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Peach Pie – How to Make a Lattice-Top Peach Pie ctm magazine

Learn how to make a Lattice-Top Peach Pie recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2014/08/lattice-top-peach-pie-how-to-weave.html for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Peach Pie recipe!



  • Michael Chahin on November 12, 2019

    Dear john, how long in advance can I make the dough? And can I make it and place it in the freezer. Thank you

  • Clau77 on November 28, 2019

    Tapa tapa Shaka Shaka 👍making this pie in Brasil today! It’s summer Thanksgiving over here 🍑🥧 peaches are amazing right now!

  • Leo B on December 1, 2019

    Thank looks yummy 😋 😋 😋 😋 👏👏👏

  • pschroeter1 on December 23, 2019

    I used this when I made my Christmas mincemeat pie.

  • Onion Ring on February 2, 2020

    We want the guests to suspect there might be cinnamon in there but they’re not sure 😂

  • Engineer on February 29, 2020

    The way he talks is soooo annoying. Amazing recipe, though.

  • Private Pilot J Morris on March 9, 2020

    You should add the lemon juice when you add the sugar and salt. Also, add the tablespoon of butter into the syrup, then toss the fruit in the syrup, then add it to the pie. This way all the fruit will have the syrup with butter on it.

  • Fatxiya Hussein on March 26, 2020

    He is talking to Much

  • catherine valli on April 8, 2020


  • Alistair Micha on April 16, 2020

    Actually they are not peaches anyway…

  • Sunny Anne on May 7, 2020

    I love this video! I laughed several times… at a peach pie recipe? Definitely making this, thank you!

  • Phillip Gathright on May 8, 2020

    Listening to THIS man's voice… For too long. Makes me want to KILL him. And by that I mean murder. Perhaps with cayenne. But MAYBE not. It's up to you. By which I mean, it's really not.

  • Zaxor Von Skyler on May 8, 2020

    Here's a pro tip: Instead of a lemon slice squeeze an orange slice! It brings out the fruity flavor of the peaches and makes it so much more delicious!

  • Sreelekshmy Panicker on June 4, 2020

    Chef John… you are awesome…

  • The first peaches are just ripening now. It's a good time to make peach pie.

  • Dubstep Classics on June 11, 2020


  • Tara B on June 15, 2020

    I made this last night and it was a HIT! Thank you!

  • In Pro Per on June 23, 2020

    That is the most delicious peach pie I have ever seen! But what if you don't know if your store has frestones?

  • John Boyd on July 3, 2020

    Chef John: just made this pie. First peach pie, first lattice top. It exceeded all expectations! So darn good. Sweet, juicy peaches. Fantastic. I'm almost 70 years old, just expanding my skills. Thank you so much for the explanation and tips. We are uncomfortably full. But grinning.

  • WarmWoolSox Good on July 12, 2020

    Yes this is 5 years old now but it’s about the most perfect.. ok that’s absurd, most perfect bits the perfect peach pie with lattice top video EVER. Swiftly moving, witty, expecting viewers to be halfway intelligent, with sly remarks dropped here and there and above all?
    Damn Good Peach Pie! And gorgeous.
    Chef John: made for this.
    Thanks, Chef. I always come back to this video tutorial when ’latticing’. And yes, I regretfully admit I just ‘verbed’ lattice.. and verb. :-/

  • Open to Spirit on July 18, 2020

    This is my second year making this pie. It’s incredible and people LOVE it. My moms boyfriend even paid me to make him one 😂. Thank you!

  • bhavesh madaan on July 20, 2020

    An amazing peach pie recipe i have ever tried. Thanks for sharing this recipe with all of us. Even i have a special peach pie recipe as well. Check out the recipe here:

  • Samantha Jauregui on July 28, 2020

    Love this tutorial!!!

  • Marilyn Sanchez on August 3, 2020

    I love you

  • videomejoe on August 6, 2020

    Dear Chef John, can I freeze this pie before baking? I have a basket of peaches, so I was thinking to make a number of pies and freeze them. Would I thaw the pie first, then bake, or just bake the frozen pie in the oven longer?

