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LIVE: White House press sec. Psaki and Infrastructure Coordinator Landrieu hold briefing — 1/18/2022 ctm magazine

White House press secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing on Tuesday along with Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator Mitch Landrieu.

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LIVE: White House press sec. Psaki and Infrastructure Coordinator Landrieu hold briefing — 1/18/2022



  • Raymond Anthony on January 18, 2022

    Great content<I believe that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always.

  • Fred White II on January 18, 2022

    Why Lie To Us Everyday?

  • See Nomore on January 18, 2022


  • Louie David on January 18, 2022

    Okay that's great

  • _Kronos_ on January 18, 2022

    Get some CSSE and PLTR, PLTR is literally the future of global internet/AI security, It will be over 100.00 a share in 3 years or less when the world realizes the depth of what they are and will be doing. CSSE has a 45.00 price target and tail winds coming and is actually trying to bring hope to the world. Fubo and BODY are hot buys too with 300 and 500% upside respectively.

  • BlackCro on January 18, 2022

    I call BS!!!!!

  • Travis Towers on January 18, 2022

    Ask if Ray Epps was working for or with any Politicians?

  • Travis Towers on January 18, 2022
  • Travis Towers on January 18, 2022

    How did Hunter and Jim Biden make so much money in Ukraine?

  • James Kenneweg on January 18, 2022

    Let’s Go Brandon!👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jill Marie Dennis on January 18, 2022

    I don't "buy" that interstates, bridges, etc. haven't been addressed in DECADES. Taxpayers FUNDS have been collected for these "infrastructure projects" for DECADES.
    Who's MISAPPROPRIATING these State/Federal funds? I say, AUDIT every State & find out where the DECADES of funds have gone.
    We the People cannot carry anymore tax burdens.

  • Kelly k on January 18, 2022

    Keep broadcasting all these lies!! Psaki is as much a liar as the rest of that team! Shut her down🤬

  • Cassady 34 on January 18, 2022

    Everyone agrees that infrastructure investment benefits EVERYBODY in several ways. It makes everything more convenient, it directly strengthens the American economy, and it literally makes us safer.

    If Republican politicians didn't hate America so much, they would be crawling over each other to vote IN FAVOR of fixing America's physical infrastructure.

  • kaelen on January 18, 2022

    He sucked in Louisiana

  • kaelen on January 18, 2022

    Sweet jesus. You should see the streets in Louisiana. He did nothing for Louisiana. What do you think hes going to do for your state? 🤦‍♀️


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  • Rick Ingraham on January 18, 2022

    Waaaaay over priced and all the $$$ should never leave our country. Who will account the balance sheets and sign offs.??.. America gets fleeced

  • Dean Paajanen on January 18, 2022

    All viruses are pH sensitive. Wear a silver infused mask.

  • Alexandros Werewolf on January 18, 2022

    Crooked AF.

  • Alexandros Werewolf on January 18, 2022

    We smell many lies….. ];)p

  • Thomas W on January 18, 2022

    Lies, lies, and more lies. The deep left state, cabal, sounds nervous. And them some, like lemmings running over a cliff!!

  • J. Lobos on January 18, 2022

    What a mess…

  • Eileen Bachler on January 18, 2022

    Trump got the vaccines through operation warp speed not Joey. Tests were not available in January last year under previous administration but, like reporter who questioned you said, they were in October 2021. Your administration has failed our country in every conceivable way. LETS GO BRANDON!

  • Jesse Spratley on January 18, 2022

    Wealthy corporations and politicians continue work to fleece the American people! The infrastructure plan is to cushion there pockets and invest very little back to making America better. They make it seem like there offering us better jobs and better living. Corporations lobby for import taxes to increase wealth which in return costs us money just as the lumber taxation has.

  • Shirley Bush on January 18, 2022

    She lies a much as her boss.

  • Shirley Bush on January 18, 2022

    They want it easier to cheat again

  • Chris Perry on January 18, 2022

    What a pile of crap.

  • Shabi Kowsar on January 18, 2022


  • Linda McAskill on January 18, 2022

    Thank you President Joe Biden ! Jobs, investment on U. S. Soil. Jen and Mitch are awesome!

  • Gary Whaley on January 18, 2022

    Let me go get my boots. Here we go again.

  • Irfan Harry on January 18, 2022

    I lover u mem Jen Psaki 😘

  • JoAnne Applebee on January 18, 2022

    Nothing but more lies that all we ever get from anyone in the White House

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