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Orphaned girl was taken and used in Russian propaganda. Now, she tells her story ctm magazine

Kira Obedinsky was orphaned by war. She was taken from her hometown of Mariupol to a hospital in a Russian-controlled area of eastern Ukraine. She has now been reunited in Kyiv with her grandfather, and she spoke to CNN for the first time about her ordeal. CNN’s Matt Rivers reports. #CNN #News



  • anna raymond on May 3, 2022

    Russian military can only fight civilians.

  • Белый Андрей on May 3, 2022

    Вот так же англичане держа руки в карманах осваивали северную Америку. И где теперь аборигены Америки, где их скальпы. Зато нас пытаются учить. А я спрошу про хиросиму, Нагасаки, Вьетнам, Ливию, Ирак. Сомали, и так далее

  • Maritza O on May 3, 2022

    Awww she looks older … poor baby. ❤️💌

  • hitch hike mike on May 3, 2022

    Good point, best not to trust any news, be careful everyone, who knows what is real and safest to not believe any I suppose

  • Tabbatha Michaud on May 3, 2022

    I really hope they kept their hands off of her!

  • street dog vlogger on May 3, 2022

    CNN propaganda more Dengurou than Russian

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    I'm somehow thinking Kyiv is not the safest place to be… If we're using reality as our base….

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    Now Putin with his rhetoric of lightning fast response.. this thing isn't over yet he's talking about tactical nukes also definitively talking about nuking NATO contributing Nations… He symbolically surrounded Ukrainian doing but not saying what he was doing.. even denying it.. to grow much for what he is really going to be doing without bluffing.. so as the planes fly close to Poland border without talking what is he getting ready to do? And for what reason? His query is still in his sights

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    It isn't so tell me it isn't so is not going to help a damn thing… Putin is what he is and crazy that is.. whether we can realize it or not.. Ukrainian needs to sign the concessions and stop this.. stop feeding them at the altar …to be at the altar…. Ukraine our great martyrs in war no more.. we haven't got this right.. they need to know it's not going to be coming anymore. So they can adjust their decisions. This mellow drama of Jamestown it's not good.

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    How often does fear and logic not work with terrorist or crazy people with the actual intent to go to fruition with nuclear Holocaust. For their reasons irrational ones.

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    Yes he will.. and so will we all.. we must stop this.. before we all are dead.. much better to order instruct Ukraine to sign all concessions.. just temporarily out front it's going to be less casualties. Much much less

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    Some of us have and I mean some of us have self-fulfilling prophecy toward this great Armageddon.. thank you no.. can we somehow pull ourselves out of this imposing dogmatic madness?

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    At least for now doesn't non-NATO Nation mean non-NATO nation?

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    We look to bend the rules no we are violating the rules we are affecting an outcome it looks possibly in the direction of a possible overthrow of Russia.. trust cannot be in the mix.. if conventionally everyone keeps stoking it.. Russia would be crushed by the numbers conventionally.. Russia has a card to play that it must.. nuclear.. that's why Putin must warn.. he must say it.. he must mean it.!

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    The rule is the outcome we need to get some smelling sauce spash cold water on our faces and resize we're walking right in to it

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    It's going to be difficult enough for Russia to even leave without being fired upon no communication disorganized chaos.. this is a real sticky situation. They're leaving troops behind with the attempt to withdraw.. do we have the discipline to fight for Russia to allow this to end.?

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    Because civilians were encouraged to buy all the rifles out of the stores and prepare to be great Martyrs fighting to the death these words have already been spoken well before the Carnage had started.. how the heck do they know what's going on with ceasefire. Makes it impossible.. civilians need to be instructed properly.. some of them at least some of them make it very dangerous for all of them when they do sniper firing in plain clothes in places where one wouldn't expect them to be shooting from.. and we've got to read what the facts are. What the probable facts are.. and deal with that and that only.

  • Jack Parker on May 3, 2022

    It's become a dangerous abyss Quagmire gorilla war

  • Smokey on May 3, 2022

    fake news channel even donold trump said it 🤣🤣

  • john stach on May 3, 2022

    Russian people started it.wish people in Russia would get theirs.

  • Littlestone on May 3, 2022

    Like what the US is doing to immigrant families at the southern border… So sad and disgusting that countries are engaging in this brutal inhumane activity.

