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Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard gives away company to combat climate change ctm magazine

Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and his family are giving away their ownership in the apparel maker to protect land and fight climate change. CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’ team discuss.



  • Warsame T on September 20, 2022

    People who don’t agree on everything but having a conversation. So rare 😂

  • Misquoted on September 20, 2022

    It also helps them avoid about $700M in taxes.

  • patrick blikkie on September 20, 2022

    Donations are lightning rods in the home of the rich and powerful.
    The rich are the scum of the earth in every country.

  • Jamajalama on September 20, 2022

    Sooooo this guy got the job because of his eyes..

  • Jimbo Jimbo on September 20, 2022

    Fair play to him, I certainly wouldn’t do that

  • Jonathan Arndt on September 20, 2022

    The guy with the blue tie has no understanding of climate change.

  • AudrEYheart21 on September 20, 2022

    🙏❤ “The ostrich lays her eggs on top of the earth, letting them be warmed in the dust. She doesn’t worry that a foot might crush them or a wild animal might destroy them. She is harsh toward her young, as if they were not her own. She doesn’t care if they die. For God has deprived her of wisdom. He has given her no understanding. But whenever she jumps up to run, she passes the swiftest horse with its rider. -Job 39:13-18 NLT

    🙏❤ "Then Job replied to the Lord: “I know that you can do anything, and no one can stop you. You asked, ‘Who is this that questions my wisdom with such ignorance?’ It is I — and I was talking about things I knew nothing about, things far too wonderful for me. I take back everything I said, and I sit in dust and ashes to show my repentance.” -Job 42:1-6 NLT

    🙏❤ My servant Job will pray for you, and I will accept his prayer on your behalf. I will not treat you as you deserve, for you have not spoken accurately about me, as my servant Job has.”

    So the Lord blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning. In all the land no women were as lovely as the daughters of Job. And their father put them into his will along with their brothers. -Job 42:8, 12-15 NLT

  • Kevin Douglas on September 20, 2022

    Saving billion in taxes while giving to a trust he no doubt controls.

  • Dale Hamelin on September 20, 2022

    44% are boosted up in hospitals in UK

  • Reality Check on September 20, 2022

    His transfer of control of his company to an "non-profit" is NOT all what it appears. This move allows Chouinard and his family to avoid paying hundreds of millions of dollars in federal capital-gains taxes and estate and gift taxes.

  • Shawn Sanders on September 20, 2022 THE FOUNDER OF GREEN PEACE SOME REAL REPORTING

  • Brian Grimmer on September 20, 2022

    Just the beginning

    In Holarchy order, because;

    – Profit is meaningless without Purpose

    – Purpose is meaningless without People

    – People are meaningless without Planet

    Hence Planet 🌎 is our only shareholder ….

  • stenbak88 on September 20, 2022

    Go for it

  • MrGreasysqueeze on September 20, 2022

    this does literally nothing. it's a giant virtue signal. people need to get their head out of their ass and do some research about our planet before you continue to screech about how bad the climate is

  • ThinkingForward on September 20, 2022

    Mr. Chouinard is a fantastic model of giving back to the nature that we rely on because it’s a climate emergency. Greenhouse gas emissions are number one. I completely do not agree with the speaker who wants to ignore that the climate is in crisis as in Pakistan and wants to dilute Chouinard’s clear and critical focus on climate right now before we reach a bad tipping point. Just look at the fires in the US alone…. The speaker who disagrees with a singular focus on GHG emissions is missing the point-if we don't bring GHG emissions down really fast, it can cost trillions of dollars of economic impacts in the future. He is missing completely that a stitch in time literally saves nine and that the money spent now to lower emissions will mean many times more savings in the future from avoiding even worse wildfires, flooding, droughts, extreme weather and sea level rise that will other wise occur. Just read the IPCC report! start on page 9 of this pdf! It lays it out clearly what will happen if we do not do what Mr. Chouinard is advocating for the future of mother nature!

  • Vince Hill on September 20, 2022

    Will his donation speed up the climate warming? It has been a cold winter, followed by a cool summer and now we're heading into another cold winter…where is this magical climate warming?

  • Kreteman 777 on September 20, 2022


  • Daniel Lopez on September 20, 2022

    He's right, it needs to be focused and with purpose. All things you said were correct.

  • Noob Army on September 20, 2022

    Yea right

  • Agrippa Marcus on September 20, 2022

    Before proclaiming he is “giving away his money”, you should check the ownership/trustees/beneficiary/management of the nonprofit organization that will own Patagonia; how much estate tax would him/his heirs would have to pay if they take over; are his family members or management teams that draw money from the company? How do we know it’s not just the typical billionaire estate planning to avoid federal estate tax?

  • nini0405 on September 20, 2022

    Talking about Yvon Chouinard this amazing man with the big subtitle "Saving the Planet" while drinking coffee from plastic cups in a tv studio?! Really?!

  • Brenda Tenorio on September 20, 2022

    Older guy gets it!

  • Brenda Tenorio on September 20, 2022

    Younger guy n woman don't get!

  • Brenda Tenorio on September 20, 2022

    Yes, singular focus on emissions is right. Oceans, Amazon forrest, wildlife, water preservation. This man is right!!!

