for their rights or justice,but for the greed.

  • Nigel1048 on July 28, 2021

    Black Americans must be the people whose patience has been the most tested in history.

  • hazmat unit on August 29, 2021

    It's so sad how they said they were rioting for Rodney King, yet he never wanted any of this.

  • Kelvin Canady on December 24, 2021

    No justice, no peace.

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