Neal Brennan Explains Why He’s Against Athletes Having Good Mental Health webfi


  • @casbot71 on April 10, 2024

    Laughs in red headed Australian…

    – and I'm the only Caucasian amongst my close friends.
    Every summer they give me crap.
    And thanks to climate change it can sometimes be during winter as well.

  • @cheriann6461 on April 10, 2024

    The bit about the sun and white folks deserved better from the audience. That was hilarious.

  • @blakedroesch on April 11, 2024

    Great segment wtf was going on with the audience?

  • @jamesmcloughlin8534 on April 11, 2024

    Again, Seth’s shirt, and guests, are a promotional consideration by L&L Dull.

  • @traviswebb3532 on April 11, 2024

    Sun joke was great!!!

  • @afzalmemon7 on April 11, 2024

    Wiger toods?!

  • @claude_in_Cincinnati on April 11, 2024

    There are times when guys like Neil will reveal what kind of ally they really are; how he truly understands a situation, then it's disappointing to hear the uncomfortable silence of the predominantly whyte audience, and you're shot right back into the reality that guys like Neil inevitably don't matter.
    He's such an outlier, it's discouraging.

  • @paulwilliams5500 on April 11, 2024

    This was gold. Fire the audience.

  • @jimlivininoz on April 11, 2024

    another comedian shitting on women. GROUNDBREAKING give me a fucking break peter pan.

  • @mister_manager on April 11, 2024

    Hasn't he done this forever lady bit on this show before, immediately followed by that photo?

  • @NoUploadJustComment on April 11, 2024

    That sports bit was dead on.

  • @Cant.Take.It.Anymore on April 11, 2024

    Wait. Are you telling me Seth Meyers and Neil Brennan are not the same person?

  • @kirtanashanchez6534 on April 12, 2024

    The figure skating hologram joke was top tier! 😂😂😂

  • @RenataKleinRK on April 12, 2024

    This guy looks like Stephen hawking fucked a bug.

  • @elizabethgivens1968 on April 12, 2024

    It doesn't work anymore!! Stop rephrasing the stand up jokes as answers to interview questions! You do realize that a lot of people have JUST WATCHED the special?! You sound like an NPC in a video game that only has a limited number of responses. Ugggh. Funny but Oof, the second time around as a talk show answer. Aren't we done with that formula where a comedian introduces themselves to the public with their "best material"? Also, Seth! You enabler! Laughing at his response to your question with the punchline of a joke that we know you heard on his special?! Sigh. People.

  • @deborahhorton1358 on April 13, 2024

    I just watched this episode on Peacock, I had to come here on Youtube to comment how delightfully hilarious this interview was, and that their dynamic is peak friendship goals. #foreverlady #temporarymama @nielbfree

  • @kit2770 on April 13, 2024

    Lol. That "Sun is the cops for white people" bit is pretty good.

  • @generalcontact1766 on April 13, 2024

    A.R.F. is pretty accurate. Just saying.

  • @SacredLUV on April 14, 2024

    Watched the show on Netflix last night. Hilarious!

  • @amitbenhur3722 on April 14, 2024

    That is one funny man… Brennan's not unknown but he's not known enough

  • @abramisme on April 14, 2024

    Not wearing skin protection! That damn sun

  • @sheilamoon1412 on April 14, 2024

    I LOVE this damn guy!

  • @estebancomulet on April 14, 2024

    Love Neal, great jokes here. But might be the first time he hasn't mentioned Ayuaaska in an interview in abt 5 years lol

  • @brianybrianbrian on April 16, 2024

    That audience…woooof. tough crowd. Bunch of pretentious wankers

  • @ellenleahy on April 16, 2024

    Love Seth laughing

  • @DevilMayAsian on April 17, 2024

    Wow. Weak audience.

  • @spencersmith3482 on April 26, 2024

    Holy Fuuuuu….. This guy is more Seth's brother than Seth's brother.
    Look at them hug at the start. It's like when Schwarzenegger had that clone in Total Recall.

  • @lacko223 on April 26, 2024

    He is amazing, but this was just a trailer of his netflix show.

  • @luciamiller1555 on April 27, 2024

    That Neal made me laugh out loud😂

  • @dbcotton24 on April 30, 2024

    My God is he on another level or what? These jokes are killers and the audience is not getting him. But I did. Neal, I got you. YOU are the GOAT.

  • @countVlad333 on May 4, 2024

    that was awesome ever thank you neal!

  • @SonnyK248 on May 10, 2024

    This guy is really funny but he's dying. Guarantee you get Amy Schumer on here and she just says the word vagina and the crowd erupt 😔

  • @koderalove1303 on May 15, 2024

    Your audience needed to get their screws tightened, or coffee in the beginning. Took em a good while to wake up.

  • @brittanycarriger on May 30, 2024

    Damn, Neal looks sexy AF!