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New Unsealed Parts Of Trump Affidavit Show Timeline On Surveillance Video Subpoena ctm magazine

A federal judge Tuesday unsealed additional portions of an FBI affidavit laying out the basis for a search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, according to new reports. NBC News’ Tom Winter joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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New Unsealed Parts Of Trump Affidavit Show Timeline On Surveillance Video Subpoena



  • roxanne barton on September 20, 2022

    Hot diggity dog! This here looks like this is the hotspot for BluAnon conspiracy theorists!

  • Kevin Jackson on September 20, 2022

    Lmao All these misinformation spreading, butt hurt Democrats 👇

  • mogeking56 on September 20, 2022

    Trumps only proving that he is a true narcissistic psychopath grifter who is only trying to push his way through life a bull dozer he is a thief, liar 🤥, cheap shot artist 👨‍🎨, leading the new Republican Nazi Communist Party he want to make the Russians and China 🇨🇳 CCP look 👀 like child’s play. Their will be war death ☠️ and blood 🩸 according to the narcissistic psycho.

  • John Todd on September 20, 2022

    And nothing has happened once again. Lol

  • An Cud on September 20, 2022

    because God loved the world so much that he gave his only son Jesus Christ for all mankind so that any man who believes in Jesus Christ may inherit eternal life through him if we confess our sins Jesus Christ is faithful and just to forgive us and only through Jesus can we inherit eternal life

  • Rochelle Starr on September 20, 2022

    I havent heard of one single Democrat that is worried about Trump being indicted.Not one.

  • Memememe on September 20, 2022

    Everyone here realizes that the documents in the photos could not be shown legally to the public (even the folder covers) unless they had already been declassified, right?

  • Sue Fila on September 20, 2022

    And what about Bedminster and the photos of boxes being moved from Florida to his golf club?

  • Juice Time on September 20, 2022

    "BIG GOV THUMB ON THE SCALE!!" This weaponization of our justice system before a big election must stop!! Time to convene a Military Tribunal over FBI "stand down" order to Zuckerbucks of Hunter's laptop prior to 2020 election . Retire Joint Chiefs "Smiley" or hold Supreme Court trial for high treason for "Smiley" calling China offering warning to China in case President Trump orders "First Strike"… Positively Treasonous!!!! VERY DANGEROUS TO NATIONAL SECURITY FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY!!!! 99 percent of FED employees vote (D) The swamp is an incestuous cabal…. drain the swamp!!! Root out the worst swamp creatures…the "Slitherin" of the swamp!!!

  • Brian Andrews on September 20, 2022

    Tens of millions of unsolicited mail in ballots

  • Carisco 1859 on September 20, 2022

    White liberals are a poison!… Latinos for Trump! 🇺🇲💪

  • Michael Iceman jr on September 20, 2022

    All this news is gonna MAKE music about all this,AFTER the facts LMFAO but what if SOME ONE is hideing or CANT hide them RE UP on Macs about tracks POSTIVE peace 😴 of mind 😴 tracks LMFAO ,,
    Found it LMFAO
    O snap

  • Michael Iceman jr on September 20, 2022

    Country club only knows LMFAO kids behave now ,,Margo time

  • Michael Iceman jr on September 20, 2022

    They unseal his thoughts yet 🤔 sorry 🖕👮🤙😴

  • Floridalma Garrett on September 20, 2022

    God bless president Trump

  • skylark on September 20, 2022

    Trump has revealed himself to be a national security risk. Does that not mean anything as we wait for a Special Master to make a report that will have no legal value? The judge appointed someone outside the court to dr die something. But it won’t matter what he decides. Trump is a criminal and he needs to be locked up to await trial on Espionage charges. Any other spy selling classified documents would be in jail to await trial by now. Garland needs to act. This judge has outed herself as a fake judge, a Trump appointee, who ignored the rule of law to blow kisses to the criminal who appointed her. She should be impeached. She said this wasn’t in her jurisdiction. That should have ended this right there. Trump should have been forced to move case to Washington as that’s where the National Archives has jurisdiction. Lock him up. He’s still got documents.

  • OJW ENG on September 20, 2022

    Wow, does this network report on ANYTHING other than the coordinated attacks on the Democrats political enemies? It’s 90%+ Trump stories with a small sprinkling of other topics to pretend it’s still a news broadcaster.
    Go to other outlets and this topic is less than 10% of content. There are other things happening in the world believe it or not.
    It seems to have an ideological obsession, it’s very clear this is not a news agency, it’s just a political propaganda wing pumping out partisan rhetoric on a single issue.

  • Michael Barnes on September 20, 2022

    Indict! Indict! Indict!

  • RM K on September 20, 2022

    Scrut-inize Presi-dent Biden like Presi-dent Trump scrutinized. Open borders, illegals over citizens, Hill-ary Clin-ton deleted emails, President Biden's hand in son's business deals, B L M protesters loot-ing and burn-ings, Hunt-er Biden's laptop, Face-book and Twit-ter influenced by FBI. Just like President Trump's Mar-a-Lago FBI raids, Rus-sia hoax, Muell-er Report, im-peachments, Jan 6.

  • Socialism Sucks on September 20, 2022

    The MSDNC, ratings in the Democraper, enjoying another Trumpgasm🤪

  • Dan and Lucille Hadden on September 20, 2022

    Making up a story as you go, MSNBC. Guess you didn't learn anything from the Russia Hoax.

  • Matthew on September 20, 2022

    Wow! This time….maybe, possibly, could be,…….they got Trump!
    This is so stupid…….9 minutes of speculation

  • frank carone on September 20, 2022

    the judge ruled that they do not trust the DOJ , a special master has been granted and trump won again

  • frank carone on September 20, 2022

    the judge just ruled against the DOJ huge win for the great MAGA KING DONALD TRUMP

  • B s on September 20, 2022

    And the story continues

  • michael straughn on September 20, 2022

    If you are unsure or unconvinced whether Trump committed any crimes in his last 6 years, his OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE of any investigation of those alleged crimes should be proof for anyone with a logical or sane thinking mind that he committed those crimes being investigated.

  • Storm Trooper on September 20, 2022

    Democrats are barking up the wrong tree lol Trump isn’t going to run for president and your efforts have only fueled the Republican Party and opened eyes to Dems that are seeing terrible fiscal policy that is destroying America.

  • Ken Bunch on September 20, 2022

    There is no legitimacy to the raid.
    Every President has taken classified documents home.
    Every general and directors of various departments have taken classified doc's home.
    Besides, he has complete clearance.
    The statement by these two talking heads has no facts to back it up.

  • Sofie Carr on September 20, 2022

    DOJ must use a search warrant for the other golf clubs, Trump tower, Eric and Don Jr's homes..

  • MH777 on September 20, 2022

    Trump for prison! Lock him up!!