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Rise of Gilbert Burns ctm magazine

Gilbert Burns has risen up the welterweight rankings thanks to a 7-1 record since 2017.

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  • Logan on February 7, 2021
  • Graham Day on February 12, 2021

    World Class jiu-jitsu, and his stand up has just got so Good!! Respectful fighter, boa…

  • Sharp Lettuce on February 12, 2021

    Gilbert Burns is never 'all talk'. He means business. No shit.

  • Craftbeerdy on February 13, 2021

    I would love to see khabib vs gilbert burns

  • YOUSHALLKNOWPAIN on February 13, 2021

    I just found out who he was, unsure if he can take usman

  • RV103 on February 13, 2021

    Bisping looks huge next to Gilbert

  • Samuel Bone on February 14, 2021

    This is the world champion of BJJ we're talking about here. Low key.

  • Jordan Philip-baron on February 14, 2021

    What does he yell after the Mia knockout

  • Dork Souls on February 15, 2021

    Most overhyped fighter in recent ufc history

  • Francesco Mocerino on February 27, 2021


  • Francesco Mocerino on March 2, 2021


  • Yosep Yosep on April 23, 2021

    What rise U ever made???.. U just an Amir khan mode in UFC compete..!!

  • Abdou Wahab on April 24, 2021

    من يفعل مثلي لايدييز ان جارمن بلييييز سيييداون

  • Abdou Wahab on April 24, 2021

    ذووووا فاااكيين بارببببرين ايييز هيييسر

  • TrapZilla564😤 on April 26, 2021

    Burns and Masvidal should fight

  • don don on June 12, 2021

    Does anyone know what the word boha means when people from Brazil win a fight?

  • Khan on July 2, 2021

    Poooha? Whats that mean

  • tornado tom2 on July 3, 2021

    I got Gilbert beating wonderboy! I wonder how this comment will age🤔

  • Mr Green19 on August 29, 2021

    He’s a bum he wasn’t swinging with wonder boy goofy !!!! I will never buy a PPV with this bum on the card

  • Magdy on September 19, 2021

    Anybody know the background music playing??

  • Crossfaded on January 30, 2022

    Hopefully he beats khamzat

  • Colostrum Supp on March 8, 2022

    Khamzat is gonna maul burns 🐺

  • ahamed ashriff on April 15, 2022

    Gilbert is the Gangster of welterweight ☠

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