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North African Poached Eggs | Gordon Ramsay ctm magazine

Colourful twist to make a fresh, spicy and deliciously different dish that won’t take you longer than 20 minutes to make. Perfect brunch.

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • collarmole on January 17, 2021

    Shakshuka is shaking.

  • Yuri on January 20, 2021

    Ramsey didn’t want to credit shakshuka name to this because of…….? It’s ok Gordon we know you’re an ass.
    P.S. I add sliced sausage to my onions and garlic and then I fry that for extra5 minutes and then I add tomatoes lentil before cracking eggs in it, try adding your own ingredients guys!

  • Rocelyn Camacho on January 20, 2021

    Is this consider as a main dish? Thankyou for the answers

  • Sandy 13 on February 1, 2021

    Where's the rest of the sauce, you donkey?

  • Phil Hardy on February 8, 2021

    What makes it North African, you chefs are full shit, coming up with names for your dishes,

  • kamal el hodayebi on February 16, 2021

    My mom makes it better this is a to western variation and why not make it in a tajine?

  • Keith Davidson on February 21, 2021

    North African Poached Eggs = Shakshuka!

  • Hpone Naing on February 24, 2021

    Hi i cannot see the atom in the food. Can you please take it closer?

  • Ana Babin on April 12, 2021

    my teacher used to make me eat these and I hated it and now I'm nostalgic for it

  • Failed Abortion on April 16, 2021

    Tasted great but gave me one of the worst shits of my life. Burned my ass off.

  • Sherri on April 24, 2021


  • Mostly Magical on April 25, 2021

    James may VS Gordon pt. 2?

  • Kristie JR on April 30, 2021

    One of my faves ! Love garnishing with coriander and sumac

  • Scoor live on May 2, 2021

    Shakshuka Tunisian food

  • Dave D'Video Maker on May 8, 2021

    Knorr vegetable cubes would make this taste better.
    No Marco it’s your choice schit, and no other Marco schit allowed.

  • It's a TUNISIAN PLATE 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳not a north african Chakchouka

  • Brilliance Sigma on September 1, 2021

    He calls it North African eggs because he can’t pronounce Shakshuka

  • Ahmed on September 4, 2021

    Looks good however, the shakshuka dish (North African style) would ideally have a bit of tomato sauce in it. Your take still looks good.

  • J Dave on September 21, 2021

    Made this the other day, very tasty – overdid the eggs though, they came out like soft boiled eggs. Must try again and cook eggs on a low heat

  • bluemoon on October 29, 2021

    بعبارة أخرى، بيض وماطيشة 😋😋😋

  • Falcon Arakans on October 31, 2021

    You're magic chief Ramsay
    I like the way your cooking it's easy and simple way.
    God bless you always

  • Chaima Sdiri on January 8, 2022

    Tunisan shakshouka the supporter for our poverty hhjjh

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