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Reporter on why Jan. 6 panel stood down on some Trump documents ctm magazine

The House select committee investigating January 6 has stood down on its requests for some documents from the Trump White House, after the Biden administration convinced the panel to scale back its pursuits. CNN’s Jessica Schneider reports.

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  • Jane Doe on December 29, 2021

    Also we al know how democrats like to fabricate evidence….STEELE dossier anyone? They impeached, bullied, harassed etc Trump for years based on lies fabricated by Clinton and Obama…you guys are an absolute disgrace. Maybe talk about how democrat media harbors pedophiles instead. Truth will come out eventually.

  • Jane Doe on December 29, 2021

    CNN the channel of pedophiles and sex offenders.

  • Lex Slate on December 29, 2021

    Maybe it's my inner bastard speaking, but if it were me in the Oval Office, I'd propose standing down on some irrelevant documents just in hopes of making Trump reflexively say something nice about someone who has done him a small favour and see if his head explodes.

    Also, I get that dude's sentiment about healing and all that but you cannot heal while there's a knife in your back. Get rid of the fascists first.

  • raymond Dimech on December 29, 2021

    Jan 6th is fake its an FBI fabrication the covid is real that's what needs attension

  • Sleepy Joe on December 29, 2021

    Day 137 since Brandon abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan. Many are still there. Let's go Brandon, I agree!

  • Jay Gibson on December 29, 2021

    Remember when Trump said build a gallows on Jan 4 to hang Pence in case he counted phony electoral votes for Joe?
    No? Because he never said it.

  • 朱斯拉 on December 29, 2021


  • jie li on December 29, 2021

    biden plan like shit! no one wanna biden plan! use my plan save America! who get vaccine who get 100 dollars!

  • Suemack24 on December 29, 2021

    Without an apology from Trump to your country and the world.

  • Martin Pike on December 29, 2021

    This is a joke we want democracy protected trump must pay and the doj need to get off their asses and uphold the law

  • Dee Valerie on December 29, 2021

    CNN tries to turn every issue into a gossipy cat-fight. Just report the News!

  • Burn on December 29, 2021

    Heard news about your producer(John griffin) got exposed for paedophilia!!!. He was also involved with Chris cuomo🤫.. wow.. didn't knew core of the tree was rotten too..

  • nonono nottrump on December 29, 2021

    They are building a bigger case….that's the only time they hold back evidence

  • William Dawson on December 29, 2021

    Biden’s scared…..

  • Lou Skunt on December 29, 2021

    Getting in the last few shows they can before they have to turn the keys over to Kyle. 😂🤣

  • ed aptly on December 29, 2021


  • Real 403 on December 29, 2021

    Once again trump is starting to get away with the crimes he has pulled this is such bs

  • Karl Snow on December 29, 2021

    nonsense . Trauma of Trump….lol

  • Christopher Bachman on December 29, 2021

    At it's core, every version of a plan to affect the outcome, equals obstruction.
    Audacity doesn't shield from consequences.
    It simply aligns with MO.
    The continued delay in bringing criminal proceedings to bare on the "obstructors," quickly amounts to complicit after the fact. Not a good look!
    Wake up America!

  • Christophe Smith on December 29, 2021

    Remember there is a big difference between compromise and consensus . Compromise implies a looser and a winner. Consensus implies find a better solution together. : -)

  • Kenneth Cheesbrough on December 29, 2021

    How can after Trump again when he was found not guilty at the impeachment hearing. I think they call this double jeopardy. And why are just the that are republics what the demacrat weren't their or what. The should be investigating everybody not just the one that close to the situation and the one that ones that went in the building. U know to be around to cause an iserection I could cause an iserection in Washington from the conforts of my home in wyo. It wouldn't that hard to. Think bout and have open. U got that believes the election was stolen. And he up their Washington protesting trying to convince the lestrator to atleast look into for voter integrity. Why would he cause this and for what. It doesn't make sense that he would do this. It would destroy every chance of him getting back into the presidentcy. So it serves no purpose. Their is motive so guys need to ask ir serve who has a motive who dislikes Trump. Who doesn't want Trump as president or even in congress. Ya I know u guys are gona say I'm a Trump lover or just sticking up for him or whatever negative thing that gona say . But that's not it. I'm tryimg figure out what the real story is. So u can think whatever want. I'm just ask for some insight. What would the purpose of Trump doing this and why and motive..seriously just would like input.

