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Mehdi: While Sinema Does Nothing, Arizona Republicans Are Very Busy ctm magazine

Arizona Republicans are proposing major changes to the state’s electoral process, despite a GOP review that affirmed President Biden’s victory and showed no proof of election fraud. It comes as the Arizona Democratic Party censures Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over her filibuster stance. Plus, a group of bipartisan senators meet to discuss possible reform on the Electoral Count Act. Simone Sanders and Susan Del Percio weigh in.
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  • Margaret Smith on January 25, 2022

    Let’s decide on a replacement for Sinema.

  • Gino Lorenzo on January 25, 2022

    GOD bless Sinema for opening up her eyes

  • you know man on January 26, 2022

    Exactly, for everyone, i know alot of methheads for trump in AZ who don't have id's

  • Coverfileld on January 26, 2022

    Sinema and Manchin are the 5th column in the Democratic Party

  • Shih Tzus Rule on January 26, 2022

    Think she'll switch her affiliation to republican or there may not be room for her, which could explain why she's democrat today. It happens in republican-dominated states. When they can't perform in their primaries, they jump the fence because dems will look at their appeal to moderates (breaking that whole "tree-hugging liberal label") and run them thinking they'll win. And when will they start thinking about what these chameleons will do once they attain office. Sometimes that D is less than useless.

  • Rebel Alliance on January 26, 2022

    Recall sinema

  • Rebel Alliance on January 26, 2022

    trump is a loser

  • paul j on January 26, 2022

    These 'talking head' experts are deluded. They need to understand that 40% of americans hate you and dont care about fair, right, democracy or justice. 25% would happily drive over the top of you with tanks. If you dont understand that and apply it to your strategies you will coninue to fail and will lose america. Wake the F&^% up!!

  • Hank Gutter on January 26, 2022

    man..it is way way overdue for Biden to fire the 2 DINOS!

  • Susan Kurtzweil on January 26, 2022

    President Biden and this current administration never dreamed they would have two rogue Democrats, and this is what had taken all the lost time…

  • Sandgroper 1970 on January 26, 2022

    From a political party point of view if you can rig voting so that your main supporters can only vote why wouldn’t you, democracy be dammed, this is all about winning at all cost.

  • Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It on January 26, 2022


    So republicans want to manipulate voting at every level so that they can win most elections AND remove the only leaver the Vice President has to challenge those votes and Democrats think that IS a good idea?


  • Amada Gongora on January 26, 2022

    As I said before, Manchin and Sinema have to go,,, all they doing is blocking the things that good for the people,,,, REMEMBER what Trump has the trumpets saying about Hillary,,,,, Lock her up,,, but in this case it's VOTE THEM OUT, they are not representing the people who voted for them,,, but going for the Big MONEY, the Republicans are donating to them,, they only looking out for themselves. Praying that the Latinos wake up & help VOTE THEM out when the time comes for voting

  • Quote on January 26, 2022

    Sinema isn't doing nothing! Sinema is actively voting against the people that voted for her.

  • Wes Ash on January 26, 2022

    bull plop the Dems never run out of excuses for failure bidens donors want the filibuster it a very useful tool to blocking the will of the people Sanders is very well aware and is spinning or lying.

  • Roc Trip on this! on January 26, 2022

    Call her donners protest them cancel the owner Donners take the fight to them since she doesn’t care about voters

  • Laura Lewis on January 26, 2022

    Whomever it is that is doing the clothes shopping for Sinema js making sure she looks like the Chaotic Clown that she is!

  • C D on January 26, 2022

    Sinema does nothing??? She is exerting the full power of the Republican party with her disloyalty to the Democratic party. Why does she get to claim she is a Democrat??? She isn't.

  • Anupama N on January 26, 2022


  • C A on January 26, 2022

    She's been bought and paid for!!!!

  • brian loehnis on January 26, 2022

    Let's make a deal! Offer up plum jobs as Ambassadors to retiring Republican Senator's to back voting rights and to modify the filibuster!
    There must be two Senators who want to get away from Trump – gets them three years more work on the government payroll
    Come on Joe – You are the deal maker – your working the wrong side of the fence – go shopping for Republican votes – we know they are for sale to the highest bidder!!

  • axeltank06 on January 26, 2022

    As an Arizona voter; I guess I'll just have to be prepared to submit a blood, hair, saliva sample along with 5 forms of state/ federal ID and a $50 money order. I'll also have to try to work voting into my schedule. The polls will likely be open between the convenient hours of 2-5 AM two days each week. That should help eliminate the "fraud".

  • Damian Badboy on January 26, 2022

    Yeah her political career is over. Sinema is a Republican calling herself Democrat. Remember the words "YOUR FIRED!"

  • L V on January 26, 2022

    duh! voting rights should have been first!

  • Gary Johnson on January 26, 2022

    Why give air time to these lame apologists?

  • Mr. Spaghetti on January 26, 2022

    they are throwing out these changes to voting laws to get an advantage, just like they want from gerrymandering. They do it because they can.

    In a perfect world if there is an actual significant problem with vote cheating then I don’t see a watermark or hologram as very anti vote protection. That other crap with restricting voting locations, making it illegal to give water or food to people in long lines, burdensome changes to early voting or restricting vote by mail is evil.

  • Thats not funny on January 26, 2022

    No. Biden could've come down on Sinema but he doesn't. He relies on others

  • Lutgardo Gomez on January 26, 2022

    Senators Manchin and Sinema are punishing not only their constituents but the majority of the American people by blocking legislations that would be very beneficial to these people. If they can punish these people, then the people have more rights to punish them because it was their constituents who had put them in their positions!!!

  • Robert Armstrong on January 26, 2022

    Biden is a fool!!!

  • Blanca Hutchinson on January 26, 2022

    Pretty mind blowing,disturbing news.Sinema will face her own demise, and when one causes or allows destruction any kind on Freedoms of All Parties
    Will end up Reaping What they Sow just as those that have stomped On Our Democracy.
    We Are Watching.

  • BlackThoughtAchieves on January 26, 2022

    Democratic passivity versus Republican ultra-aggression.

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