  • N. B. HTB  on May 3, 2022

    Tragic. 😓😓😓😓

  • NTERDK on May 3, 2022

    OMG 🤯🤮 Russia can’t even come up with a real humanitarian story – they have to create a fake story because 🇷🇺 makes no humanitarian actions what so ever! This is embarrassing for Russia and Russia is not playing by the rules. NATO/EU should have interweaves the day Putin’s Z Army drove over the 🇺🇦|🇷🇺 border!

  • Jason Sandifer on May 4, 2022

    The unnecessary War

    The unnecessary War
    Causing unnecessary pain

    Causing unnecessary destruction

    Causing unnecessary suffering

    Causing unnecessary dying

    Causing unnecessary turmoil

    Causing unnecessary tears

    Causing unnecessary

    Causing unnecessary problems

    Causing unnecessary sorrow

    Causing unnecessary displacement

    Causing unnecessary ripples throughout the entire World

    Prayers for True Peace
    And Peaceful conclusion of the unnecessary War

    Advocate for Humanity, Jason Sandifer,
    4/18/2022, 4/23/2022

  • Peace and Love on May 4, 2022

    As a Russian girl I want to apologize for this situation and for many like this. I know that they steal kids from Ukraine and send them to Russian orphanages by force. I would like to adopt a child like this. I know that it's kind of illegal from World Human Rights point of view. But it's still would be much better for him or her to stay with me than in orphanage where children are force to forget their homeland like slaves in Ottoman empire. I promise to keep memory in the child about Ukraine, Ukrainian culture and language. And one day, when the war will end and I will earn enough money (I'm still a 18 year old girl student), we will visit Ukraine together. I myself want to go there or even live there because I love Ukraine and it's culture. Great apologizes for what happened. Not all Russians are like putler and his gopnik army. It's the worst representation Russia could ever have.

  • Watching the Hawks on May 4, 2022

    CNN also using her for propaganda.

  • Duba B. on May 4, 2022

    Russia is a Nazi occupier. The Ukrainian land is black because the bones of the Russian and Nazi occupiers are rotting in it. The curse will come to Russian soldiers for all the atrocities committed against Ukrainian girls … women

  • Jesse Halter on May 4, 2022

    And now she's being used for American propaganda. Thanks CNN.

  • Walt Simonson on May 4, 2022

    God Bless her , but Putin still sucks , War still sucks , and the " woke" still suck

  • Ekaterina Lokshina on May 4, 2022

    So basically the story goes like this:
    A girl was wounded by a mine. (Who put mines in the city, I wonder?)
    She was taken by Russian or DNR soldiers to a hospital in Donbass and was treated there.
    The only thing you can hear from her about the hospital is that the food was not tasty. Is food tasty at your local hospital?
    We all can imagine what is going on in hospitals there at the moment. But CNN does not tell us about it.
    Then her grandfather came and took her home. Which means that her grandfather was able to get there, pick the girl up, and get back.
    Someone gave her an iPad. She likes the iPad.
    Russian propaganda said that the girl received the medical treatment. CNN confirmed that she did. Russian propaganda did not lie.
    Thank heavens the girl is on the mend.

    What would have happened to the girl if she had not been "taken by Russians" to the hospital?

    And who did the "miraculous saving" the CNN is telling us about?

  • Jason Brown on May 4, 2022

    cnn talking about propaganda as if it holds the high ground

  • Hanarahman221 on May 5, 2022

    All tv propaganda all sides.

  • Shebby The spyro on May 5, 2022

    Seems like game play

  • Joselin on May 8, 2022

    Also never forget how many father's were killed during invasion of their countries by US military. No admitting of war crimes ever…no CNN report of the struggle in every day life in Iraq for example .
    Bush in international court…will we ever see that day ?

  • Sad . But what is equally sad: CNN has committed apartheid by reason of sweeping 🧹 under the rug 63 million abortion murders of children in the womb ( the womb for all of us here is sacred right and safe -space that no mother or CNN death-cult reporters should infringe upon) by way of omission! Shame on CNN, Pelosi , Biden and their death-cult followers ( death-o-cretic party has always advocated violence upon human beings: against the American Indian and against African Americans and upon Chikdren in the womb)! Stand up against them!!! Imagine a world without Democratic killers!!! Open borders means open wombs!!! Hispanic Latin Americans and Ukrainians,,,,, surge the border with as many beautiful babies in your womb as possible!!! Give birth to your beautiful babies, and have 15 kids per family!!! In so doing we will over-run Pelosi and Biden, put them on trial and take over the Southern USA which the Democrats stole from Mexico!!!

  • Debbie Johnston on May 19, 2022

    I have sincerely Worried about this young lady since your first report about her!!!

  • Debbie Johnston on May 19, 2022


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