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Owner Makes the Guests Sign a “Clean Waiver”! | Hotel Hell ctm magazine

At least Gordon liked the food truck

#GordonRamsay #Cooking

Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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  • degaulle30 on December 12, 2021

    'OK that's the last video I'm going to bed it's late….'

    Next video is titled 'Drunk restaurant owner vomits in food then serves it to Gordon'


  • Sweety Girl on December 13, 2021

    Taste of New Mexico- Christmas quesadilla 🤮

  • Brendan Riley on December 18, 2021

    Mr Ramos knows what he is doing. Took off the plastic glove immediately after shaking Gordon's hand to maintain hygiene.

  • Ivory Mantis on December 19, 2021

    Shook his hand and remembered to change his glove.
    Good man.

  • Theoretical Theif on December 19, 2021

    You know he's a good cook. As soon as he shook his hand, he pulled the glove off.

  • Vivian Cathcart on December 20, 2021

    This owner is a freak!

  • Uyathandwa Bacela on December 21, 2021

    Her: alote of people come here to hear me sing
    Me and my family: cap……

  • Nath on December 22, 2021

    If i could turn back time!

  • B4 on December 22, 2021

    Sorry any hotel or restaurants that have the owner sing has got to raise red flags. Not saying people dont like that sort o stuff, but certainly not me

  • rashanda on December 23, 2021


  • Memoreism on December 23, 2021

    Wait the owner is singing to the guests??

  • V H on December 24, 2021

    The kid of the food truck changing his glove after shake hands with gordon he is just a prep cook but is neat as a chef should be

  • Lizbeth on December 26, 2021

    I think hotels/inns are pretty basic. What do you want when you stay at one? All OSHA, health food standards followed obviously, clean and staff availability but not up your butt with a list of demands. Food up to par and available. As an owner, what do you expect?

  • lukhw1n on December 28, 2021

    "I have quite a bit of people who come here TO hear me sing."

    That means the MAJORITY of your people don't want to hear you sing. That's how you are losing the business, you delusional twat.

  • Gaby Almiron on December 28, 2021


  • JackalBlaze on December 29, 2021

    Damn I wanna try food from that food truck…

  • whateverdude1 on December 30, 2021

    They all said the nice way of saying she has a shitty voice lol

  • Paul Redner on December 30, 2021

    People come to the bar to hear me sing signed. Donald trump's college course zzzz

  • HappyDays on January 4, 2022

    Imagine waiting in line and seeing someone walk ahead of you and eat?
    They weren't showing the people in the back for a reson 😂😂
    I'm surprised no one was really excited to see him, if I was there I'd be jumping up and down!! Its Ramsey, definitely one of my fave celebs

  • B L on January 10, 2022

    There is a time to sing another time not to sing if it bothers the customers don't do it don't be so egotistical you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable and come back it's like having some good guess at your house and what do you do when you have guests at your house you make them feel extremely comfortable and when they leave they jump in the car and they say that was the best dinner the best host that was amazing night we're just going to have to reciprocate not saying you are doing something to have someone reciprocate but just do something for people so that makes them feel good after all if they're your guests and there is your friend why not show love true hospitality so this woman shouldn't sing she should take the advice I certainly would I turn on some good music that everybody enjoyed if that's what they liked

  • B L on January 10, 2022

    I would be totally ashamed and embarrassed to have a pool that look like that good grief Charlie Brown who peed in the pool

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