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‘Never anything like this’: Toobin on SCOTUS leak investigation ctm magazine

CNN’s Supreme Court analyst Joan Biskupic and chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin weigh in on the escalating probe into the source of the Roe v. Wade leak. #CNN #News



  • Earl Parker on June 5, 2022

    It would be ethical for them not to manuever SECRETLY on changing 50 years decision striking on a court with members far Smarter and IMPARTIAL they they could ever achieve. John Roberts, it started with you. Your a middle-aged punk!!! Clarence Thomas you're a real criminal, and a conspirator! STEP DOWN NOW! There's no ligitimate reason for these GANGSTERS to be so secretive. They didn't want the heat, that they new this would bring. MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Gary V on June 5, 2022

    Is Jeffrey still playing with himself on TV?

  • Fajouli on June 5, 2022

    It was Ginnie Thomas. C'mon guys let's be serious.

  • GroovyVideo2 on June 5, 2022

    bunch of crooks in robs

  • Jane Doe on June 5, 2022

    I’ll bet there was no leak by law clerks but rather that one of the republican justices who leaked it to give the GOP politicians something to talk about to divert attention of republican voters from the substance, women losing their rights, to a “liberal leaked the document”. I’ll bet they will mysteriously never find out who did it.

  • Finbarr McGrath on June 5, 2022

    It can’t be a leak if everyone knew it was coming anyway.

  • El Ram on June 5, 2022

    Republican SCOTUS (SCROTUM):

    You must follow the law!
    The law does not apply to us on top.
    Stay in your place, plebs!!!

  • El Ram on June 5, 2022

    The clerks should say:

    Welp, if you want our phones…
    We'll show you ours if you show us yours.

  • CCC CarrieMchardy on June 5, 2022

    Another case of "do as I say, not as I do".

  • Jane Kelley on June 5, 2022

    The supreme court has become as much of a joke as the current republican party.

  • Blaine Hubsmith on June 5, 2022

    Find the leaker and prosecute them! In all instances, breach of trust is as offensive as it gets!

  • See The Light on June 5, 2022

    Yeah, we all know why you wouldn't want anyone getting ahold of your phone records Toobin. Keep your hands where we can see them while you're on camera, while you're at it.

  • Wayne Wayne on June 5, 2022

    We should also take steps to impeach Roberts and the other Scotus members who misrepresented themselves in the vetting process during confirmation. They lied to the people of this nation.

  • Hy Seize on June 5, 2022

    They should start with Ginni Thomas' (wife of Clarence) cell phone records FIRST!!

  • J E on June 5, 2022

    Check Thomas's wife for leaking information. Apparently she is corrupt.

  • Ken Lipper on June 6, 2022

    It's gonna be absolutely hilarious when they prove that Ginny & Clarence Thomas are the leakers!!!

  • Lautaro Aguilar on June 6, 2022

    Both hands on the keyboard, toobin!

  • Dan Albert on June 6, 2022

    Speaking of honor in reference to this corrupt supreme court? Really?

  • Dan Albert on June 6, 2022

    Is it possible that the "leaker" is the honorable?

  • Disgruntled Dem on June 6, 2022


  • Elmer Fudd on June 6, 2022

    You WON’T BELIEVE what I thought, when I saw “TOOBIN ON SCOTUS”

  • Mechanic 66 on June 6, 2022

    Sorry can't look at Toobin without thinking about him waxing his dolphin.

  • Kristie Mao on June 6, 2022

    After Toobin and other so-called "legal analysts" literally lied saying the charges against Depp were "true" even after a jury found AH's statements were false and defamatory says a lot. The public heard the tapes and watched the trial. I can't take anything this network or its analysts say seriously. If they'd lie about a celebrity trial, what else are they lying about? I used to think so-called conservatives were exaggerating about CNN. No the jury didn't get it wrong. You did.

  • possumverde on June 6, 2022

    In the past, were a clerk to refuse to hand over their phones, it would probably have derailed their careers… As rogue as SCOTUS has gone over the last six years or so however, telling them to go fudge themselves and lawyering up might actually be seen as a beneficial addition to their resumes.

  • Danny shay on June 7, 2022

    Toobins took a break from slapping the ham

  • Mark Stewart on June 7, 2022

    Yeah Toobin, I bet you understand the gravity of turning over your phone……given you give your data live over group vids. How is this guy still on TV? LOL

  • Sandra Lawrence on June 7, 2022

    They do need to check the Justices also though!

  • Sandra Lawrence on June 7, 2022

    They will need to sign NDA! As Health Professionals we would be fired or sued if personal health information is leaked!

  • Guy North on June 7, 2022

    Toobin talking about "leaks" – am I sure I want to go here?

  • OUR Declaration on June 7, 2022

    NONE of our fundamental rights should be open to interpretation by a court to begin with. However, we first need to establish a clear foundation for what those rights actually are.

    #ourdec #rights #HumanRights

  • Stone Meister445 on June 8, 2022

    Dear god

  • D.R. B on June 8, 2022

    Jeffrey Toobin ain’t that the guy who was caught on a zoom call touching himself. People are supposed to take anything he says serious. OK CNN

  • gacj2010 on June 8, 2022

    When I look at this guy I think of his name …. toob…..in …..and remember his dealing with another toob once on live tv…Eeeeuuuueew

  • A Johnson on June 8, 2022

    When it is determined that no clerk leaked, then what? Will the Justice that leaked it be impeached for their scoundrel behavior?

  • gacj2010 on June 8, 2022

    WHats toobin doing under the desk

  • Goldhammer on June 8, 2022

    It was kagan, or whatever tf her name is. It's pretty obvious. You CNN cowards on can pretend not to know the strategy and the obvious one who would release this information but your not fooling anyone you DNC shills

  • Goldhammer on June 8, 2022

    Pure demagoguery this pretend not to know news organization.

  • Rob Swanson on June 9, 2022

    Why is this disgusting degenerate still on tv like nothing happened.🤔🤔

  • Richie Rich on June 10, 2022

    Forget the clerks, I predict that Sonia Sotomayor leaked the decision. She's that ignorant.

  • GoinRogue on June 11, 2022

    It's been a month since the leak and not a peep anywhere. It was a justice that leaked probably Sotomyass. Only an incompetent would still be investigating

  • Miss Cindy on June 11, 2022

    They also need investigate Thomas and his wife.

  • Al Milligan on June 12, 2022

    Consider that abortion and planned parenthood are the agenda of White Supremacy. Certainly Margarete Sanger was a white supremacist in her effort to control the black race as inferior. Go ahead and kill your children, your body your choice, but the WSs are not going to kill theirs. They want abortion for blacks but not for themselves.

  • Biscuits McGravy on June 12, 2022

    SCOTUS no longer matters

  • Iris Hewlett on June 13, 2022

    Anything is better than progressive Democratics thats for sure 100%.

  • J Bryant on June 16, 2022

    Cnn crack reporting– toobin there to lend a hand.

  • Josiah Fornof on June 20, 2022

    Maybe their (SCOTUS) first ethical act should be, while they are trying to figure out how to protect themselves, that they tell the rest of America how to figure protecting itself while they catch-up, in these "dire" times…someone(s) did drop a big load of cases on their laps to deal with?

  • HeyMJ on June 20, 2022

    Will SCOTUS’ Ghost-Justice, Ginni Thomas, recuse herself from all case arguments & opinions? ⚖️👩🏼‍⚖️

  • Edwin Salau on June 23, 2022

    Has anyone been polygraphed?

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