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Las Vegas Police Officer Killed By Beam Falling On Car ctm magazine

A Las Vegas police officer was killed after a steel early warning beam fell on his car while driving on a highway.

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  • Dan on June 11, 2022

    He chose the road death traveled.

  • Chad Wilson on June 11, 2022

    WOW that's some final destination type crap

  • lets gooo

  • Jaz And Jaxk on June 11, 2022

    There Must Be A Dark Secret Behind The Life He Lived Other Than Being A Cop.

  • Strada21 on June 11, 2022

    That was not an early warning beam or it didn't work anyway,, rip ..

  • Nate La on June 11, 2022

    Talked about getting beamed..

  • LongRange* on June 11, 2022

    Awesome work guys! Another domestic terrorist taken out

  • Bitcoin Constitutionalist on June 11, 2022

    2 words would have saved that cop's life: space cushion

  • TERPWIZARD⁴²⁰ on June 11, 2022

    Oh no that poor guy and his family no one deserves that at all jeez that's sad 😞

  • keith Jackson on June 11, 2022

    That sucks.

  • New River Audits (NRV AUDITS) on June 11, 2022

    One less pig on the streets yaaaaaayyy

  • OURLOVE144 on June 11, 2022

    Jesus. Poor man.🙏🏽

  • Everything Videos on June 11, 2022

    To bad it’s life.

  • Maple Leaf on June 11, 2022

    Someone is going to pay.

  • Chintala lokesh on June 11, 2022


  • A HUMAN BEAN on June 11, 2022

    No loss there.

  • Ian Weetman on June 11, 2022

    Terrifying and heartbreaking! My condolences to all those affected by this bizarre and random death!

  • ALI ALI on June 11, 2022

    A thousand ways to die I guess. Wow

  • RocKnight on June 11, 2022

    "He knew what he was getting himself into when he joined the force"
    – DonaldTrump

  • slapuinpublic on June 11, 2022

    When being corrupt has its flaws. Karma, everything happens for a reason

  • Steve Wolf on June 11, 2022

    THAT Looks Like a makeSHIFT HIGHT Restriction Checkpoint there or Something or Other, does it Not?

    Looks like a Total Failure to Me?

  • Alfonso Flores on June 11, 2022

    When you got to go, the old man is down the road and nobody is perfect in this world we are all sinner's in eyes of the lord

  • Stormy Natero on June 11, 2022


  • jjktng on June 11, 2022

    final destination 6

  • DOOMSDAYISNEAR2 on June 11, 2022

    When Judgement Is Executed there’s no Running from it

  • Michael Marin on June 11, 2022

    Man, it fell right on the drivers seat.

  • fred malcom on June 11, 2022

    News Alert – Trump Condones Lynching ?

    stop the violence by arresting Trump and his leadership team!

    Proud Boys Leader Henry “Enrique” Tarrio is arrested for seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boys – Pezzola arrested for seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boys – Ethan Nordean, of Seattle, arrested for seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boys – Joe Biggs, of the Daytona Beach area arrested for seditious conspiracy
    Proud Boys – Zachary Rehl, of Philadelphia arrested for seditious conspiracy

    Peter Navarrow Arrested, Guilty and Indicted!
    Steve Bannon Arrested, Guilty and Indicted!

    Mark Meadows Guilty and Contempt
    Dan Scavino Guilty and Contempt
    Civil Contempt For Trump Is Pending
    Civil lawsuits For Trump Are Pending
    Jail Time For Trump Is Coming: he stole white house documents and gifts to America from foreign officials. oh and he is the insurrection leader

    Now you know what the future with Trumpism will continue to be like !! More mass shooting will happen if DOJ Garland doesnt arrest all top Trumpists.

    No person is above the law! Listen to former DOJ Eric Holder, you can and need to prosecute Trump.

    since January 6 2021 not one single Republican lawmaker has been held accountable for their insurrection actions. they will win re-election if not arrested and they will cause more chaos and mass shootings. Put an end to the evil Trumpist Republicans and support the good Republicans and good democrats.

    DOJ Garland is ending democracy by not prosecuting all top Trumpists.

    MAGA Trumpists are ramping up their war machine to lie about their insurrection! Dont believe the lies!


    More Very Disturbing Trends –

    1 Law enforcement has NO OBLIGATION TO HELP ANYONE

    2 Law enforcement cant be prosecuted for Not doing their jobs

    3 Law enforcement can legally lie unless they are under oath at that moment; their oath is meaningless

    4 The District Attorney will side with the cops almost always

    This is just normal Trumpist behavior.

    Texas Shooting Coverup …..over 18 armed evil trumpist c o p s had over 11,000 live rounds of ammo and they waited. and waited…..while people were being killed. it took the border patrol to take out the shooter…. how sad is that?

    when will these evil trumpist cops be fired and arrested? they wont because they have qualified immunity!

    nothing will happen to these evil trumpist people unless the locals keep up the pressure and the cops and politicians involved leave!

    Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.

    Proverbs 10:9, NI

  • Mike Raffphone on June 11, 2022

    people die daily, so what

  • Aeron Jones on June 11, 2022

    "that'll do pig, that'll do"

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