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President Donald J Trump Speaks At NRA Convention In Houston, Texas 5/27/22 ctm magazine

President Trump is scheduled to speak at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum. Other speakers include Gov. Greg Abbott, State Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw.
Photo Credit: Alamy.com

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  • Whatever on May 28, 2022

    Very poised, President and substantive address….. kinda wish Trump had done or presented that way more while he was in office; as opposed to the repetitive simplistic sloganeering masquerading as speeches coupled with random stream-of-Consciousness deviations and forever punching down to satanic press!!! Jus Saying…

  • Craig B. Smith on May 28, 2022

    They are having a discussion on stupidity is what they are doing!

  • Todd Black on May 28, 2022

    Activist arguing against other citizen Constitutional Rights, which are God given, fail to understand that they arguing against their very own Rights. Do they not see that what they dispute is their very own Freedom? How do they not comprehend the consequence of demanding the denial of ours and their Rights, if it were to come to fruition is nothing less than the path to damnable bondage? What Astonishing ignorant arrogance. These are shamelessly Shameful Shameful Shameful people .

  • Steve Oh on May 28, 2022

    No joke the best president of my lifetime. Miss him running our country. Imagine where we'd be if he was still running it. We'd have zero of these issues we are facing and a robust thriving economy with little inflation. Vote in the the ultra maga King 2024!

  • Juanita Henry on May 28, 2022

    Yeah Mark Robinson loving loving loving

  • Hermes Trismegistus on May 28, 2022

    tiny protest. dont engage in debates if you dont have the arguments past their talking points. Children should learn about ANATOMY not about sex acts and sexual preferences before high school. Should've called out the student for outright lying as well. You have to be specific about these things to nail these child abusers.

  • Dawn Goode on May 28, 2022


  • Dawn Goode on May 28, 2022


  • Batman Tm on May 28, 2022

    The United States is heading towards the abyss of communism, and the American people need to wake up quickly!

  • Mad Anto on May 28, 2022

    Trump is a saint Biden is a sinner.

  • CAHMAHK KANG on May 28, 2022

    트럼프 만만세

  • Toto Kamoto on May 28, 2022

    💕💕💕 President Trump , 💕💕💕 The GREATEST POTUS EVER !!!!!!

  • Jim Dep on May 28, 2022

    Trump 2024
    He is a proven great President.
    No one else that I know of could withstand the daily torment and have the resources to overcome the vile punishment dished out by the democrats , corrupted media allies and corrupted big tech companies.

  • Enlightened Fool on May 28, 2022

    Wow, just wow.

  • Juanita Henry on May 28, 2022

    Thank you President Donald Trump we love you

  • Steve Oh on May 28, 2022

    Wow mark Robinson….amazing

  • Juanita Henry on May 28, 2022

    The NWO wants to get rid of lead because he they know it is not there friend

  • Johnny Rife on May 28, 2022

    Thanks President Trump….45th and 46th

  • goop1979 on May 28, 2022

    1st of all to the 1st gentleman the old bald guy let me let him know something it's not an assault rifle it's a semi automatic issue a 22 caliber which is extremely f**** small it is for hunting it just designed a little differently to look like it would go in a military field you would be a f**** fool to take this to war

  • Sue Bird on May 28, 2022

    The protestors r sent by the dems

  • carlo pedersolo on May 28, 2022

    Support from Italy! Grazie RSBN for the work!

  • Hermes Trismegistus on May 28, 2022

    President Trumps 1,2, 3 combination punches for solutions to securing the schools were spot on.

  • hell yeah on May 28, 2022

    They guy who used horn making non sense loud noise avoiding a logical conversation with RSBN is a radical emotional act. He has been brainwashed or paid by the radical lefts

  • sebastiano luciano on May 28, 2022

    Trumpt is a great role model

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