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Omicron variant driving up child Covid-19 hospitalizations ctm magazine

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota speaks with two doctors at children’s hospitals as data shows rising numbers of hospitalizations in younger people due to Covid-19. #CNN #News



  • Bionic Goon on December 30, 2021

    This simply can't be true. Joe said he had a plan. Joe said he would SHUT the virus down. Joe said anyone responsible for that many deaths should not remain President of the United States of America. Therefore, your reporting must be wrong.

  • Lynch66 on December 30, 2021

    Wasn't that the name of the Book of the Dead ?

  • Jason Newstead on December 30, 2021

    It's alright everyone, Don will be back soon 😁

  • Real Aiglon on December 30, 2021

    In the UK, they just realized that more than a third (and counting) of “Covid admissions” to hospitals were in fact patients that checked in for entirely different reasons and were then diagnosed with Covid or even caught the virus in hospital! 😳🤪 Utterly bonkers!

  • Real Aiglon on December 30, 2021

    More and more people start to see through the media’s lies. Good. Better late than never.

  • wwwaimiecapricecom on December 30, 2021

    Another day of Covid and those who still believe there is no possible way the Scientific Community-led By Dr. Fauci made this as a bioweapon.

  • wwwaimiecapricecom on December 30, 2021

    Does anyone think it is possible that we are locking down and mandating the wrong people? Is it possible it is the Scientific Community led by Dr, Fauci that are the ones we should be locking down and mandating? Or are you all nonbelievers still worshiping at the altar of the lord Fauci?

  • wwwaimiecapricecom on December 30, 2021

    Are the genetic scientist collecting our DNA with this testing to make an even stronger more resistant bioweapon?

  • jimbruu on December 30, 2021

    F off CNN .. you’re the worst using scaretactics 24/7 . You are being sponsored by PFIZER!!!!!

  • Charles Chreptak on December 30, 2021

    Holy FEARMONGERING!!! CNN will NEVER let go of this opportunity to stay relevant! Most people can see this now quite clearly! CNN SUCKS!!!

  • wwwaimiecapricecom on December 30, 2021

    No more lockdowns or mandates. Lock the scientist in the Wuhan Lab down.

  • Dee on December 30, 2021

    I’ll say from a non political standpoint the number of non vaccinated in my 300 bed hospital went from 2 patients on 12/7 to 87 yesterday. Unbelievable stay safe guys

  • Martin Dread on December 30, 2021

    The most foolish of sheep will always believe CNN's lies… Let's Go Brandon

  • Boeingcorp on December 30, 2021

    What about vaccine mandates for Congress?

  • 1 2 on December 30, 2021

    Any word on predator producers Rick Saleeby and John Griffin driving up child victim numbers?

  • Colbyrules! my doggie on December 30, 2021

    They're A*F*T*E*R the Children, People 💉💉💉Pure Evil

  • Jeff Gutierrez on December 30, 2021

    Beat that fear drum louder, I call out the unaccountable… Who released the virus is the same making up the rules and changing definitions of words to fit the lie.

  • c dub on December 30, 2021

    I will shut the virus down
    – brandon

  • Black Moon on December 30, 2021

    It's no wonder why CNN's rating are in the toilet

  • Daniel Hew on December 30, 2021

    Social distancing must be enforced throughout the United States. Restaurants need to takes responsibility for the spreading the virus too. All restaurants should be take out only with 2 meter spacing in the line. As a society, we need to get strict to save lives. Prisons need to start housing prisoners outside in a fenced area with guard towers. Anyone caught climbing over the fence should be shot. People aren't taking the virus seriously. The virus is extremely dangerous to humans now. Countries are all ready banning flights from America.

  • Erik Dolnack on December 30, 2021

    Not one of these headlines or stories tells the other side of this coin, the GOOD news, which is that Omicron is hardly killing anyone, symptoms are extremely mild and hospitals are NOT overwhelmed. Hospitalizations remain low right now, and most hospitalizations from Omicron are very mild and incidental cases, even amidst the Omicron surge. Funny how the media totally omits the positive aspect of this story and sensationalizes this pandemic for ratings, and also for the bottom-line profits of their pharmaceutical corporate sponsors.

  • BrainNuggets on December 30, 2021

    If a child dies just make another one

  • Rowdy Gilbert on December 30, 2021

    Lies all media lies.. anyone who believes this a fool like cnn

  • HK on December 30, 2021

    The masses are just stupid to continue to believe these people

  • Justin Goodrich on December 30, 2021

    Dam no Jeff ep news from cnn today. Make me wonder if they support pedo

  • jm8373 on December 30, 2021

    Fact: Covid has gotten worse just like everything else under Biden. More people have died from Covid under Joe Biden than Trump but only thing you hear from the MSM and Democrats are Crickets🦗🦗🦗.
    Now Sleepy Joe says "There's no Federal Solution." But yet he was saying the complete opposite to get elected that "I will shut down the Virus."
    Another Joe Biden failure in the Books📚.

  • Paul on December 30, 2021

    They're trying to scare parents. At first officials said hospitalizations were up "400 %.' Then later admitted the actual numbers were very small – only 50 kids! Any child with Covid is taken seriously but please don't tell us kids have the same risk as older people!

  • Flex on December 30, 2021

    Let's go Brandon!! Viruses never stop the madness will never end fear mongering and control is all the left want so they can impose there communist agenda. F U!! Let's go Brandon!!🔥

  • jm8373 on December 30, 2021

    You can't live you life so you must Live in Fear.

  • Jake Dank on December 30, 2021

    I would like to know how many of this kids parents have the shot

  • Brian McDonald on December 30, 2021

    Schools are the safest places to be …………..a very true fact in todays America

  • Rástradamus on December 30, 2021

    Megatron is weaker than the common cold lol

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