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Never Let Go | Full Action Thriller Movie ctm magazine

Never Let Go – A single mother desperately searches for her missing child in a beautiful, but unfamiliar land, following an apparent abduction. Trusting no one, and stopping at nothing, as she weaves her way through the murky backstreets and barren landscapes, now implicated in the murder of a seemingly innocent man, her connections back in the US begin to reveal that there is much more at stake than first meets the eye.
2015. Stars: Angela Dixon, Rami Nasr, Sarah Perles

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  • Ace on December 16, 2021

    Could've saved herself from them longer if she'd only disguise herself,.but damn I wish I had her physical strengths, she's great!

  • William Rose on December 16, 2021

    "Thriller" is accurate. The acting is superb! Excellent.

  • Artbookends Meyer on December 17, 2021

    Thank you for the movie it was exciting and very moving ……must see

  • Shrene Hardig on December 17, 2021

    I loved this movie wow so very very excellent .👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜fantastic

  • boleslaw jasinski on December 17, 2021

    Very good movie!!!!! Thank you!

  • Charles McLaurin on December 18, 2021

    Great movie

  • Philip Valentine on December 19, 2021

    This movie is so full of truth while implicating government officials in every bit of these kinds of atrocities to children on a global scale. This movie is just the tip of the iceberg regarding what has been going on for decades all over the World. This truth will all be coming out on the MSM shortly as the elites responsible for this will be exposed for these Crimes against children and all of Humanity.

  • Nimrod Quimbus on December 19, 2021

    Almost as good as Omicron Variant

  • Lisa Lehman on December 20, 2021

    WOW had me on the edge of my seat …. AWESOME !!!! ❤❤❤ THANK YOU for the upload !!!

  • fe simon on December 20, 2021

    Awesome! Thank you.

  • SGT SIMS on December 20, 2021

    Intense, Believable, A Must Watch For Any Parent; A Very Real Scenario, For International Travelers.

  • Victoria Hao on December 20, 2021

    Omg what a movie..true to life.,now a days it is one of the biggest problem around the globe..more than drugs n guns. It is sad to watch something like this but it is something that is growing like weeds ..

  • Daisy Dee on December 20, 2021

    Wow! That movie was intense! 👍

  • Angelina Lozada on December 21, 2021

    Good Movie, lots of action, Thank You.

  • Joseph D. Plischke on December 22, 2021


  • carmen Major on December 22, 2021

    Omg . im at the edge ofcmy seat. What a living hell.

  • carmen Major on December 22, 2021

    Damn bastards

  • carmen Major on December 22, 2021

    People can be be so stupid .and ignorant

  • carmen Major on December 22, 2021

    This is so heart wrenchinh

  • carmen Major on December 22, 2021

    😪😪😪 excellent movie. So sad.

  • Murder Mystery Missing on December 22, 2021

    The main charachter is so overly dramatic that it is annoying.

  • Deedra Beck on December 22, 2021

    Damn! Wish I could fight like that😳

  • Monedita De Plata on December 22, 2021

    Amazing Movie!

  • Rick CROP on December 22, 2021

    I only have one word, "WOW".

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