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Miesha Tate: “It Feels Damn Good to Say It’s Fight Week” | UFC Vegas 31 ctm magazine

Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate is excited to make her return to the Octagon after almost five years away. Tate faces Mario Reneau in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 31 on Saturday.

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  • Scott Durst on July 17, 2021

    So Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie on July 17, 2021

    1:49 any pictures for sale?

  • Jamie on July 17, 2021

    My unhealthy obsession with Miesha begins all over. Got dayummm here I go again… 😑

  • Sal Philly on July 18, 2021

    She is so hot it’s incredible 🔥

  • The Logician on July 18, 2021

    Meisha, it's truly nice to see you back, but PLEASE don't ever fight Amanda Nunes. She's truly next level, BY FAR the finest female striker I have ever seen.

  • Peter Little on July 18, 2021

    I fuc"""" LOVE Miesha Tate

  • Doug FA on July 18, 2021


  • Mike McLenison on July 18, 2021

    Hey Miesha! Very pretty!

  • Pitter Meister on July 18, 2021

    Then I see her,my Heart makes Bumm,Bumm,Bumm……

  • Jack Ripley on July 18, 2021

    You are what you are ……anybody can get lucky once…..

  • Mr.France 1007 on July 18, 2021

    She is gorgeues

  • sittingdingo1 on July 18, 2021

    i SEEN YOUR pOOtANG ONLine and I now Like You.

  • handy9 smith on July 18, 2021

    Beautiful woman !!

  • Howard R on July 18, 2021

    She is very well spoken…….class…….she has it all…..

  • MA63 on July 18, 2021

    Have not seen Amanda Nunes ground game. Should be a good fight if Meisha can take down Amanda.

  • Rockstar Moodz on July 18, 2021

    Core she is good to look at ☺

  • toni rvd on July 18, 2021

    there has to be that feminist reporter

  • Luis Elias Ramirez Idoña on July 18, 2021

    Miesha looks really happy, then, during the fight and after. Good for her!

  • Daniel Jordan on July 18, 2021

    Just watched the fight and cupcake looked perfect! So happy to see her back,she's incredible 💪😤👊💞

  • 2016BMWi8 on July 18, 2021

    Tate STILL looking Delicious!!!

  • majorxdf on July 19, 2021

    It feels damn good to see that she's still hot as hell.

  • VicZX6R on July 19, 2021

    Miesha my always favorite hottie!!!

  • vidsforsquids on July 19, 2021


  • Notyet Skeletal on July 19, 2021

    She can't wait to get some new injuries and scars.

  • Dave Reynolds on July 19, 2021

    as ready and as focused as I've ever seen Miesha — so good to have her back.

  • George Zura on July 19, 2021

    Seems like she has her shit in order and is in a good mental state. good luck to her

  • Kris Steele on July 19, 2021

    I will fight her at Wal-Mart next time there a toilet paper shortage game on 😉👍👍👍

  • Larry Simmons on July 19, 2021

    Welcome back can't wait to see you fight

  • Manax Viperx on July 19, 2021

    Absolutely respectful towards her! The woman!

  • Trucker Jacket dot Com on July 19, 2021


  • Epictetus of Hierapolis on July 20, 2021

    Miesha is, and always has been, many times prettier and more likeable than "the Lousey One".

  • Hank53 on July 20, 2021

    Miesha, you have the heart of a lioness . You have a way of identifying yourself as the source of any difficulties you have had ; as far as I can remember. That's not too uncommon. What makes it clear to me that you are unique is that all that you show and share as assets and strength you attribute to everything and everyone but you Miesha. You are wide awake. I am so pleased you have children, and have discovered the love of a man that you know is genuine and has character to compliment your own ! All I may have useful to you; is a quote from a poem my mom gave me when I was in my early 20's , and building a new life; after what I considered a serious set back; ' A person has truly begun to see the real reality when they find that 'Victory' and 'Defeat' are the same impostor. '

  • Jeromy Jaggers on July 20, 2021

    I Love this women! ♥ Glad your back Cupcake 🧁😘

  • ROBERT PAGLIUGHI on July 20, 2021

    What a beautiful woman 😍

  • Thomas Stevens on July 21, 2021

    I glad to see miesha come back to finish what she started. We all know she's a warrior very strong woman can't wait tell Saturday…

  • Jimi on July 23, 2021

    Wow, I never realized Miesha was so beautiful. A level headed woman as well. I think she's great !

  • Omar j Diaz on July 23, 2021

    DAMN GOOD!!!!
    Songs like TORCHYS😂😂🤟🤟🤟🤟
    Love this woman!!!!

  • Craig Hough on July 23, 2021

    Meisha is awesome . Good luck in all you do .meisha

  • D B on July 24, 2021

    🧁🧁🧁 CUPCAKE 🧁🧁🧁

  • Jose Velasquez on July 24, 2021

    Miesha tate is hot

  • Tony Wolchuck on July 24, 2021

    Welcome back champ 🏆

  • 1205 Creative on July 26, 2021

    I really like Misha Tate, but I wish she’d just become a commentator or something. She’s a 34 yr old mom now. I can understand why people would want to watch her. She’s kind of legendary, but I mean, I don’t like to see these women get hurt etc. men too. Misha would make a great host of a sports show or something.

  • Sean Im on October 26, 2021

    gah she is so damn good….

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