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Lawmaker compares Trump rhetoric to 'third world baloney' ctm magazine

CNN’s Jim Acosta talks to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) about Donald Trump’s recent pledge that Capitol rioters could get pardons if he wins in 2024 and other problematic comments from the former President’s recent rally. #CNN #News



  • B ran on January 31, 2022

    You have trouble with telling the truth so here ya go: https://youtu.be/af4l5rYU2F0

  • Candy Leonard on January 31, 2022

    Please no more clips – his voice is sickening

  • Rice Yadnap on January 31, 2022

    Are we saying our other politicians do not rise to the same level? Biden is the king of third world baloney

  • Stiv Seagall on January 31, 2022

    Well spoken

  • Julio Suarez on January 31, 2022

    come to new york fool

  • John Prendergast on January 31, 2022

    "Leaky Leahy's" talking with probably pant less CNN Acosta ….Trump owns these 2 bird brains with the truth …

  • Abe and Audrey Abrahamsen on January 31, 2022

    and Ill be ther with you–

  • Scott on January 31, 2022


  • B. on January 31, 2022

    This is what happens when our government is too gutless to stop this BS as soon as it starts.

  • Ernie H on January 31, 2022

    wow u can tell this is a CNN sponsored video

  • Live&letLive on January 31, 2022

    Lock him up!

  • Carlos _ on January 31, 2022

    We are against you CNN for you are against us!

  • wattsup1004 on January 31, 2022

    It's too bad Acosta has some real comprehension issues stemming back to his youth or I'd make fun of him.
    As for Leahy, he's so out of touch with present reality we'll just let nature burn out his flame.
    All in all they'd make a good couple. Shlirp and Coma.

  • Chen Alex Yee on January 31, 2022

    How can this happen.trump is threathening the law

  • chip looper on January 31, 2022

    Thank you!

  • paulette barrow on January 31, 2022


  • Cultureal on January 31, 2022

    am sick of DOJ and Merrick Garland failing Americans by not locking trump up already

  • Jack H on January 31, 2022

    Trump is nothing but a phony and master manipulator.
    He could care less about his “followers”. Wake the hell up Trumpers!

  • Sylvia Welman on January 31, 2022

    Where is the DHS and DOJ!!! He is saying it out loud!! Inciting a civil war WTH!!

  • Walt G Zerod on January 31, 2022

    And of course, Donald is the arbitrator over what is "Illegal" so, in the event AG Merrick Garland, decides to DO HIS JOB & arrest The Donald, he will scream "ILLEGAL!!" & THAT is their cue to riot!! Or worse!!

  • Jackson Felner on January 31, 2022

    Trump is right! This is fake news!

  • Walt G Zerod on January 31, 2022

    This is what the Senators say NOW. Wait till they need funds!!

  • tooslow01 on January 31, 2022

    Inciter in chief better than poop in chief.

  • ryan selleck on January 31, 2022

    I love how cnn reports pro democrat news and not both sides. So focused on trump and not all the crises the dems have put us in.

  • Sandy Ruch on January 31, 2022

    That's how he got in office. Corrupt!

  • Carol Hafer on January 31, 2022

    why can't we lock *rump up.? He needs the book throwed at him. I pray it happens much sooner than later. And the press needs to airing some of this crap and just record it and save it. By airing all his nonsense you are just fanning the flames and throwing wood to *rumps ego.

  • Frank Ferris on January 31, 2022

    I want to know when Leahy is going to INDICT Kavanugh for the Perjury he committed at his confirmation hearings. Regarding Leahy's email's that were stolen by Kavanugh 's agent in 2005 . His own emails proved he knew it was stolen and he admitted to it under oath That is commiting a crime knowingly and then when caught admitted it . NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

  • T. Cheeze on January 31, 2022


  • Chris Cordoba on January 31, 2022

    Go back to reporting in person lol But dont bring back CHRIS CUOMO either lol

  • T. Cheeze on January 31, 2022

    I'm sure he shook Biden and Garland pretty good!!!!!

  • gabe687 on January 31, 2022

    They miss the point or like to play stupid, Mitch will block anybody and everybody no matter what. And Trump keeps doing his thing because he's allowed to do so. This concept of hypocrisy or fairness doesn't even come into the discussion…

  • G. M. Fordham on January 31, 2022

    Two bit dictator… yeah he's known for being cheap

  • greg mcgee on January 31, 2022

    I think you Democrat's boy Biden must be full of Baloney. The last I saw he had a 38% approval rating. That's pretty bad when he had all the media, Hollywood, F.B. and Twitter covering for him.

  • Bob Gulrajani on January 31, 2022

    Trump needs to keep his big mouth shut and not comment on pending cases which could result in mistrials!

  • Enrique Sepulveda on January 31, 2022

    I can't believe he said he will Release the Proud boys if he gets Elected 2024 and try again Another Banana Republic American Coup ( is he Ok in the brain 🧠??? Another Terrorist attack Like Senator Ted Cruz predicted ?

  • Dan Engelking on January 31, 2022

    This pos needs to disappear. Cnn sucks!

  • Susie Eshel on January 31, 2022

    Who's paying for these rallies?

  • Rob-Time on January 31, 2022

    Trump wants to be a King. He is offering pardons to his loyalists (even though his 'promises' are completely hollow), what would he do to those who aren't loyal? It's not a stretch to consider the extent to which he would punish those against him. This is a man who condoned putting children in cages for god sake!

  • deker095 on January 31, 2022

    Sen. Leaky

  • Queen Melita on January 31, 2022

    Why we allowing this to happen is nit but troubled,, we are done of this kind of stupid nonsense,,, .

  • Romany Rose on January 31, 2022

    No one believes any of you anymore

  • mnumzane Madoda on January 31, 2022

    Biden has turned the USA into a third world country. Acosta …. remember the days when people used to watch you/CNN. Not even Trump's return will improve your ratings.

  • antonio sanchez on January 31, 2022

    He is correct, our elections are corrupted. We can see all those Republicans that played along trying to delay the certification in Congress, we can also see what Republicans did trying to impose fake electors.

  • Alex Green on January 31, 2022


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