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‘Mayors Get Things Done!’: Biden Highlights Sending Federal Funding Directly To Cities And Counties ctm magazine

President Biden delivered remarks to U.S. mayors Friday during which the president thanked local officials for delivering for the American people in their communities.



  • Miltoned Rockenboom on January 21, 2022

    you put Janet Yellen in charge does she know YOU DONT KNOW A THING ABOUT $$$$ -= Freak Snort

  • Mike Guberman on January 21, 2022

    Baltimore here. Two of our last three mayors have plead guilty to federal charges. One of which is currently spending time in prison. Baltimore mayors know how to get things done.

  • Kristoffer Hoover on January 21, 2022

    Laughs in Lori Lightfoot.

  • i'm always right on January 21, 2022

    Stop killing us !!! White lives matter!!!

  • Blargh on January 21, 2022


  • Wen Chai on January 21, 2022

    "I pledge to all of you, I will stop kicking the can down the road that I have done for over 47 years. and kick the bucket", President Biden.

  • iHateGooglePlus on January 21, 2022

    He’s actually right. You’re much more likely to get things done by sending monies directly to the communities than through the state government.

  • Monkey Business on January 21, 2022

    Lori Lightfoot certainly approves… 😒

  • 747-8 X on January 21, 2022

    Lightfoot is drooling all over herself

  • mercury13 on January 21, 2022

    you mean taking our taxes and bailing out failed policies of the establshment…

  • Keep It Real on January 21, 2022

    And he will pick his “buddy’s” city’s to send the money to….and since it’s the “Big Guy”, he’ll probably get a kickback percentage.

  • Eric Patrick on January 21, 2022

    I Believe In Being A Millionaire And Multi Millionaire And Billionaire And Multi Billionaire.

  • Eric Patrick on January 21, 2022

    I Believe In Being The Fried Chicken And Fried Seafood Cafe With Country Store Owner And Country And Western Store Owner.

  • Eric Patrick on January 21, 2022

    I Believe In Being The Morph With Fashion Ability Manifestation, Shapeshifting, Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, And Cryokinesis. That's What I Want To Be In Spirit.

  • HarfangX on January 21, 2022

    “In out fight against a deadly virus…”
    Seriously they have to stop with the drama.

  • Michael Salka on January 21, 2022

    So blue districts get a windfall of cash and red districts foot the bill , I cant wait for the money to disappear like it always does

  • Ryan Ritro on January 21, 2022

    This seems corrupt.

  • Jedi’s Dad on January 21, 2022

    A good fix for a lot of what is wrong in the US is to stop the Federal Government from funding cities and states.

    They are BUYING votes. Call it whatever you want but when a party in power sends money to cities they are buying votes, specifically democrat votes.

  • Patrick Gunsaullus on January 21, 2022

    So Says The Fool That's Trying To Start A War With Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steve Hall on January 21, 2022

    We wont get

  • Paula Simpson on January 21, 2022

    Workaround to get someone else to do his dirty work

  • next chapter on January 21, 2022


  • KRAKATOA on January 21, 2022

    Living in LA it realllllly doesnt feel like mayors are all what he’s saying they are

  • SCAM DEMIC on January 22, 2022

    Biden should resign in disgrace

  • Rhetoric on January 22, 2022

    Mayor of DC is horrible…she focuses on getting people hooked on govt paymets and drives them into poverty and can't get the roads plowed. She's really just as bad, if not worse, than Barry the crackhead mayor.

  • Quidpro Quo on January 22, 2022

    any time someone says what I'm saying is the truth, is guaranteed to be lie. what a creep;

  • Quidpro Quo on January 22, 2022

    i mean it i mean it … lie after lie lie whisper and lie i mean it i mean it.. its the truth … good god he pitiful. how. we wanna pocket that infrastructure money again we need it its the truth not a joke please believe me its the truth it is whisper whisper .. yell whisper… unbelievable. not a joke not a joke this the truth believe me its the truth … surely every sees right this dude right ?

  • Kawe'a Akuna on January 22, 2022

    This is what happens when you get da "JAB" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Papi on January 22, 2022

    Jak to jest z poczuciem twojej waszej USA UK nie wartości niewiarygodności ?
    Watykan dziś cisy podrzuci ?

  • Papi on January 22, 2022


  • Captain G on January 22, 2022

    Does anyone else not notice him reading a script ? I wonder who’s really in charge.

  • Robert Azman on January 22, 2022

    Democrats no longer represent the middle class. They represent the elitist liberals. And stop calling us Folks. Complete failure in leadership. BBB is dead. Will someone please tell him?

  • DevilzAdvocate on January 22, 2022

    Anyone that listens to this man and doesn't get angry has mental issues. Absolutely hands down the worst president in history.

  • 12235117657598502586 on January 22, 2022

    When old Joe leant into the microphone with that exaggerated creepy smile, and growled in his sinister deep voice “Because they know how to get things done” … I jumped back from the screen! 😱

  • 2A HILLBILLY on January 22, 2022


  • Time is Zero on January 22, 2022

    why would anyone clap for this joke.

  • Hell's favorite Salty Berserker on January 22, 2022

    Baaaack. You can't keep me down Wocjicki!

  • Ricky Reyes on January 22, 2022


  • PinballDave72 on January 22, 2022

    …because Biden himself can't get ANYTHING done, except for destroying U.S. infrastructure!

  • Jair Kerker on January 22, 2022

    Yeah, buy the mayors, buy a candidacy, invade Russia why don't you.

  • Olivia Lopez on January 22, 2022

    $760,000 just in two weeks Mrs Charlotte Junko Walsh you are so amazing.

  • Richard Riley on January 22, 2022

    Paying off the Demacrat Cities . Bet no Repulican states get it . You know government has no money it's your money . Federal money is still our money . New York gets 80 % of its oil from Rusia . That's where it goes .
    If you want Green energy you pay for it . Noone said YOU couldnt spend YOUR money . No Green subsidies.
    GM & Ford owe us 50 billion each . Theres some money for Veterans Insurance upgrade . No subsidies !

  • Richard Riley on January 22, 2022

    Flown every where but the border . Look how much was burned to the ground in a year of BLM riots . The bridge program shold have been paid for by the money BOTH sides gave away to other nations . 900billion to china . FOR WHAT !

  • Ju hyo Kang on January 22, 2022

    Sunday way go 🚶‍♀️

  • Dian on January 22, 2022

    Stories.. nice stories, accountability…blablabla…he is so nice…I nean it…make things done…fix the problem.. blablabla…no science, no data….just stories….they put numbers in his stories to let us think that he is coherent!

  • mark dossett on January 22, 2022

    No government is really helping us that need help without much paperwork that keeps most people from help. Put mostly the use to increase their budgets because they give the money to state and local governments without any restrictions on how they use it.

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