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Man gets transplant of genetically modified pig heart ctm magazine

A 57-year-old Maryland man is doing well three days after receiving a genetically modified pig heart in a first-of-its-kind transplant surgery, University of Maryland Medicine said in a news release. #CNN #News



  • Reg S on January 11, 2022

    Ewww ick…

  • Phillip on January 11, 2022

    How are the Chinese/Russian bots doing today ? Pumping up CNN numbers like good little bots ?

  • James S. on January 11, 2022

    Is there a Kosher version of this? 🐖

  • Nicki Snyder on January 11, 2022

    Not exactly Kosher…….When we have ignored Gods laws in past, eating bats =covid. Eating monkeys=HIV. I just wish they used a goat or sheeps heart instead. God intentionally told us no pork because of all the viruses/germs they host that are dangerous to us. We need to remember the food chain. We are not meant to eat, or transplant from Omnivores. We should be using herbivores

  • Linda Kennedy on January 11, 2022

    So the scientists have made/grown a pig & human mix that can be harvested for parts? So how long & where does the new pig/human live until it is killed for parts?

  • Gerardo Davila on January 11, 2022

    That's just amazing

  • Franchise Fields on January 11, 2022


  • Panthera Onca on January 11, 2022

    How is Donald Trump going to survive without his heart?

  • Jj Son on January 11, 2022


  • olecrowey on January 11, 2022

    maybe this technology could be used to replace bidens brain with something .

  • daryl darichuk on January 11, 2022

    CNN: "Are you a sexual predator?"

    Applicant: "yes".

    CNN: "I'm sensing management material here! Welcome aboard!

  • brainwashing detergent on January 11, 2022

    Im not Muslim but I will go to my grave before I take the heart of a pig. People need to learn death is part of life. Whats life worth living if you are weak, sick, and have animal parts keeping you alive?

  • S A on January 11, 2022

    I thought there were no human animal hybrids?

  • CyberThug1080i on January 11, 2022

    Gamepass is awesome. 🤷🏾

  • Buck Thrusthorn on January 11, 2022

    And to think trump has a pigs brain…

  • Andrew Phillips on January 11, 2022


  • CyberThug1080i on January 11, 2022

    When I was younger I watch science and technology shows like what's next etc.
    I wondered how medical science and how it's advancement would prolong my life and augment my brain's ability to take on bigger intellectual tasks.

    But I can actually say I never saw this coming.

  • Andrew Phillips on January 11, 2022

    I wish it was me.

  • YOGURTnBANANA on January 11, 2022

    History is the making

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