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Republicans Keep Flouting Jan. 6 Committee, Threatening Democracy ctm magazine

Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows is moving closer to a criminal indictment, while Steve Bannon is set to go on trial next July. Glenn Kirschner and Rick Wilson discuss whether it’s all part of a grand scheme to get Donald Trump back into the Oval Office.

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  • Tony Smith on December 9, 2021

    Rick Wilson the pal of his Pedophile boss that he covered for at the Lincoln Project. Don't hear much about them anymore.

  • Michelle M on December 9, 2021

    These delays are criminal!

  • MAD on December 9, 2021

    The Dems can’t get out of their own way, and they will sink our democracy because of this.

    Thank you all for your input.

  • blr rich on December 9, 2021

    rich people that wear suits with blue or red ties, that ignore the will of the people and prostitute themselves to donors, is not a "democracy".

  • Ric F on December 9, 2021

    Meadows and his ilk know they can use the legal system to their advantage at every turn. And the legal system basks in it's power to enable them do so.

  • eltorocal on December 9, 2021

    “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.”

    ― Lysander Spooner

  • Lisa Ortiz on December 9, 2021

    Glenn & Rick – separated at birth?

  • David D'Adamo on December 9, 2021

    None of these guys will ever help Congress. Just prosecute them & throw them in jail & call it even.

  • Tom Peters on December 9, 2021

    Didn't trump say: " only the mob pleads the fifth"?? And " only if you have something to hide you plead the fifth"?? So are these guys hiding something?? Everybody know they are!!

  • Peanut butter on December 9, 2021

    We had a narcissist for president…..means destroy, Obliterate any and everything that may threaten ITs survival…its an expectation ashole T had for his underlings ..At any cost

  • frank patton on December 9, 2021

    Cant that comity have them locked up if the law wont ,

  • Winkie Blink on December 9, 2021

    They’re all working towards the Reign of Trump and how rich they can be made from it. Remember…Money is Gold with these Traitors that no one’s in rush to prosecute. It’s all So disgusting that the whole basket of rotten apples aren’t in jail I’m starting to avoid reading about the daily Ying and Yang of chatter diatribe. It’s just chess moves anyway. NO ONE is URGENTLY taking charge of protecting our GREAT NATION. So we the people just sit back and are forced to watch this sick comedy play out to the Reign of Trumps advantage.

  • pat comerford on December 9, 2021

    Wilson: "Democrats cannot organise a two car motorcade"- hear, hear!

  • Darrell Franch on December 9, 2021

    Screw the Grifter
    Screw the Conmen

  • Paul Van Obberghen on December 9, 2021

    Isn’t it cute that they accuse the Democrats of weaponizing the DOJ (for doing what exactly?) when Trump tried to actually have the DOJ helping him in his coup? Not to mention the 4 years in office he did that, and not only with the DOJ but basically all parts of the Executive and beyond. Not even for the greater good of the American people, but the greater good of himself.

  • Bob Lob LAW on December 9, 2021

    every day 1000's of unvaxed Trumper's die
    their base is shrinking slowly

  • Jayme Hines on December 9, 2021

    You are Exactly correct and to the outcome of losing in 2022 and 2024.. It's past time that the Democrats get serious NOW!!!

  • V Mtz on December 9, 2021

    I should think Meadows will get some curious Democrats buying his book alright.

  • imiss toronto on December 9, 2021

    Trump would have to actually work if he was Speaker. Besides he couldn't hold a candle to Pelosi or even Boehner. Which isn't saying much because Boehner couldnt control anything. Personally I think he's WAY out of his depth as Speaker. Nancy would have him for lunch.

  • Mr. Kydd on December 9, 2021

    What democracy?

  • M. Garrette on December 9, 2021

    @RickWilson please consider becoming a Progressive Democratic Political Strategist

  • rich5817 on December 9, 2021

    I think Jan 6 would have went a lot different if Palosi took Trumps advice when he recommended bringing 10,000 troops to the capital

  • Richard Boutin on December 9, 2021

    It s only how much guilty they are Since the fifth is guilty plea

  • Pangit on December 9, 2021

    Biggest con job going on Serves those people right

  • BeSmart VoteBlue on December 9, 2021

    Just jail all the insurrectionists now. We have more than enough info.

  • Alfred Degiorgio on December 9, 2021

    A growing movement within Trump’s GOP wants to dump his BIG LIE and move on. To what, you may ask? McConnell insists that it must not present a political agenda. Its 2022 election campaign will focus on attacking the Democrats with lies, hate-mongering, fear-mongering, obstructing the election process, and inciting violence!

  • Ron Dz on December 9, 2021

    Future chump administration! Are you kidding? Do people really want that? I think not. He'll never ever come close.

  • Miguel Cabrera on December 9, 2021


  • ron shand on December 9, 2021

    Meadows, dumb,dumb,dumb!

