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Robert Whittaker Visits Barcade in Melbourne ctm magazine

UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker visits a barcade in Melbourne ahead of UFC 243.

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  • Matt Lynch on October 1, 2019

    Love Whittaker, such a cool dude, even more so now I know he's a gamer 🙂

  • Klaus Haunschmidt - Trialkings on October 1, 2019

    All video games fan´s love him more after this clip! : )

  • Maestro Rochi on October 1, 2019

    Aaaaaaannnndddd Stiiiiiiill !!!

  • Artemius on October 1, 2019

    At 0:44 Robert is showing that famous White Power sign. We know now that he is a white supremacist and UFC should fire him!

  • Martin Korn on October 1, 2019

    Get this victory for me

  • DUNDOM5 on October 1, 2019

    Why cant UFC promote Stipe like this? he is also hardcire gamer

  • Gavin Bouchard on October 1, 2019

    And the new

  • joey bagadonuts on October 1, 2019

    He said halo 1 was to New lmao

  • Farid Malki on October 1, 2019

    Why suddenly all these fighters are showing their geeky side?

  • WAKE UP on October 1, 2019

    Hahaha this right here shows u why robert whittaker is not a real champion I can gaurentee you Adysanya is not out drinking playing video games his mind is focused on that belt.. No fun till the belts won.. Whittaker just showed all his flaws

  • WAKE UP on October 1, 2019

    What a shitcunt he is.. We ALL see what happens when fighters tale a break for 1 second.. They are no longer champions..

  • Razear on October 1, 2019

    Mighty Mouse would die to be in Whittaker's shoes right now. Lol

  • Born Blessed on October 1, 2019

    i feel bad for style bender good luck “mate”

  • GoYT on October 1, 2019

    Who love UFC


    (I’m gifting my next 10 new subs today 🤑🎁 )

  • Sykogene on October 1, 2019

    outdated stupid games

  • 49 Cent on October 1, 2019

    don't you dare pull out wussy

  • Tobias Riker on October 1, 2019

    But was KayC there doe?

  • Enemy on October 1, 2019

    inb4 whittaker gets appendicitis friday after weigh ins.

  • Sbfsteven on October 1, 2019

    Wheres fab???

  • Hector Torres on October 1, 2019

    Yair Rodriguez the type of guy to celebrate an eye pock

  • Blazamedhi on October 1, 2019

    This was better then embedded 2

  • COCO HOT HEAT CLIPS on October 1, 2019


  • Prod: MiGo Mucci AnT on October 1, 2019

    Bobby Knuckles is a 90's baby I know he was excited af being up in there

  • Hanzy Krupps on October 2, 2019

    Nice mix of old school games!

  • Alexandra Hopkinson on October 2, 2019

    *robert whittaker fakes personality*

  • El 47 on October 2, 2019


  • Jacky T on October 2, 2019

    Oi UFC put the damn business name in the title or even the description to give em some publicity!!!! Rob even says theyre at Bartronica..

  • Space Age Shakespeare on October 2, 2019

    I don’t think Rob is going to be a problem for Izzy standing whatsoever.
    Izzy has waaaay more striking experience.

    I think rob tries to take him down and do work on the ground

  • Ron Burgandy on October 2, 2019

    Tony type of guy to be in ALL the fighting games as a character

  • Danný Boý on October 2, 2019

    Adesanya seems young because he says dumb shit and acts like he's going through puberty.

  • Hip Hop on October 2, 2019

    Robert Whittaker please smash this guy he needs a lose to come back to earth ..

  • AT on October 2, 2019

    That's some NBA Live 99 shit

  • Pulse on October 2, 2019

    Wish we had an arcade like that where i live.

  • Anton Zigando on October 2, 2019

    jacob malkoun is gonna be a problem in the ufc

  • TheAntManChannel on October 2, 2019

    Cracka arcade mate.

  • C Ballantyne on October 2, 2019

    Love this guy.

  • Evans Granados on October 2, 2019

    Robert "Arcade" Whittaker

  • ThAdonis on October 2, 2019

    If he no shows again you'll know where he is.

  • ThAdonis on October 2, 2019

    Tekken 2?
    Isn't Liam Neeson in that one?

  • ThAdonis on October 2, 2019

    Nate Diaz in the background?- Do you even have Streetfighter?
    Straight up ninja sh*t.

  • ThAdonis on October 2, 2019

    Bobby (Sonic and) Knuckles.

  • ThAdonis on October 2, 2019

    Izzy v Bobby should play Marvel v Capcom.

  • Jaz808 on October 2, 2019

    Tell Robert if he likes his Arcade's & Pinball, then he Must Seek out "Last Gamer" he on the outskirts of Melbourne

  • Kieron Reilly on October 3, 2019

    Playing NBA jam!! Fuk yeah

  • Ant Jonez 218 on October 4, 2019

    0:24 so nobody is gonna say that guy on the right looks like a lil Cain Velasquez??? Jus me? Lol ok.

  • Ramadhan Albi on October 7, 2019

    You lose 😂

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