  • Augusta on September 20, 2022

    soros, buffet, gates did the same thing and we are not fooled by this shameless lie. we know why these billionaires are doing this, they are gradually taking over the planet by lying to us. we don't accept this brainwashing

  • Manuel Garcia on September 20, 2022

    At least he is not giving assets to the utopian, anarchists and socialists like Soros.
    By the way, this guy should have read more physics before he gives away $ to no win initiatives.
    Converting a Sun Photon to electrical energy is maximized at 33 % efficiency. We are at 26%
    Wind efficiency stops at 60% We are at 45%.
    Even if we could get to max efficiency, it is not enough or anywhere near what is needed.

    Batteries? It will take 500 years for the largest battery maker (Tesla) to produce enough to store ONE DAY of electrical requirements for the US.
    Solar panels? The International Renewable Energy Agency calculated that by year 2050, disposal of Solar panels will double all of todays tonnage of plastic waste.

  • carson mango on September 20, 2022

    the big problem with going public is you want to drive sequential growth, it's not for every company… some companies grow over years, decades, while others may be more suited to drive that growth/expansion (aka. go public).

  • carson mango on September 20, 2022

    once we understand fusion, we should use hydrogen, you still gotta go to the pump haha

  • Mike Frame on September 20, 2022

    "common ground' Is heating up and will be soon un-inhabitable. Climate change focus is the best return on investment.

  • E.L. Norton on September 20, 2022

    Well, there's one born every minute. All you can do is laugh at these cultists.

  • Cheri Smith on September 20, 2022

    This is absolutely the most ridiculous, brain-dead headline I've read in some time. Just when you think it can't get stupider, they go and prove you wrong.

  • Garry Wilmeth on September 20, 2022

    Unbutton that collar and do a little reading. There isn't a singular focus and many of the things you mentioned are important to Patagonia.

  • Curt E on September 20, 2022

    Company goes out of business in 1 year 2 years maximum.

  • Lawrence George on September 20, 2022


  • J L on September 20, 2022

    The best thing about his decision is it avoids the incompetent government. That money will go directly to the cause without going to a bunch of useless government employees and politicians.

  • Natasha Vodianova on September 20, 2022

    If everybody did their part we would not be in this horrible situation. Everyone's at fault and everyone is greedy.

  • Truthspiller on September 20, 2022

    Lets be honest here. If money was the solution to problems, we wouldnt be having any.
    Funding is available, its the people who handle that funding that are incompetent.
    It would have been better if he would have used the money to do some actual good rather than giving it away.

  • Luis Olivera on September 20, 2022

    Those people belong in a communist country(every billionaire is a policy failure, they said) 😆🖕🏻

  • Bohumir Novák on September 20, 2022


  • thejeffinvade on September 20, 2022

    The kids don't want the money? I found it hard to believe.

  • Mid-Class VS Sup-Rich on September 20, 2022

    Lots of short positions in this market so bulls know what to do to make money.
    Fluck these Clowns talking.

  • lp on September 20, 2022

    Boomer: Vegans, Zoomers, and Hippies are lazy and don't want to work…
    Also Boomer: @02:27 – Here is what could fix the planet… 😂 (Less Water Usage: Plant Base Foods, Less Plastics: Minimalism, Less AIr Polution: Anti-Car Movement)

  • James Campbell on September 20, 2022

    When you charge 350 dollars for a 20 dollar jacket you can afford to do these kind of things.

  • Chiquita on September 20, 2022

    This is just a tax loophole like Gates, Buffett and the Facebook guy. Foh

  • ummerrahh on September 20, 2022

    This is an advertisement scheme. You will all run out and buy their products now.

  • Robert Quigley on September 20, 2022

    China's CO2 emissions have dropped significantly over last four quarters. China has installed exponentially more wind, solar, nuclear, hydro, HVDC, high speed rail than the rest of the world combined. The old guys rant ignores the reality that his legitimate concerns are COMPLETELY intertwined with greenhouse gases emissions. Water, air, land resources are NOT INDEPENDENT from each other. Think of your own body! Do you ever show interest in your internal organs outside of when they've failed? Of course not. We tend to the visible part of us often as if our OUTSIDES we're not one with our INSIDES, yet we know without our internal organs we do not exist. As far as today's uber focus on hydrocarbons goes we have no choice. Decades of foot dragging by this old guy and the cult of individual wealth at the expense of the commons has our backs against a wall. We're adding 51 BILLION tons and risng of greenhouse gases every year Yes we MUST have nuclear power, and at least initially some hydrocarbon based power plants . Unfortunately media outlets like this have been playing he said she said misdirection games for decades willfully ignoring the science. The exact same laws of physics that make the internet work, cell phones, MSNBC broadcasts are telling us we're in a dangerous loop of ever increasing damages to our only home. Secondarily as Chsrley Munger recently said on your network he wants hydrocarbons left in the ground, not for Greek reasons though. He recognizes that the molecules are crucial to civilization and we have no readily available replacements. The molecules are the feed stock of thousands of products on which civilization has been built without which we will no longer be able to feed 8 billion precious humans. Burning them for energy, transportation is an act of self destruction particularly when you realize there are readily available replacements. In addition the WEALTH being built on this new model will dwarf the combined wealth generation crested since beginning of modern humans.

  • Bromander on September 20, 2022

    All the things he mentioned are product of or related to climate change. Ocean acidification for example. It’s global problem that needs a global solution, that’s why the ”obsession” with co2 emissions exist – because they are the main driving force of climate change. No amount of saving your local river is going to help there unfortunately.