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LIVE: UN Security Council to discuss Russian military forces on Ukraine’s border ctm magazine

#US #Russia #UN
United States has requested an open meeting of the United Nations Security Council to discuss Russian military forces on Ukraine’s borders with Russia and Belarus. The meeting will be held one day before Russia is to take over the rotating monthly presidency from Norway.

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  • KRUSHNA BOBADE on January 31, 2022


  • David Araiza on January 31, 2022

    Freaking fake news the media is trying to start a. Conflict stop this now

  • Jonathan N on January 31, 2022

    so it was just a prank lol? 😀

  • Aleksandr Smith on January 31, 2022

    Чуркина извели, в гроб загнали, остались одни сказочники.

  • Goldie7 on January 31, 2022

    They all ready for da de pop u lation 🧐. Beast is Rising

  • Christopher Miller on January 31, 2022

    I have no opion I am aware of.

  • Cliff Buckmaster on January 31, 2022

    Why is the US even part of the in ? 11 billion given to them in 2019

    One fifth of their budget

    Let's fix our own house first !

    Defund the U.N.

  • Chris N on January 31, 2022

    If the UN can't resolve this, they are done.

  • Mr qiqong on January 31, 2022

    Jesus Christ is God

  • Benson Chukwubike on January 31, 2022

    United nation is a political wing of USA and his western partners and not represent the rest of the world

  • luis Velazquez on January 31, 2022

    of course China is going to be cahoots with Russia. communist states are always going to stick up with each other.

  • Enrique Vivanco on January 31, 2022

    A Ukrainian joke:
    -Why is our army attacking Donbass?
    -Because the Russian army invaded there.
    -Why is our army not attacking Crimea?
    -Because the Russian army is really there.

  • Bambam KIT RING on January 31, 2022

    Russia is too strong for them all to fight in a war. Long talk and discussion by US and EU still needed to sanction Russia.

  • Roger Smith on January 31, 2022

    The U.S. and N.A.T.O. invaded Iraq under false pretenses a sovereign nation. The U.S. and N.A.T.O. invaded Afganistan, Syria, and Libia all sovereign nations. RUSSIA is just trying to protect it's western border front U.S. and N.A.T.O. AGGRESSION:(((((( This is Russia's Cuban Missile Crisis. The RUSSIANS are just trying to protect themselves from U.S. and N.A.T.O. AGGRESSION ((((( Please go to Off Grid Dessert Farming with Paul and Adrienne. Go back about a month and a half. You will find the TRUTH:(((((( PLEASE. The U.S. and N.A.T.O. are hiding the REAL TRUTH FROM THE PEOPLE. Get the English transcript the English version from the last meeting from Foreign Minister Serger Lavrov and Anthony Blinken. You will know the REAL TRUTH!!!!

  • Monkey Butt on January 31, 2022

    Russia is in their own land I don't see why the UN is involved….did they commit a crime?

  • Todd Barnard on January 31, 2022

    We need American boarder to be protected so well. Maybe joe will pick up some tips on how it’s done.

  • O BS on January 31, 2022

    Where are France and Germany? 80 years, 1/3rd the USA age, and we are still defending the last 2 countries to invade, concour (Napoleon) and kill millions of Russians?

  • bass addict on January 31, 2022

    I'm a brit but have to listen to the Russian side for the fa t our own government and the US government lied about WMDs just to invade a county so what would stop them doing it again

  • Une Nouvelle Observatrice on January 31, 2022

    L'Ukraine sera bien une nouvelle défaite du Cowboy Américain. Ce dernier prépare déjà son évacuation.

    L'Ukraine neutre est une Garantie pour EST comme pour OUEST. En contrepartie du retour de la Crimée. Le modèle Suisse de la neutralité permet à l'Ukraine de sortir de la guerre.

    L'Ukraine neutre est sous forme d'une fédération de républiques. Une république pour l'EST parlant russe, une république pour l'OUEST parlant l'Ukrainien et une république de la Crimée.

    La priorité de l'Ukraine est son intégrité territoriale et son développement économique. Le retour des Ukrainiens de l'étranger est aussi prioritaire.

    L'Ukraine membre de l'OTAN est une voie sans issue à cause de l'opposition de l'EST parlant russe et à cause de l'opposition des pays membres de l'OTAN.

    Ukraine will be another defeat for the American Cowboy. The latter is already preparing its evacuation.

    Neutral Ukraine is a Guarantee for both EAST and WEST. In return for the return of Crimea. The Swiss model of neutrality allows Ukraine to emerge from the war.

    Neutral Ukraine is in the form of a federation of republics. A republic for the Russian-speaking EAST, a republic for the Ukrainian-speaking WEST and a republic of Crimea.

    Ukraine's priority is its territorial integrity and economic development. The return of Ukrainians from abroad is also a priority.

    Ukraine as a member of NATO is a dead end because of the opposition of the Russian-speaking EST and because of the opposition of NATO member countries.!!!!

  • K201 Mail on January 31, 2022

    What a waste of time!

  • George Nash on January 31, 2022

    For anybody who really understands what's going on it's ignorant and it's racist they want to control people no they're a whole different nationality that'll leave them the hell alone and stop being a racist piece of s***p

  • Michael Myers on January 31, 2022


  • Robert on January 31, 2022

    Typical Russian and Chinese autocrat's, want to keep everything quite and keep the light off of their actions. They want to throw a brick and hide their hand.

  • Alain Cybermatic on January 31, 2022

    This remind me the session on Iraq before it was invaded, where General Powell lied about WMD in Iraq front of representatives of every country. US wants the war to sell arms(remember no more Afghanistan) and doing everything to say that there will be a war there even that president of UKraine told Biden to come down and don't make the world panic, so I am wondering when US will change him and bring back the old UKraine president(the chocolate man very corrupt) and say someone else did it. Mr. Biden needs to focus on US borders, homeless veterans, troubled economy, healthcare, education, and Covid and etc. before putting focusing on other countries issues. We should not support, US, UK, NATO, China, and Russia in any war, we should just support our interest at home and fix the domestic issues, before everything fall apart.

  • Jan Bruun Andersen on January 31, 2022

    So that is how hot air looks.

  • Stavey Primus on January 31, 2022

    I appreciated the translation of this process. It was good to hear the full views of Russia and the Ukraine along with other members states. I so hope that there will be a peaceful resolution that stops any threats of war. I pray for wise leadership so Innocent people do not suffer.

  • Hellen Eurotas on January 31, 2022

    Not "YOUR" hands" GOD forbid… so funny… HEY dumb puppets… can;t take it with you… just ask Ramses…

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