• @ProjectLastDays on May 13, 2024

    Jesus he is the son of God king of kings and lord of lords so what is your point?

  • @fenix310 on May 13, 2024

    The JEWS KILLED Jesus

  • @fenix310 on May 13, 2024

    His blood is on Jews hands

  • @essakhan-oh2vh on May 14, 2024

    sabeth was for those living on the seaside not for all those who defied the sabeth g God punished them and made them not following the sabeth ………if you want you to be as then see what follow . easy for God ۔

  • @glenfry7462 on May 14, 2024

    Be not deceived for many shall come saying they are the Christ.

  • @robertbailey481 on May 14, 2024

    Thank you God for your goodness and mercy on my soul 🙏

  • @louisbarbisan2608 on May 15, 2024

    One thing that is not mentioned of this letter is.
    This letter was written to Giulius Seaser, the Emperor of Rome.
    You all must read or listen the the translation of this letter.
    I do too wants to know how this letter was brought to light, and why it was it was not till now.
    I wonder how many letters or books are still kept in the dark, and who's responsible for neglecting us all to know.
    I was a Catholic Christian, but most of my life I have been an Atheist for 55+ years and married to a wonderful Christian woman for 50 years.

  • @Ggdivhjkjl on May 16, 2024

    St Pilate was determined to let him go and washed his hands of innocent blood while the Jews demanded his death and cursed their own children with the guilt of his blood.

  • @user-yr3ty6je7g on May 17, 2024

    You have a sick demented mind! Your mocking will face you someday.

  • @yetty4032 on May 19, 2024

    Jesus is the men who cares and loves this world except every one .love u Jesus come back to save us .yes we r sinner more sinner than that time .😢😢

  • If a certain person is afraid of his own shadow when they ask where he is and he is the one who considers himself a son of God as confident in his righteousness and he runs away like a coward then he has no faith and no way because otherwise from what should he run, but rather he should stand behind his word and opinions and stand up and say to everyone 'Say That I'm in such and such a place', so that's why you say that someone whistled, it seems like a pathetic attempt by the Romans to make a fool of the poor Jews.

    Everyone understands that the pagan sorcerers who created the religion of Christianity (with the cruel and sick inquisition for anyone who is not a Christian) did it only for one purpose and that is to conflict between the nations (after that they invented Islam), and understand that all religions are a lie in the form of hatred and enmity in their messages and commandments against nations or other religions. And just try to imagine how much anger and desire to vent chaotically is caused to someone who hears you say about him that his children will suffer for something they did not do at all. And let's say there was someone who was harassed, what do you want from the rest of the Jews and their children, do you perhaps now understand the extent of the cruelty?

  • @Sonsoflight3000 on May 20, 2024

    Remember what Jesus said, false prophets and false prophets will come in my name, do not allow yourself to be deceived.

  • @gracejoe123 on May 20, 2024

    This could never be me in this situation they would be dragging me out of there for thrashing 🥷🥷

  • @ClownWorld-1984 on May 20, 2024

    The enemies of Christianity are rewriting history to cover their crimes

  • @user-el3yt6ol8d on May 21, 2024

    Why to believe on cheater pontius

  • @BarrysRiley-kk8zz on May 22, 2024

    Sin is an act against the rule of Life as an expression of Being One with the Source of a Loving Light… TRUTH… The Light of Being in realm of Chaos, the Realm of Transgression…The way of the Secret against the Self…

  • @mustafayenigun6112 on May 22, 2024

    My dear friend, which god will help me?
    God the father,
    God his human son,
    or Will the mother goddess,the woman who gives birth to God, or the holy spirit god, their assistant,
    open my way?
    I would be happy
    if yolu decide.
    I'm confused in this abundance of gods.

  • @irudayarajpackiam2119 on May 23, 2024

    history was as written by historians and about jesus the englush year bc and ad .itself is the proof .that jesus is living god in our hearts who ever they may be living in this earth .praise to jesus .hail mary .

  • @kimbroughbesheer on May 24, 2024

    The Jews did not crucify Jesus. Withput the Roman decision it was impossible.

  • @SejoSanti. on May 25, 2024

    That man is not Jesus

  • @tomray8765 on May 27, 2024

    Jesus came to take away our KARMA or "sin debt" so that when our bodies die we can enter into "The GOD Plane" (HEAVEN) and become one with him and God. The Proto-Buddhists and Buddhist belief connections have this Karma concept and "soul evolution" where the person works his /her way UP through several planes of spiritual existence UNTIL they finally reach this "God/God plane". They do this by living several lifetimes (Reincarnation) trying to do good deeds to get rid of their Karma and trying to avoid gaining MORE Karma at the same time. This process could take many lifetimes and eons. Sometimes, great "spiritual teachers" will help them out by taking ON a student's karma. Jesus does this one better (He IS GOD, after all) by taking on the KARMA of the entire world. We just have to accept his gift. With Jesus, Buddhism and its reincarnations become IRRELEVANT, as We can reach HEAVEN in one lifetime through JESUS. Remember Hell, Sheol, Hades are the DEFAULT "Realms of the dead" everybody goes to when they die All different words for the same place. And have both "good and Bad(punishment) places in them. (The fires of Tarsus vs, the Elisian Fields, for example) , but they are still the "Lower Planes of the dead. HEAVEN is the realm of LIFE. This is what Jesus means when he says he has come to give us eternal life—–Living on the God planes rather in the realm of the dead in the afterlife.

  • @osanders22 on May 28, 2024

    He wasn't white.

  • @anthonylobo529 on May 28, 2024

    The more you learn, the more interest is kindled and the more you desire to obtain correct facts and factual evidence that conclusively proves / disproves the accepted picture traditionally presented for widespread consumption
    Jesus's stature only rises upwards with each revelation
    Praise the Lord
    ❤❤❤❤ 💯

  • @MrRizviSAb on May 28, 2024

    He was not son of God

  • @MrRizviSAb on May 28, 2024

    God has no son

  • @johnnyseemore456 on May 28, 2024

    Did not know that in Jesus day he had Democrats that set upon Jesus to kill him

  • @MrRizviSAb on May 28, 2024

    Jesus peace be upon him is alive

  • @theoceandragonfly on May 29, 2024

    People who call themselves Christians should have the love of God and Jesus in them. Just remember everyone sins every day, so no one should say anything about anyones sins in order to condem anyone. Spread the message of forgiveness and love and to become a child of God and how to be saved and baptized. You must first believe in God and his Son Jesus and the sacrifice Jesus made to save all sinners of humanity. Become born again of the spirit and be baptized.

  • @user-ee6je8xu3b on May 29, 2024

    It's a sin to own land, Jesus would not have owned and thing but the cloths on his back.

  • @KusumamPM-ip7wb on May 30, 2024

    What are trying to put out

  • @user-lk2is1ny1r on May 31, 2024

    It's is what happened but what happened next he 3 day after he rose from the dead and it beautiful

  • @sabirahmed6590 on May 31, 2024

    So the Jesus was killed by same jews who are committing genocide now in gaza .

  • @zalobo on June 1, 2024


  • Historical truths are now getting more shining
    . Jesus Christ is the only true God.

  • @EricDennisAdaka on June 2, 2024

    I believe he will take us to the letter later on this message.

  • @user-ym7lh6jk4t on June 2, 2024

    He is lord

  • @AtomWosoe on June 4, 2024

    Where's pilate s letter .

  • @robertmanella528 on June 4, 2024

    I believe the 4 gospels rather than an evil Roman leader!!