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Range 15 | Full Zombie Movie ctm magazine

**This film is under license from Vision Films Inc. All rights reserved**

Range 15 – A group of veterans wake up after a night of partying to find out that the zombie apocalypse has spread across the United States. Together, they must fight their way across the country in order to find a cure for the outbreak and restore freedom before it’s too late.

Stars: Danny Trejo, William Shatner, Sean Astin, Keith David

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  • Seth Perry on July 23, 2021

    anyone know what scene Zombie Killer by rob bailey starts playing?

  • Security Guard Ryan on July 25, 2021


  • Gray Anderson on July 26, 2021

    Oh, My poor brain…all my neurons are dying

  • Nikki Sims on July 28, 2021

    What a blast.

  • Eric on July 31, 2021

    DANGER do NOT forget to type "no homo"

  • JT on August 1, 2021

    Best movie ever !

  • Lederrick Coleman on August 1, 2021

    Dame homiegirl in all black looking good stunning and beautifully she one tall ladies nice ton and fit

  • bobkats on August 5, 2021

    If this movie does not scoop all the awards I will be shock, all we Aussie's can say is God Bless America.

  • Matthew McKenzie on August 6, 2021

    Wow, I think this is the worst piece of crap I've ever seen. Fragile losers. These guys are definitely members of the Film Actors Guild.

  • BRAVOMIKE 76 on August 8, 2021


  • ed dead on August 14, 2021

    38:02 what an intro

  • Markus Kraköwski on August 22, 2021

    This is the most cursed comment section ever

  • Parker Drennan on August 22, 2021

    Almost everyone in this movie is awful, Mat Best is a fucking psychopath

  • Bmdmix on August 24, 2021

    wat a waste of time

  • Jc Jayc on August 30, 2021

    3 minutes into this and he gets arrested for beating up a trans person. This movie is going to fucking suck

  • kraftyNiNja on September 1, 2021

    Anyone who likes this movie definitely has a wife who cheats on them while they're deployed lol

  • James O`Riley on September 5, 2021

    Jack Mandaville with the doll killed me every scene.

  • David Louis on September 7, 2021

    I loved the part where Evan gave money to the Obama campaign !

  • Dermot Leslie on September 12, 2021

    What were you guys tripping on?

  • LSU fan 413 on September 24, 2021

    Finally a zombie movie where the characters know it's a zombie.

  • The Tortle on September 26, 2021

    i like how everyone's just dickin around in this movie

  • Sherri Brown on September 29, 2021


  • Razor Shark on October 6, 2021

    Nice movie.

  • TheMadLeprechaun on October 6, 2021

    1:02:53 so it's perfectly okay to murder someone who just asks a question.

    Not a good look for veterans.

  • LELAND HOLMQUIST on October 14, 2021

    People like you are the reason YouTube is still good.

  • Stephen Smith on October 20, 2021

    The guy who plays Gene almost sounds like duke neukem, funny! And Mindy Robinson cute😍😍😍😍😍😍!

  • Tanya I on October 20, 2021

    This has to be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I’m kind of amazed anyone enabled this.

  • Rylle Sale on October 23, 2021

    This is not zombie apocalypse. This is a Comedy apocalypse

  • Carl Becklehimer on October 23, 2021

    OMG I love this.🤣

  • Donald Barton on October 24, 2021

    President Mattis (chaos)

  • MaJetiGizzle on October 26, 2021

    This movie single-handedly inspired a generation of Taliban to leave IEDs in the roads of Afghanistan.

  • MINH-TAM Pham on October 30, 2021

    Hi, thanks for uploading this movie. Happy fall and winter, I love horror films especially zombie ones. Happy Halloween, please upload more stuff which I look forward to see. Happy holidays, thanks for sharing and for making my day less boring. To your health and safety

  • Jean Williams on October 30, 2021

    He said you look like Randy Quaid but with down syndrome. That was so wrong. And I LOL.

  • Darcfase2o on October 30, 2021
  • and about that sequel , again, ????????, but seriously , we need a sequel!!

  • Óðinn Veðr on November 16, 2021

    "Like a goat in an ISIS convention" fucked me like a zombie in a gas station

  • Óðinn Veðr on November 16, 2021

    So is Janitors confirmed?

  • joesosexy11 on November 18, 2021


  • Master Xiong on November 21, 2021

    You had me till 1:19:03 everything was believable untill you had a joke Biden character that could speak a coherent sentence 😂

  • Spanky Hogwasher on November 27, 2021

    Danny looks great.

  • Meathead615 on November 29, 2021

    4:21 Sgt. Foley I mean, Child!!!!
    4:26 Captain James T. Kirk.
    5:02 Machete
    5:16 Toll Road!

  • Michael Phillips on December 1, 2021

    Finally found it, so stupid yet so fun at the same time!

  • Jeremy Mangum on December 12, 2021

    Wow…jus wow…actually loved this alot

  • Daniel Hyatt on December 14, 2021

    Best zombie movie out

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