  • Tinkerbell Bo on August 15, 2020

    I love you, like a fat kid loves pie.

  • Sherry Rook on August 18, 2020

    I made this Peach Pie yesterday. Followed your instructions and this was the best Peach Pie! Thank you so much!

  • Sophia Sarfraz on August 26, 2020

    Can I use brown sugar instead? Since I don’t have white sugar available 😭

  • Doug N Bodie on August 27, 2020

    You made my peach pie making time with the family a great time…Thanks

  • Doug N Bodie on August 27, 2020

    Best cooking line of all time. "You got to be the Mark Rypien of your dough strip flippin"

  • White Men are So Sexy on August 30, 2020

    I like the fact that it's not runny, looks delicious 😋😋

  • Kima Hunanyan on September 9, 2020

    It is like he lingers the sentence

  • In Pro Per on September 30, 2020

    I hate to ask but can you use canned peaches? If so do you have to do anything differently? Sorry no fresh peaches on hand.

  • Deja Smith on October 3, 2020

    How do you do this with canned peaches does it mess it up? I don't bake that much but I've only used canned or frozen fruit so I'm not sure.

  • منتدى محبي الزراعه on October 30, 2020

    زراعة شجرة الخوخ من البذور


  • Karen Dadd on November 6, 2020

    I like it with a scoop of rice lol

  • Bread Sandwich on November 20, 2020

    You HAVE to find freestone. I did this pie with non-freestone peaches and it took me forever to get the pits out and I had to cut up the peaches all willy nilly because they kept breaking into bits as I tried to get the seed off. This is an amazingly wonderful pie though

  • Ryan Lamp on December 24, 2020

    For some strange reason, I can't find a single frozen peach pie in my entire state of AZ. I've literally been to 10 stores, driven probably a total of 100 miles, in search of a frozen peach pie. I find lots of apple, several types of custard, plenty of pecan, and a few cherry here and there, but as for peach, you'd think I was asking for weapons grade plutonium. So here I am with my bags of frozen peaches and my willingness to do whatever it takes, just so I can have a peach pie for Christmas. Happily, I'm the ONLY one in my entire family who likes peach pie, so SCORE!!!

  • Heather on January 14, 2021

    Chef John flexing his freakish strength – “I just tore this peach apart…”

  • Edward Caplan on February 18, 2021

    how does the base cook properly?

  • ysanne godoy on March 31, 2021

    this actually looks pretty good !

  • Shaky Hand Pictures on August 7, 2021

    Every single recipe I’ve tried has been outstanding! Made this filling and did tarts, 1/2 the sugar and they were, past tense, delicious! Best on YouTube by far!

  • Lisa Leidy on August 13, 2021

    Thank you, Chef John, this is absolutely delicious!! I cheated and bought my crust, but no matter! I also thought 1 cup seemed like an awful lot of sugar, so I cut it back to 2/3 cup, and I thought it was perfect!

  • Sarah McDonough on August 25, 2021

    i havent had a recipe fail me like this in years. i followed everything as closely as i could (with exception of the crust, but thats not my issue really) with some common-sense changes like letting the peaches sit straining for a bit longer to get out more juice, and leaving the pie in the oven for over 1h 15 minutes. pie is waterier than ive ever seen, and bottom crust is just absolutely soaked. really sad since i wasted so many gorgeous peaches on it 🙁 wish i had just eaten them.

  • Sam on August 28, 2021

    Stop talking in up speak

  • John Skarin on August 30, 2021

    Leave the pie crust rolled up to cut the straps. My pizza cutter needs an alignment, can't cut straight lines. Looks like pinking shears!

  • The Food Haulier on November 1, 2021

    Thank you for sharing your yummy peach pie recipe!

  • Frank Barone on December 6, 2021

    I miss those big soft furry and sweet Georgia peaches. I can't find them in New York markets anymore. Now their all GMO white flesh imported and hard with no flavor. So sad. It's getting like that with a lot of produce. Even many strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew melons now have hard flesh that just doesn't taste the same. If any growers read this, please stop breading inferior tasteless fruit.

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