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Musk is looking to build a Tesla diner and drive-in located in L.A. webfi network

#ElonMusk #Tesla #ElonMUskreturntooffice #YahooFinance
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that he has filed paperwork with the City of Los Angeles for a diner and drive-in Tesla charging center. And yes, you’ll be able to pay using crypto.

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  • Goat78 on June 4, 2022

    Musk is all talk. Stick to EV. Telsa automobiles already have a lot of defects.

  • JOHNNY K on June 4, 2022

    IDK.. maybe he should finish one of the 1200480001 projects he already has going first? IDK..

  • sefan khal on June 4, 2022

    Good video!! Very attractive from start to finish. However, the wisest thing that should be on every smart individuals list is to invest in different streams of income that are not dependent on the government to generate money, especially now business and investing is the easiest way to make money regardless of what party makes it to the oval office.

  • Chris Russ on June 4, 2022

    And no one in California should go to it since he took jobs and taxes out of the state.

  • Andrew Nation on June 4, 2022

    Finally some reason to leave the house 😎☝️

  • Isabella Hewitt on June 4, 2022

    <YouMoney is an issue that everyone has for a better and luxurious life, Life was hard for me until I started trading stock and cryptocurrency and now am earning $12,000 per week.

  • Eric Andrew on June 4, 2022

    I'm new to trading. Please how can I make more profitable investment in crypto without incurring much losses?

  • Aya B on June 4, 2022

    he has his hands in too many things…

  • terryrollins1973 on June 4, 2022

    Tell him to build it Texas,California doesn't want him anymore

  • 🤣

  • Michelle on June 4, 2022

    My family and my identities used here.

  • Rocky Mark on June 4, 2022


  • Wendy D. on June 4, 2022

    Elon is making Tesla a culture (or cult) so the car itself doesn’t have to be that important but the brand is

  • Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson on June 4, 2022

    And he expects this is the kind of thing right-wingers would be into?

  • Donel Patterson on June 4, 2022

    Up 38 % Month. * FFIE… Faraday Future FF 91 Ultra Premium Luxury Artificial Intelligence tech Zero Gravity Seats, Spa Function, 1,050 hp SUV EV Arriving by Sept 2022. * ALPP.. Revenue Up 195 % in 1st qt 2022. Alpine 4 Holdings. EV Parts, EV Battery, Drone manuf.

  • Pink Lover on June 4, 2022

    A Robbery target.

  • Ricardo Hernandez on June 4, 2022

    You can do anything if you have the money 💰.

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