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New Battery DOUBLES Range of Tesla Model S in Road Test webfi network

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  • Piipolinoo on January 29, 2022

    I'm sorry I have to call you out on this one. Covering this stuff solely based on marketing material is just a waste of time. Doing it once is no feat, doing it often enough to actualy put this into consumer hands would be. But they have demonstrated nothing so far. Just don't waste your and your viewers time on stuff like this.

  • Remiel on January 29, 2022

    Thunderfoot intensifies

  • Henry Casillas on January 29, 2022

    Wow 💗

  • Psrj1748-2446ad on January 29, 2022

    very sketchy, ngl.
    massive claims need solid evidence other than "trust me bro".
    a random company popping up and revealing a battery with double the energy density, despite other companies like Samsung and etc, spending billions on researching better battery technology…
    seems a little sus. there's been many other companies that have made claims like this only to fizzle out of existance soon after.

  • ShdwBAN 4Posting on January 29, 2022

    Twice the charge time! Free bonus: These ones will have TWICE the explosive power when they go out as the old version ! Get ready for some wildness on the road! If anyone could afford one of those 5G cars.

  • Jorgidan 92 on January 29, 2022

    EVs are great for those who want them but I don't like that they're trying to force them on us.

    Also this battery solution doesn't sound convincing.

  • Steve M on January 29, 2022

    Battery companies making ridiculous promises are a dime a dozen. In 1910 there were 300 different car manufacturers, yet only 1 had successfully made a car….

  • Torstein Early on January 29, 2022

    This would be great for the average consumer. But it's not going to change the industry much. Think about long range EV trucking. The long range battery would wear out to quick, no?

  • racequad9 on January 29, 2022

    I'll wait for real world numbers. Ford did a promotion, or commercial, ad for the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid that showed they got 1,000 miles from 1 tank of fuel. Real world numbers from owners having them at about half that.

  • Ghostcatcher64 on January 29, 2022

    To me this one is bullshit, it's a standard LFP battery with good specs (in terms of capacity), bit better than a model 3 battery but nothing explaining how it doubles the range.

    Though, with 2 batteries, with increased weight 700-750 miles seems totally feasible. But yeah it basically adds 25k$ to the price of the car, considering we buy it at Tesla's price. Big nope x)

  • J D on January 29, 2022

    Tesla runs on pure hype.

  • Jorgidan 92 on January 29, 2022

    Charging speed is more important. I fuel up my car to full in about 90 seconds, an EV has to do the same or it's an annoyance.

  • Srikant Dash on January 29, 2022

    I cant belive the same cold fusion that creates the other high quality videos falls for these scams.

  • MetalGearMk3 on January 29, 2022

    You can go 1000 miles with the Aptera.

  • Siddharth Bisht on January 29, 2022

    Good that viewers call out channels when they post these kind of videos

  • Thomas Maes on January 29, 2022

    Their are many YouTube channels that use the hype in innovation to make fake and unrealistic videos. I have thoroughly enjoyed your past videos on Elizabeth Holmes, Ponzi, Wirecard ecz. Please be extra careful when you are planning to make videos concerning technology. They could really damage your reputation.
    The key word in this video is Energiydensity. ONE could have easily revealed the energy density of their new battery without revealing anything of their new technology. The fact that they didn't do so is highly suspicious.

  • Seiren on January 29, 2022

    Underwhelming video, feels like a 9 min ad

  • Proteus Augustus on January 29, 2022

    Why don't you do a mathematical analysis of energy usage and pollution comparing electrical plant energy production vs fossil fuel at the end user combustion engine. Where is the environmental advantage. I would argue there isn't one. The energy production is just localized at the plant and converted from combusting fossil fuels. A thorium reactor for electrical production is more likely to push the equation in its favor but current plants do not. Moreover the elements for the battery production is an environmental issue that need to be compared to fossil fuel extraction. Also; no one considers when the plant goes down it will bring travel to a grinding halt. Not so with octane. Octane in a tank can't be hacked.

  • Omiga LUL on January 29, 2022

    This is just to save the company from tanking, its wishful thinking

  • Konix Multisystem on January 29, 2022

    Battery is twice as big? Thunderf00t! I invoke thee !

  • Matas Skudra on January 29, 2022

    not your finest work, they just doubled the battery size mate

  • Adil Nisar on January 29, 2022

    This seems like a marketing video, there is no detail provided about battery whatsoever?

  • Jorge Rangel on January 29, 2022

    Your channel used to be one of my favorites, now I do not know man, the quality is getting word, no hard data in this one

  • Surg30n on January 29, 2022

    yes, and drive those 700 miles at 60 km / h 😆

  • Omiga LUL on January 29, 2022

    Man you dropped the ball on this one

  • koralite on January 29, 2022

    i smell fish

  • Kim Senior on January 29, 2022

    What about the raw materials for the batteries, transporting the raw materials & the pollution that causes, then there’s the disposal of the spent batteries?

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