• @Kimchi.Lol23 on December 8, 2023

    early. great vid!

  • @Torabi2011 on December 8, 2023


  • @memeguy6699 on December 8, 2023

    Hell yeah 🥴

  • @ddt7 on December 8, 2023

    all these stupid movies about female characters kicking the crap out of large men is ridiculous

  • @Adrian-kj3uc on December 8, 2023

    OMG please don't say they have feminized Mad Max now they have ruined star wars and the MCU please stop them before they destroy anything else. I have no problem with female heroes but please don't destroy existing genre's just to further Woke culture.

  • @festy2k2012 on December 8, 2023

    Can't wait

  • @festy2k2012 on December 8, 2023

    Can't wait

  • @chaosordeal294 on December 8, 2023

    When a trailer leans that heavily on a cute baby, there were no other good scenes to use.

  • @MrBashem on December 8, 2023

    The Family Plan looks better than Role Play. Even the name is better.

  • @kurtbrisch5776 on December 8, 2023

    OMG, Rebel moon looks so epic.

  • @MaxL-zj7eh on December 8, 2023

    Once again, That Madame web film makes me think of that Marvel’s Runaways Tv show And could likely one day return to Disney+ and also team up with the next MCU Spider-Man Movie.

  • @MaxL-zj7eh on December 9, 2023

    That new Mean Girls movie must also be a sequel.

  • @timharris8140 on December 9, 2023

    Can someone please ask Walberg to retire..

  • @davidj7516 on December 9, 2023

    Thank you. Hoping Mad Max has a good script. Always liked the Apes movies. I always like Jason Statham. Really hoping Rebel Moon is good, has a great cast. Madame Web looks good. Dune!!! Thanks again, great editing also.

  • @shealstewart5381 on December 9, 2023

    How is it in 2023 we as, HUMANS are still making movies that, are mostly one part of the, HUMAN CYCLE?

  • @rogerarnold9426 on December 18, 2023

    I need a mad max movie, not a Furiosa shit movie

  • @johnyboiis on December 29, 2023

    When the laws fail you got me thats fucking bad ass

  • @benjaminvalenti1242 on January 1, 2024

    For the first time people didn't give a shit in the middle of July

  • @mallymall1350 on January 9, 2024

    unimpressive trailers

  • @rikodwiki3078 on January 13, 2024


  • @maximilianoveliz2842 on January 13, 2024

    furosa… cuando quieres destruir una saga

  • @queensapphire7717 on January 14, 2024

    00:35 oh no, another remove sunglasses and look what is happening bit, like this one has not been used before. No more original thinking, everything is garbage.

  • @queensapphire7717 on January 14, 2024

    I’m surprised a remake of 1492 has not been done with a black Christopher Columbus, or the Vikangs, claiming original nordsmen were black.

  • @igorock66 on January 14, 2024

    Aff….continua lixo em 2024, decadência filmes esta assombrosa

  • @dinot3769 on January 15, 2024

    Gimme a break.

  • @v.panzer869 on January 25, 2024

    For sure Hollywood hitting the bottom with this politically correct bullshit

  • @user-hy6uu6ve3i on January 27, 2024

    Furiosa A Mad Max Saga – это огонь ) ))

  • @richbarnes2758 on February 25, 2024

    A haunted swimming pool……. really????? Absolutely awful

  • @ArwenUndomiel406 on April 18, 2024

    “Today Hollywood’s making movies for 15-year olds and China. And that’s it.” – Anthony Mackie