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Moroccan Lamb With Potato & Raisins | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

This super simple Moroccan lamb dish is the perfect main that will surely impress any guest.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • Lambsauce Finder on June 1, 2019

    So this is lamb stew in Hunger games 1

  • kecho m on July 10, 2019

    Wow that was a great food God bless you all family's

  • BlackMetal Warrior on August 5, 2019

    Мда, чувак, тебе ещё учиться, учиться и учиться надо, для начала устройся поварёнком "на побегушках" к какому нибудь марокканскому стритфуд повару дабы постигать азы кулинарного искусства, а там глядишь лет эдак через 25-30 может чего-нибудь простенькое приготовить и сумеешь.

  • Younes Mirkabdi on October 11, 2019

    i'm moroccan and i never eat this 😂😂😂

  • Hani Hamid on December 21, 2019

    It’s delicious! Ingredients:

    Chunks of lamb
    Olive oil
    Salt & pepper
    Chopped garlic
    Ground ginger
    1 tsp Hot cumin seeds
    1 tsp Paprika
    1 tsp Fennel seeds
    1 Cinnamon stick
    Bay leaf
    Tomato puree
    Sweet potato chunks
    Chopped coriander before serving

    I also added potatoes

  • Banks&coffea on March 7, 2020

    Moroccan tagine at Ramsay’ style.. could not be better! Very talented as always!! Amazing

  • Prateek Chakraborty on March 15, 2020

    Green Day music and Moroccan Lamb!!!

  • Yuber70 on March 21, 2020

    I'm miss morrocco ❤

  • Hoàn Phạm on April 6, 2020

    I am so blessed that I can come on here and read all funny comments. Thank you all!

  • T B on April 26, 2020

    tonight's menu 😋

  • Brian Scalabrine aka GOAT on May 27, 2020

    "Minimal preparation" – As he adds in 30 different chopped items

  • Grimace Clothing on June 4, 2020

    I’m cooking this for my girlfriend tonight 😛

  • mister smith on June 13, 2020

    Gordon, you're a freaken BEAST! If I see one more of your videos, I'm going off my fucken diet.
    Thanks for all the great recipes my Brother!!!

  • altan saffet on June 16, 2020

    holly shit this one should reach 100000M view!!

  • Martha Canon on July 11, 2020

    The sweet potatoes are supposed to stay in pieces?. Mine almost disintegrate after cooking for two hours. Did I do it right or I over cooked it?

  • SY Sublime on August 10, 2020

    Thay dish is the best to sit for 3 days after cooking reheat and eat yum

  • Lionheart Britain on September 11, 2020

    But you forgot most important spices of Moroccan food and tagine
    It is ras el hanot herbes

  • nijimura okuyasu on October 14, 2020

    Dam he just sprinkling the safron but it's expensive af

  • raas96 on November 15, 2020

    this is a goddamn miracle. wow. nice recipe, chef!

  • Donna Sharpe Bracho on November 18, 2020

    I made this today but quadrupled everything as I was cooking for many. It was absolutely delicious. I served with cous cous and olive bread. Everyone cleared their plates and told me how delicious it was. ❤

  • awwwyeaboyeeee on November 30, 2020

    Great camera work. Goes super fast but you don't miss anything.

  • David Jones on December 19, 2020

    I wonder how many times the cameraman had to cut in order wipe gravy & onion chunks off the front of his lens?😒

  • derek malley on January 11, 2021

    I transferrd the ingredients to a tagine. Cold over 325 gegrees for 90 mins. This was absolutely spectacular…..

  • Janik on January 13, 2021

    camera makes me vomit

  • B0l0joe on February 1, 2021

    if you stew sweet potatoes for that long they will just be mush.

  • Ian on February 6, 2021

    raisins 🙁

  • Abderahim Zaaraoui on February 22, 2021

    Get gone with your potatos mate. Eeedjiot. Every single English person will never be able to cook moroccan, trust me!

  • Stefan Gilton on March 12, 2021

    A lot of olovol

  • Sense Sense on April 8, 2021


  • food mania on April 23, 2021

    Morrocan food rocks

  • Lainel Orbera on May 21, 2021

    I have countless thoughts to share here in this recipe; you have taught me not only enjoy with full senses, but enjoy the whole process at the beggining. Food taste starts from the first moment i touch ingredients and end when dishes are empty and your voice over all is comforting. I really wish to write here as exactly i am feeing now; this is my best ever compliment 🧡

  • atrain132 on June 23, 2021

    I made this, and everyone barfed. 🤢🤮 The raisins swelled up to mushy grapes.

  • Blessed Boy on July 8, 2021

    hey im from morocco, and i never had this lol

  • Patje Toch on October 14, 2021


  • HÉMZA on November 20, 2021

    I'm from Morocco 🇲🇦 and I have to say that Was brilliant, we don't cook it like that but that fast and nice.. u may wanna season the onion with pepper and salt a bit more because you loose 35% percent of your Lamb seasoning. Overall Spot on ! Fuck me !!

  • Ghar ki Rasoi by Meena on December 26, 2021

    wow very good .

  • Aesthetic_sunny123 on January 21, 2022

    So delicious 😋 I have tried many times👍👍👍

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