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Live: Zelensky visits recaptured hub of Izium in east Ukraine • FRANCE 24 English ctm magazine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday visited the east Ukraine city of Izium, the military said, one of the largest cities recently recaptured from Russia by Kyiv’s army in a lightning counter-offensive. Ukraine has set its sights on freeing all territory occupied by invading Russian forces after driving them back in a speedy counter-offensive in the northeast. Read FRANCE 24’s live blog for all the latest developments. All times are Paris time (GMT+2).

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  • Bogdan Crnokrak on September 20, 2022

    Very strange situation…
    Where is the video from the street, where are the freed citizens who are rejoicing at the liberators? Looks like they all fled to Russia…
    I have been looking for days to see the freed Ukrainians in Izjum, but it seems that there is no one there…

  • The news has become "SEW" rated "ARE".

  • videoua5 on September 20, 2022

    From the archive, 9 March 1983: Reagan calls Moscow an evil empire

    President Reagan yesterday maintained his uncompromising stance on arms control with a ferocious denunciation of the Soviet Union. He told an evangelical conference in Orlando, Florida that the Russians had "the aggressive impulses of an evil empire" and he lashed out at "those who would place the United States in a position of military and moral inferiority."

    "Simple-minded appeasement or wishful thinking about our adversaries is folly," the President declared. The issue was not simply the arms race but the struggle between right and wrong..

  • Антон Филиппов on September 20, 2022

    À la suite du bombardement du centre-ville de Donetsk de l'ACS français «CESAR», quatre civils ont été tués hier. Cette arme est assez précise, par conséquent, les artilleurs savaient parfaitement où ils frappaient, l'erreur était exclue, ils frappaient le centre-ville, où il n'y avait pas d'équipement militaire, dans le but de tuer autant de civils que possible. De tels actes ne peuvent être qualifiés que d'acte terroriste, auquel les dirigeants français et personnellement le président Macron sont directement impliqués. Les dirigeants politiques français sont directement impliqués dans le meurtre des habitants de Donetsk, car c'est la France qui a remis des obusiers à longue portée et des munitions aux troupes de zelensky. Je pense que le peuple français doit savoir que Macaron et ses complices financent et arment des terroristes, entre les mains de ces politiciens français, le sang des habitants de Donetsk.

  • Michael W on September 20, 2022

    While Zelenskyy is out among his troops, free to command his country in safety, Putin is being targeted for assassination while riding in his limo in Moscow…by his own people!

    The contrast between these two men is stark and dramatic!

  • Ann on September 20, 2022

    Why you didnt show full video where they stand with flag Emblem of SS-Totenkopf????

  • Bojan Stojicevic on September 20, 2022

    ZELENSKY…The Man Who Accidentally KiILLED The Most People In UKRAINA.





  • KK Kiren on September 20, 2022

    What Ukraine has done in 6 months+ of conflict is historic. They not only held back a former world power but also degraded their adversary's capabilities considerably. The modernization of the Ukrainian armed forces "battle procedures" is remarkable to say the least. As progressively trained and armed with precision battle equipment, if required they may be covertly provided with 155 mm Artillery and HIMARS capable, tactical weapons of mass destruction ,in quid pro quo offset to any " blackmail" by their adversary. With their fighting capabilities , the feasibilities of combat support by EU may also be under consideration.

  • Binebum on September 20, 2022

    It is too much to hope 🌸🌿that this is a move towards the positive outcome of Ukraine finally reclaiming their land in freedom

  • Loren Couch on September 20, 2022

    Zelensky is the size of a child.

  • Peter Grabowski on September 20, 2022

    What jacket is President Zelensky wearing while visiting Izyum? Does anyone know? It's not his usual M-Tec fleece.

  • Kateregga Richard on September 20, 2022

    Brave and great leader "ZELENSKY" keep the spirit 💪💪💪💪

  • Azonto on September 20, 2022

    The comedian president is playing a war game on behalf of Western's political affiliation. The comedy Ukrainian president catalizing war against his people as a proximal war by the #West i.e. the US

  • Maat Warrior on September 20, 2022

    Did he visit Izum at day light? Hollywood video for Jewish Zelensky' Comedy Club.

  • валерий гольштейн on September 20, 2022

    Where are all local civilians there? As I know all local Russian civilians left with Russian army😅😅😅

  • Kveld Gorkon on September 20, 2022

    Now That What you Call a Special Military Operation !!! .. Congrats Ukraine !!

  • Mr.Himars on September 20, 2022

    Imagine the contrast of morale as a soldier on each side:

    Ukraine: Fight to protect your county’s people and freedom

    Russia: Fight to protect Putin’s political career 🤡

  • Georgi Taylor on September 20, 2022

    I stopped watching talk shows long ago as was too painful to watch pin heads talking like they KNOW yet ⭕️☢️🤷🏼‍♀️spreading CNN propoganda to those trusting loyal listeners/watchers – many due to NO time to investigate or Question it

  • Harry Coo on September 20, 2022

    Such a HERO, and HEROIC people. The utmost respect and best wishes from the Netherlands. Keep on fighting for your and our good cause against the orc invaders. Slava Ukraini!

  • Alka Zeicer on September 20, 2022

    if pootin would visit his own troops he would be ended quickly by his own soldiers

  • Lynne SAMPAYAN on September 20, 2022


  • BoyNinja on September 20, 2022

    Those Zelensky bodyguards look like they could take on a whole army.

  • ChickenGeorge on September 20, 2022

    Ukraine W Russia L

  • vinm300 on September 20, 2022

    Does this constitute "humiliating Russia".
    Macron must phone Putin – to "monitor his mental health".
    Gen Keane said, "The US is sharing exquisite intelligence with Ukraine ;
    there isn't a unit moves that we don't know about".
    Thank God for the USA

  • Angus Abbott on September 20, 2022

    The Ukrainian president has again visited the soldiers he relies on AT the front lines , The man is an inspiration and a legend 🇺🇦

  • Biman Phil on September 20, 2022

    More acting from comedian

  • Jorge on September 20, 2022

    Go Ukraine!

  • Nano211973 on September 20, 2022

    Decalogue of war propaganda

    "We don't want war."

    “The enemy is the only one responsible for the war”

    "The enemy is an execrable being"

    “We seek noble ends”

    “The enemy commits atrocities voluntarily. Ours are involuntary errors "

    “The enemy uses unauthorized weapons”

    “We suffered few losses. The enemy's are huge."

    “Artists and intellectuals support our cause”

    “Our cause has a sacred, divine, or sublime character”

    "Those who question war propaganda are traitors."

  • jay Kay on September 20, 2022

    What a beautiful set piece, reminds me of the 1990 CNN gulf war reports " on the ground" 100km away ij front of a back drop and with stock footage spliced in.

  • uribensh on September 20, 2022

    Zelensky is a brave leader and an amazing man

  • Shedrack lawrence on September 20, 2022

    Congrats to ukraine

  • D F on September 20, 2022

    Why don’t the Russians take him out. They have air superiority. Take out his car or train.

  • Sandra Richardson on September 20, 2022

    @then ";individuals criticize &shay eye have no sense of humor™[{cadet}01758^°st.lucia™®

  • Pro Media Global on September 20, 2022

    Favourite president

  • Louis Tan on September 20, 2022

    Good publicity. But for how long?