  • Rodriguez " the heart throb " Cruz on December 29, 2021

    Meanwhile are country is burning

    Liberals: TRUMP is like super bad. Jan 6th
    2022: Trump is bad Jan 6th
    2023: Trump is bad Jan?
    2024: Trump eh bad mu feelin?

  • Martin Pike on December 29, 2021

    America is to corrupted so I see nothing but trumps games being played you are all fools and America is dead it caught a disease in 2016 and it seems there is no cure but come 2020 a vaccination that decreases your chance of severe disease but the disease mutated and is out of control it spread around the globe in record time and just won't go away and predictions are that the biggest mutation is building and may be the end of humanity and most life will die off or never be the second again

  • james on December 29, 2021

    ya i really hated the trauma of low gas prices

  • Thorax999 on December 29, 2021

    Why did they stand it down? Simple Clown News network has fabricated another lie they have screwed themselves with again. What was 0.000000001% credibility way to much for Clown News network? 🤡

  • Spam Mail on December 29, 2021

    To many hidden secretes is why America is in political ruins today.
    The story of a fallen glory🇺🇲

  • African Son on December 29, 2021

    Your president Biden is an embarrassment to your country, the laughingstock of the world….

  • Wayne D House on December 29, 2021

    America is, like England, Riddled with corruption.

  • fun_fact on December 29, 2021

    "Senate Republicans blocked a bill to create an independent commission to investigate the pro-Trump insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6."

  • Dave Kreitzer on December 29, 2021


  • your mom on December 29, 2021

    Is this all CNN talks about every single day 🤦‍♂️ what a boring network! Pathetic

  • Reba Henderson on December 29, 2021

    There is no healing without justice. Why should the Build Back Better Bill get carved up anymore. We have compromised too damn much for too damn long.

  • your mom on December 29, 2021

    Let's go Brandon 👍

  • Peter W on December 29, 2021

    Justice in the USA is in the frail, wavering hands of a group of seniles. Despite his apparent frailties, I sort of trust Joe Biden but if he thinks protecting a criminal president is justified on the basis of ANY security concern, then he and I part ways. And so far, his appointment of Merrick Garland as AG, is an abysmal failure. Justice is not a priority for this administration smh. I despair for the future of USA!

  • Jimme Shelter on December 29, 2021

    "I don't get my news from CNN just like I don't eat from the toilet." – Roger Stone

  • Laynie on December 29, 2021

    And yet they have done nothing about the trauma caused by the riots from the Summer of Love. Guess our government is special and it's wrong to attack them, but perfectly okay for certain groups to terrorize and burn down innocent cities.

  • Alan Jay on December 29, 2021

    So they don't want any documents that go against their narrative of a violent insurrection. Its all politics.

  • Uncle Charles on December 29, 2021

    There was no insurrection. Just another Russia, Russia hoax.

  • Paul James on December 29, 2021

    CNN is such a shit hole organization it's disgusting

  • Jeff Rice on December 29, 2021

    This is all about stopping Donald Trump from running and winning the presidency in 2024. That is the truth.

  • Naomi Rison on December 29, 2021

    I disagree with him…. life Is nothing but compromising

  • Natty and Daddy Show on December 29, 2021


  • Uncle Charles on December 29, 2021

    We can leave behind planned Parenthood and CRC, and giving our tax money to ILLEGAL ALIENS. It is a Socialist wishlist disguised as an infrastructure bill that will cost four times than what they say it costs. We don't want it. Let's go Brandon.

  • Pamela Homeyer on December 29, 2021

    Still two forms of Justice in this country

  • Spam Mail on December 29, 2021

    Trump ruined America so bad to the point where the gov has to hide his disasters from the world in order to protect USA from being exposed as weak. #disgracedtrump

  • MaryElaine-Blinstrub Chambers on December 29, 2021

    Rep Brown, fabulous idea!!!

  • craizi horse on December 29, 2021

    I wander what's the real reason for the current administration not wanting to release the docs

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