  • Paul Smegal on December 9, 2021

    We the People

  • Paul Smegal on December 9, 2021

    A public execution is need to put the treasonous seditious actors in their place .. dead

  • chris dotson on December 9, 2021

    How many rogue nations, states and institutions are greedily awaiting the Chump-inspired US civil war?
    Chess, not Checkers…

    By taking Chump, as he did, Putin then met with Xi to confirm NoKo will absorb the first shots while exposing US and ensnaring US capabilities in the region, as China moves her pieces, years in advance, to control her seas and guarantee total dominance and easy supremacy in her own backyard.

    China will only take Taiwan after the US has engaged in NoKo and Syria and Iran and Saudi Arabia and …, and after opening the front in Crimea, which Putin is completing the processes of setting up, now. It was easier, faster for Putin because they have ALWAYS remained the enemy (which Chump allowed Putin to gain advantage over! – and more stupid REPUGNICAN TRAITORS!! ALL ARE WORKING FOR PUTIN AND XI!!!)

    China only really moved to solidify power in the region AFTER Chump began his tyranny and China saw the cards on the table in the US.

    Prior to Chump, the Pentagon knew China was on a long term, 100 year plan for the region! Because of STUPIDITY, China is now on a 5 year plan to take back Taiwan, as a direct result of Stupid Orange and his Stupid States – TREASONOUS TRUMP!!!!

    Because of TREASONOUS TRUMP!!!! & AMERICA’s TINKER TAILORS!!! Iran is now off the hook and all prior diplomacy, everywhere in all prior agreements, are now voiding. Chump strikes again! Stupid IS as Stupid DOES!

    How many rogue nations, states and institutions are greedily awaiting the Chump-inspired US civil war?

  • I wantAvote on December 9, 2021

    this is an adolescent t'rump acting out. Like a high-schooler trying to gross out the girls. rumpty dumpty is throwing a temper tantrum and wanting to gross out his perceived audience.

    Ignore him – he's just a sick kid. The more attention you provide the worse his behavior will appear.

  • Don Emigholz on December 9, 2021

    Dam the Republicans and throw all the Republicans in prison as enemy combatants.

  • Don Emigholz on December 9, 2021

    Biden needs to get Flynn's brother out of any position of military power!!!

  • Xam Xamben on December 9, 2021

    They could get away with murder'

  • kvdgadj on December 9, 2021

    trump should be facing a Federal Judge for voting fraud.

  • K L on December 9, 2021

    This was one of the most accurate and pithy episodes. Every person in America needed to watch this.

  • William Fairman on December 10, 2021

    Wish you had the same interest in knowing who burnt our cities in 2019. A high ranking person knew and bailed them out with a fund platform she helped set up.

  • kmitchell3008 on December 10, 2021


  • Tom B on December 10, 2021

    Did anyone else get some "attack of the clones" vibes from this video?

  • Senza Senso on December 11, 2021

    LOL….It's a Committee. Literally hundreds of people have ignored committee subpoenas, NOT ONCE has it every "threatened democracy" or a Constitutional Republic. You people are LEMMINGS

  • S C on December 11, 2021

    As a United States Citizen I want to know Who and What happened on Jan 6 and to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Or ELSE our democracy will be lost! 🇺🇸

  • S C on December 11, 2021

    I’m sick of the rich politicians getting away with treasonous crimes against our country and the Lies! Lock them up!!

  • nouillescoréennes2021 on December 11, 2021

    These libs can milk a story about a viking and his drunk friends breaking into a building and taking selfies for a century.

  • kevin w. on December 11, 2021


  • Mark Wilde on December 11, 2021

    The reason why Bannon has not been prosecuted or jailed by this committee and the justice department is it they really do not want anything to happen. The democrats and the republicans all work for the same boss. Their boss does not want anything to come of this their boss does not want anything to come of this probably because their boss paid for it. It's all
    side show in fundraising gimmick.

  • tracy scanlon on December 13, 2021

    The tRUMP presidency of 2016 is the most malignant and evil presidency EVER! We are talking about the worst TREASONOUS and blatant in-your-face criminality! tRUMP makes Nixon look like a saint. These last 4 years have been the worst, he had help, the treasonous GOP enablers were right by HIS side all the way, and where truth has fallen to the wayside as if it doesn't matter anymore. TRUTH and JUSTICE MATTER and tRUMP needs to be held accountable, HE is NOT above OUR Constitution and the laws it contains. The bottom line shows that the insurrection is HIS BABY.
    How can a mendacious treasonous president like tRUMP run for office again? This is bull crap and HE shouldn't be allowed to run again. 600,000 Americans lost their lives due to tRUMP's incompetent conspiracy theories and lies! Get a frigging grip America, we might NOT get another chance, no more complacency we must stay on guard! tRUMP is a very dangerous man to have in the Whitehouse. I do NOT want another 4 yrs of a wannabe Dictatorship with him at the helm

  • Wonder Wonderful on December 21, 2021

    When are people going to stop talking and start acting? You can talk til the cows come home. These people are not going to get the message, until action is moving. Talking is sitting still.. the GOP is still out there trying to corrupt minds with the big lie.

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